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  • and they break really quickly
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    1 Review
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      29.10.2001 17:38
      Very helpful



      • "and they break really quickly"

      4 years ago now, I bought a pair of Kangaroos shoes for work. They cost me 45 pounds, and I was very impressed with their comfort, given the height of the heels (2 ½ inches). The shoes themselves were very fashionable, but still of a classical style, which is perfect for school, and work-type situations. I wouldn’t chose to wear them out partying or anything like that. After wearing the shoes (infrequently) for several months, the “upper” became detached from the sole, and a huge gaping hole appeared. Not very impressive, given the price I paid for them. This happened on both feet, and I still continued to wear them, as they were too well worn for me to go and get a refund etc. Last summer, I bought a pair of "Kangaroos" flip-flops, which cost about 15 pounds. Quite expensive for flip flops, and I have to say that these were absolutely fantastic and very comfortable, with a curvy sole (rather than a flat piece of foam), and neoprene upper, they were (and still are) fantastic shoes. On the back of that, with my faith in Kangaroos fully restored, I went to buy a pair of normal shoes for work, and came across a pair of Kangaroos which seemed to fit the bill nicely. The style is rather simple, but elegant in a "school shoe" kind of way. I suppose they are rather like Kickers, but a little more funky. So, I wore these 45 quid shoes at work for a short (3 hour) shift, and by the end of it, boy did my feet ache. Where the ball of my foot goes, there is absolutely no padding whatsoever, and it was really painful, like getting shock up through my toes. So, I went to a well-known chemists, and bought a pair of "comfort" insoles. Adding these to some half "ball of foot"-type insoles would, I hoped, make them bearable. I must stress, that in every other way, these shoes are really comfortable, they don't rub my feet in any way, and are lovely. Well, to cut a l
      ong (painful) story short, the insoles don't work, and I'm stuck with a 45 quid pair of shoes which I can't wear. I wouldn't, therefore, recommend Kangaroos to anyone on the basis of comfort, or durability. I am sorry, as they are really nice shoes but if you can't wear them, what use are they!


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