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Rowse Luxury Chocolate Sauce

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made with real Belgian Chocolate and double cream.

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    1 Review
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      13.02.2010 21:59
      Very helpful



      Wicked Chocolate Sauce

      I brought this chocolate sauce for a treat for my mum when we had our pancakes, every year she makes pancakes for all of us and it's a joke in our house that by the time we're all sorted she ends up with a tiny pancake made from the tail end of the batter! lol I offered to do pancake day tonight because my little sister isn't here on Tuesday night and I got some nice bits and pieces to make it extra special.

      This bottle of Rowse Luxury Chocolate Sauce was £1.89 for a 200ml bottle so that's quite expensive but deffo worth it because it's majorly delish!

      It comes in a glass bottle that you have to keep in the fridge when you've opened it, you have to give the shake a proper good shake before you use it and deffo do that because the colour is different after shaking it so the ingrediants must separate when it's kept.

      It's got a lovely smooth texture and even though it's quite thick it still pours out of the bottle easy, the further down the bottle you get the longer it takes to come out but a slap on the bottom like ketchup is all it takes to get a nice blob of sauce out.

      The taste is wicked, I've eaten LOADS of different chocolate sauces and this one is the most luxurious one EVER! It's got a rich chocolate taste but there's also double cream in the sauce and the flavour of that comes through as well.

      It took me a bit of time to get used to the texture of it because it's sticky and creamy at the same time, it was the sticky part that I wasn't mad keen on to start with but I got used to it and then I thought it was yummy.

      I love this chocolate sauce and it went proper nice with the pancakes tonight, it's worth the money because it's so rich that you don't need to use all that much each time so the bottle will last. The only thing is you'll have to ration yourself because it's majorly sweet and I reckon there will be more calories in this than anything else you decide to put on your pancakes.

      Recommended..... THE best chocolate sauce!!!


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