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      28.04.2001 19:53
      Very helpful



      Title: After The Tears: Parents talk about raising a child with a disability. Author: Robin Simons Published By: Harvest Published In: 1994 ISBN: 0-15-602900-6 This book is about the parents view of raising a child or children that have a particular disability. In this book there are stories and experiences about how they have come to conquer there child’s disability. There are many subjects that are covered in this book such as:  The beginning - when the parents discover there child has a disability,  Guilt and Anger - about having a child with a disability,  Isolation- feeling that they are the only parents with a child with a disability,  Marital Stress - talks about how peoples marriages survive this,  Professionals- the people that they will see though there children,  The School System- what to expect from it,  The future - what to expect. In this book at the beginning of every chapter, it gives a definition of the subject followed by peoples experiences of what happened to them relating to that certain subject. There is also gives views from the author thoughout this book. At the end of each chapter it gives a very brief overview of what it has said and also there is suggestions of what parents should do, for example make a scrap book of all the child’s success focus on the positives rather than the negatives. At the end of the book it gives a list of address and Websites at people can contact if they want more information. There is good illustrations thoughout the book , to illustrate the points that it is trying to make. I would recommend this book to any one who is interested in what the parents go though when there child has a disability. I perso
      nally think that this book is excellent for parents, whose children might have some form of disability. I used this for my disability studies course work and i found it very helpful. I think it can help some parents get over the trama that there child might have a disability.


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