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Kylie Minogue Videos

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    5 Reviews
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      28.05.2008 16:17
      Very helpful



      Kylie turns 40, whilst celebrating 3 decades at the top of her game.

      So today is Kylie Minogue's 40th birthday, and what better way to celebrate it when you dont actually know the woman than count down the ten best Kylie Minogue video moments. I'm sure this topic is more appropriate to just Kylie official video's, but there are a few excellent moments out there captured randomly of pop's biggest survivor.

      1. Charlene and Scott Wedding

      The moment we all came to know Kylie Minogue (or Kelly Munow as I called her aged 8) was when she first punched Jason Donovan onscreen as her most famous alter-ego Charlene Mitchell. 18 months later she was walking down the aisle in one of tv's most historical moments. Neighbours got its biggest ratings, Angry Anderson got his biggest hit, and Jason Donovan got his biggest mullet. For Kylie Minogue though, it was the continuation of her rise to fame. On UK screens, Kylie had already had 3 international hits by the time she donned her dress and tripped into a church full of cast members only to marry her sweetheart, flickering her eyes in sync with the drumbeat, and counting the millions on her bank spreadsheet. Who knows if she kept the dress, but she binned the bloke the minute Hutch turned up. Good for you Kylie. Available on a celebratory DVD collection now.

      2. I Should Be So Lucky

      Only a terrible video with Kylie cruising around Sydney originally existed with her miming badly in the wind. Poor Kylie, her hair was a state in the video. Thankfully when Lucky became a hit, her management shelled out for Chris Langham to direct a proper video which didn't make her look like an extra from Fraggle Rock. Instead, she popped in for a bath, filed her nails, sang to a photograph and plonked her as-yet-undeveloped buttocks on the end of a grand piano. Oh, and is she checking the electricity meter at the start of the video, I was never sure.

      3. Better The Devil You Know

      You could probably hear the gasps of shock as Kylie revealed her new image in 1990. She had already gradually phased out the curly locks that everybody thought was a perm, and bought herself a pair of decent straightners. Unfortunately, the budget wouldn't permit her to buy clothes, so she started wearing nothing. Fortunately, the music got better though. In this video, Kylie wears a wig, girates with male dancers and dances in front of the bad fire. Well it is about the devil after all.

      4. Confide In Me

      Another change in direction musically saw a very different take on Kylie's image in 1994. This epic 7 minute track had 6 variations on Kylie standing in what looks like Barbie's house while the camera goes between the rooms and captures her in all her glory. There are also strange foreign words on the screen, as if to add some kind of depth to the song, which rather suggests that the song itself is about some kind of abuse. Talking about abuse, the makeover wasn't a great idea, but the video and the song are up there with Kylie's best.

      5. Put Yourself In My Place

      Bloody hell, the woman's gone starkers, literally. Kylie nicked some images from the film Barbarella for this one, and whilst the video has nothing to do with the message in the song, its brilliantly made. This time round, Kylie has flame coloured hair, and everything else including her space suit is pink. She floats around in her space vessel, losing parts of the pink space suit until she is naked with only a red blanket to cover her. She must have been freezing.

      6. Rescue Me

      Kylie turned up on Chris Evans Dont Forget Your Toothbrush to promote her album Kylie Minogue in 1994, and performed this old Fontella Bass track. The most worrying thing is that the performance was better than everything on the album, but Kylie looked swell in a relaxed white suit and gave the song some welly. She hasn't ever recorded this track, but this performance remains a fan favourite.

      7. Where The Wild Roses Grow

      When she wasn't having her bubble bath, or wearing black leather gloves to go to the carnival and ride the horses, Kylie rather enjoyed being battered over the head with a rock. Nick Cave takes pleasure in giving it to her. This was a terrific track, one of the finest she has ever recorded. The video is a Grimms Fairy Tale gone wrong with Kylie lying dead in a lake, surrounded by snakes, centepedes and her jealous murderous lover.

      8. Did It Again

      You cant beat a bit of pisstake, especially when these rich pop stars send themselves up. And to top it off, this particular rich pop star batters herself silly three times. Whether it was to exorcise the press perception of her when they tried to put her into certain boxes, or indeed to quash her own demons over her rather embarrassing pop past, Kylie went great guns with 4 versions of herself in a Usual Suspect line up of violence. Indie Kylie wins, but Cute Kylie has a great line in manipulation, whilst Dance Kylie looks like a drug addled bitch. Oh and for good measure, they also tossed in a Sexy Kylie who looked like she hadn't aged since 1990 despite this flick being made in 1997. Great song, excellent video.

      9. Dancing Queen

      Kylie originally performed a lengthy version of this on her 1998 Intimate And Live tour. It was a real crowd pleaser and got the most rapturous applause of the entire evening. However, its most famous guise was when she performed it in the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games in 2000. Apparently 4 billion viewers got to see Kylie standing on a round stage with a huge feather head-dress and matching pink corset and struggling with the wind. Thank god she looked better windswept this time around than she did on Sydney Harbour Bridge back in late 87.

      10. Cant Get You Out Of My Head

      Its her biggest selling single, its also her most popular video. Who the hell didn't try to emulate those robotic head shifts at the annual christmas party more than once. And who doesn't hit the dancefloor when this hypnotic single of Kylie's comes on yet again. We've all heard it to death, and yet she's still slapping remixes of it out on new singles. The video has various looks, but the most famous of them is that hooded dress with the slit right down the front to allow her to reveal just enough breast to score a number 1. As if a song this catchy needed any help. ;)

      It was hard to whittle Kylie's career and indeed many appearances down to just 10, as there were many more I should really have included. One's that certainly wont be making it though is that dreadful video for her second single Got To Be Certain, or the obscenely grotesque laced catsuit she wore on X Factor to help the charisma-free Leon Jackson grab the trophy. And we certainly wont be celebrating her hammed up performance in the film Street Fighter, despite the fact that she looks terrific in it. So for Kylie's 40th birthday, we'll just enjoy the 10 best video moments in her career.


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        11.03.2005 13:12
        Very helpful




        Kylie. We all know her. She’s one of the few people who are known worldwide by their first name. She’s been around since the eighties and has famously undergone several changes in style and music over the years, somehow always managing to stay on top. Fashion icon, pop songstress and owner of the most famous bum in music, Kylie Minogue is undoubtedly at the top of her profession.

        One of her most recent products to hit the ever-eager consumer market was the Ultimate Kylie DVD (and the CD of the same name). While I am not a HUGE fan – I’ve never seen her live and I don’t own all her albums – I do like her and enjoy her music. I thought this DVD would be a good buy for me, because it contains songs from all her different phases and many of my favourites.

        I chose the DVD over the CD because she is great to watch. She has a pretty face, a great figure and her videos are usually a lot of fun. I also knew my husband and teenage son would rather watch Kylie, than listen to her! One of the best things about a music DVD is that you can both watch it and listen to it. Watching a CD can be somewhat boring!

        When the DVD arrived, the first thing I noticed was the case. It is in a similar case to those that house CDs, but at 5.5” x 7.5” (14cms x 19cms), it is rather bigger! However, it is smaller than standard DVD cases and a different thickness. So I did have a bit of an anal-retentive moment wondering if I should keep it amongst my CD collection or on the DVD shelves!

        Kylie is perfectly pouting on the front and inside, there’s a glossy booklet with more sexy pics! The DVD contains 32 of her music videos and some extras too – the video of I Believe In You, the BRIT Awards performance mixing Can’t Get You Out Of My Head with New Order’s Blue Monday (a great combination!) and an option to have on-screen lyrics – ideal for all you wanabee singers!

        The videos are in chronological order from I Should Be So Lucky (1987) to Chocolate (2004) so it is easy to chart (pun intended!) her journey from Stock, Aitken & Waterman soap star to the pop goddess she is today. On the way, we get to see her more experimental phases and her welcome return to disco.

        As you would expect, you can select to play all the videos or choose certain ones. The menu is well presented and easy to use, the picture is great and overall, it is a well made and high quality product.

        The early tracks on the DVD are throwaway bubblegum pop, but fun and great to sing and dance to. Personally, I think I Should Be So Lucky has been played to death on the music channels, so it has lost some appeal, but other songs from this period sound fresher. Watching the videos, it’s annoying how Kylie still looked fab even with big ‘80s hair!

        The Loco-Motion brings back embarrassing memories that my devilish streak thinks should be shared with you. I taped Kylie on Top of the Pops, so I could learn the dance routine! Now, if that wasn’t bad enough, I was 19 at the time!!

        Moving swiftly on…

        1989 saw Kylie on the big screen in the fairly forgettable film The Delinquents. (Yes, I saw it at the cinema!) This produced two of the videos on the DVD – Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi and Tears On My Pillow (from Grease).

        The cheesiest track on here must surely be Especially For You, capitalising big-time on the romance between Kylie and Jason Donovan, years before he lost his hair and discovered white powder. Again, it has been overplayed and is just right for the ‘next’ button on your remote!

        Kylie’s early videos are very predictable and safe – bright primary coloured backdrops, a plethora of hairstyles, smiles to the camera, a flash of leg and countless costume changes. The required image here seems to be approachable friendly young girl, rather than the vampish sex kitten that was to emerge later.

        Watching the whole DVD through again for this review, by the time you get to Better The Devil You Know (“Why is Kylie doing a Steps song, Mum?” Sigh.), you do become slightly fed up of vapid pop and long for a change. We’re up to 1990 now and there is a slight progression. Step Back In Time seems slightly more mature in some ways. Although still pop, it has a disco feel to it, the video’s vibrant and interesting and she’s bought some straighteners. Good girl.

        The next video is refreshingly different. What Do I Have To Do is the first song on the DVD that I didn’t know and visually, it’s great. It’s shot mainly in black and white and is rather arty. She’s in bed in silk PJs, swimming and at a bohemian kind of party. I’m not sure about the pink eyeshadow, but her eyes do look fantastic and she’s definitely sexy rather than sweet.

        The next two videos are from 1991 – Shocked and Give me Just A Little More Time. While the sound of these two is still pop-based, they do show some vocal maturity and a deeper tone to her voice. Again, the videos are clever, energetic and sexy, with plenty of flesh on show.

        Most of Kylie’s videos seem to be studio-based, so Celebration stands out with its location shooting. Unfortunately, the visual images can’t disguise the fact this is a song that has been done to death and one I am completely bored of!

        Confide In Me is probably her weirdest video. Who would have thought the Kylie of 1988 would make a video six years later, which includes images of drugs and pools of blood? But when you get over the shock, the song and video are indicative of another new image for the Kylester and yet another new direction. The lyrics are darker and more thoughtful than her previous ones and the track is a good one, with a fascinating and fast-moving video full of cultural images and symbols.

        This relatively short ‘alternative’ phase lasted a couple of years and is summed up on the Ultimate Kylie DVD by five tracks – the best of which is the amazing collaboration between her and legendary strange guy, Nick Cave. Where The Wild Roses Grow is a stunningly beautiful song and video. Ophelia-esque images of Kylie in a river perfectly complement the poetic, but tragic lyrics and the effect is a memorable one.

        Spinning Around was released in 2000 and signalled her return to more consumer-friendly pop/disco and the top of the charts. Kylie was back – and doing what she does best! The songs were lighter, brighter and more positive. Add a pair of tiny gold hot pants to the mix and Kylie found a winning combination.

        Fantastic feel-good songs followed each other and Kylie’s status grew to iconic. Although personally, I can’t stand Kids – her duet with the lovely Robbie Williams – this time is my favourite for her hits. On A Night Like This and Please Stay are brilliant, catchy tunes and just when I thought she had hit her peak, she releases Can’t Get You Out Of My Head! With one of the most memorable videos (and outfits!) ever and an intensely catchy baseline that weaves its way into your brain, the song was a huge hit, staying at Number One for umpteen weeks – and rightly so.

        More singles followed in a similar vein and we became used to the older, sexier Disco Queen. But, Madonna-like, Ms. Minogue once again emerged from a previously-hidden cocoon and appeared in her latest guise with Slow in 2003. A stunning scenic backdrop introduces a cleavage-heavy Kylie prone on a beach towel. As the tune pauses and changes pace teasingly, the pattern is mirrored visually as Kylie rolls round, arching her back and stroking her body, producing a rather erotic effect.

        Red Blooded Woman is my favourite of her more recent releases, as it is a bit quicker and catchier, but still different from her old pop songs. This sounds like something that could be sung by The Sugababes.

        The DVD finishes with Chocolate from 2004. Although this is not one of my favourites, it seems to follow a natural progression began with Slow and both the song and video show maturity and depth that we would never have expected from the Kylie of 1988.

        Ultimate Kylie is just that really. It is not only a great collection of songs and videos from fourteen years, it tells a fascinating story of Kylie herself – her look and image, her style, her priorities, her cares and her vocal range. As she has grown up in the spotlight of fame, she has been brave enough to change a safe, successful formula and switch to something new and unexpected.


        1. I Should Be So Lucky .
        2. Got To Be Certain
        3. The Loco-motion (7" Mix)
        4. Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi
        5. Especially For You
        6. Hand On Your Heart
        7. Wouldn't Change A Thing
        8. Never Too Late
        9. Tears On My Pillow
        10. Better The Devil You Know
        11. Step Back In Time
        12. What Do I Have To Do
        13. Shocked
        14. Give Me Just A Little More Time
        15. Celebration
        16. Confide In Me
        17. Put Yourself In My Place
        18. Where The Wild Roses Grow
        19. Did It Again
        20. Breathe
        21. Spinning Around
        22. On A Night Like This
        23. Kids
        24. Please Stay
        25. Can't Get You Out Of My Head
        26. In Your Eyes
        27. Love At First Sight
        28. Come Into My World
        29. Slow
        30. Red Blooded Woman
        31. Chocolate
        32. I Believe In You
        33. Can't Get Blue Monday Out Of My Head (Live At The Brits)

        PRICE = £7.49 from CD Wow! Or look out for bargains on Ebay!


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          12.12.2001 00:58



          ****UPDATED**** Kylie's got it completely sussed hasn't she! How can you get the male attention yet not annoy every girl in the world at the same time - Answer, make a video Kylie stylie!! (OK enough of the rhyming game!) I don't know one female who doesn't think Kylie is ultra cool! She isn't one of these "oh i'm sooo sexy" female artists who try doubly hard to look good ie JLo. She just needs to appear on TV and she gives off radiant light! Her videos are very well put together, they show Kylie in normally very little clothing, but not so much that girls can start being nasty about it! In fact us females just wish we could get away with wearing similar outfits. Her video's are all very tongue in cheek. Take the Spinning around video, those hotpants are now famous, but the dance is also copied by loads of people up and down the country, the same applies to Can't Get you Outta My Head. Of all her videos my favourites are "Confide in Me" - which shows Kylie in a number of different outfits showing different personalities, in the theme of a Hotline ad - but classier. And the other is "Did it Again" which again shows different personalities of Kylie who all vie for the attention of the camera, in the end all the Kylie's have a fight, which is very amusing. Kylie has come a long way from her Charlene and "I should be so lucky" days! I personally think she well deserves every credit given to her! She is never fake and always ultra cool! In my eyes the Queen of Pop!! Who is Madonna??


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            02.10.2001 06:27
            Very helpful



            What an odd little category - I've never really noticed it before: 'Kylie Minogue Videos.' Well I believe that as an authority on the subject, having closely scrutinised many of Miss Minogue's mini-movies on the plethora of music channels that Sky Digital has to offer, I should be the one to make my mark first.....so here goes. One common 'theme' of her most recent videos is a distinct lack of attire - not that I'm complaining, mind. Perversely, Kylie's recent lapse of wardrobe skills seems to have coincided neatly with a surge in her popularity (I wonder why that is?), with a recent run of five consecutive top ten singles in the new Millennium. Prior to that you had to go back to 1994's number two hit 'Confide In Me' for the last time a single form the diminuitive antipodean graced the UK top ten. I remember back to the days of the late 1980s - 1988 in fact, when I was a fresh faced sixteen year old, and Charlene Ramsey from Neighbours ditched her overalls in favour of stint with Pete Waterman's Hit Factory. The result was cheesy pop, and a cheesy video in the form of 'I Should Be So Lucky', but it was a massive success and from then on I have been hooked. In those days the videos were on a strict budget, and the likes of 'Got To Be Certain' and 'The Loco-motion' were your standard pop fodder. However, the next offering, 'Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi', hinted at a brighter future in the sphere of the pop video. A clever promo clip with Kylie in colour for the most part, and the background and other characters in black and white, stood out as being different and innovative. The Parisian setting captured the mood of the song and I began to think that at last there was better to come. However, rather dull efforts for the singles 'Especially For You', 'Hand On Your Heart', 'Wouldn't Change A Thing', 'Never Too Late' and '
            ;Tears On My Pillow' never even got close to the sublime artistic qualities of 'Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi.' That was it for the 1980s, and as the 1990s dawned we were presented with a new image dubbed 'SexKylie', which involved her raunching it up in the video for the single 'Better The Devil You Know.' This showed a new side to her that had never really been allowed to surface in her previous offerings. It also coincided with her relationship with Michael Hutchence, and it was obvious that there was a fully fledged sex symbol waiting to put an end to the teeny bopper image that had gone before. The following videos for 'Step Back In Time', 'What Do I Have To Do' and 'Shocked' completed the transition, each becoming ever more raunchy, revealing more of Kylie's character, as well as more flesh, at the same time! Kylie appeared to mellow slightly for the videos that promoted the singles from her 'Let's Get To It' album, and 'Word Is Out', 'If You Were With Me Now', 'Give Me Just A Little More Time' and 'Finer Feelings' attempted to convey more of a sophisticated image. Working with new video producers appeared to work well, and although the popularity of the songs was on the wane, the videos were some of the best that she has done. Her final two singles for the PWL label, that appeared on the 1992 Greatest Hits album, were nothing to write home about. 'What Kind Of Fool' took a step back to the traditional 'pop' video look, and 'Celebration' was filmed in a carnival type setting on a South American beach. With the PWL years behind her, Kylie set out on a new adventure on the deconstruction label, and had instant success with 'Confide In Me', which was a great song with a very polished video presentation too. 'Put Yourself In My Place' was her most revealing video to date with Kylie losing
            her spacesuit (in true Barbarella style) but shot in such a way to keep her dignity (just!) It was at this point that Kylie's music career reached a low ebb. I struggle to even remember the video for the next single 'Where Is The Feeling', apart from it being in black and white and having dolphins in it, which is perhaps a reflection of the lack of success for the single itself. 'Some Kind Of Bliss' was a return to form in the video stakes, with a welcome appearance for a pair of tight shorts, but the song lacked any depth and it became her first single to miss out on a top twenty placing. 'Did It Again' was a clever video with four different Kylies in a mock battle and although the music was still lacking a certain something, the video performances were certainly back on track. 'Breathe' was a better song, but the video was far too arty and didn't really do the track justice. That brings us neatly back to 2000 and 'Spinning Around.' The shorts were tighter than ever and were certainly a talking point for anyone that saw this video. The dance routine was very much in the vein of George Michaels' 'Outside', which is not surprising as the same director was behind both videos. The single hit number one and Kylie Minogue was back in the big time. 'On A Night Like This' was another great video featuring Kylie as the spurned girlfriend of Rutger Hauer (the guy from the Guiness commercials in years gone by.) It also involved a distinct lack of clothing, which is beginning to become a common theme now. 'Kids' saw Kylie strutting her stuff with Robbie Williams, inspired for much of the performance (apparently) by the final scene from the movie Grease, although to my mind Kylie always seems to be more believeable than ONJ. 'Please Stay' was the final single from the 'Light Years' album and featured Kylie sprawled on a pool table and then a pinball machine in
            a dress that wouldn't make a very substantial hankerchief. It also featured phallic undertones as she slides down a fireman's pole (don't ask!) And so finally we come to 'Can't Get You Out Of My Head', and there's tit tape a-plenty as Kylie shows off her 33 year old body to very good effect, proving that like Madonna she can still mix it with the younger stars that are around these days. I am sure that Kylie Minogue still has a lot to offer as an artist, and in particular in terms of her music videos. I, for one, am looking forward to seeing how she continues to progress. {An original Dooyoo opinion © Blackjane 2001}


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              12.11.2000 19:34



              Well i'm sorry but im jealous, with each release kylie is growing in confidence, sounding better and looking better. My favourite video has to be on a night like this, how does she keep her figure? Her voice shines through on this song and the camera work around the swimming poolshots is excellent. Kylie is beautiful (hope I spelt it right) as it is even though I think she has had her lips collagen injected, do you? A few years ago most would have been ashamed to say they liked her music but shes dueted with Robbie Williams so I think we can say she's here to stay.


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