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Rowse's Organic Honey Range

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Organic honey imported from Argentina where bees only forage on organically cultivated land and medication etc. is strictly controlled.

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    1 Review
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      22.12.2008 20:55
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      A natural, pure and energy giving food.

      Organic food has certainly grown in popularity over the past few years. Organic honey is no exception and Rowse have a large range to offer to their customers.
      Rowse organic honey is available in clear, set and squeezable types.
      The quality and taste of the honey very much depends on the expertise of the Beekeeper, if they use the best nectar sources and expertly harvest the honey then a honey that equals perfection is born.

      The bees have an incredibly busy life trying to provide us with first class honey. They need to search for the best nectar which is found in clover, flowers, blossom and field crops.
      The bees gather the thin, sweet nectar and then stash it away in their special `honey stomachs`.
      The bee has to make many visits to gather enough nectar and when they have collected half of their own body weight in nectar only then will they head home to the hive.
      The nectar is taken back to the beehive where the sucrose part of the nectar is converted into glucose and fructose. When the conversion has taken place the liquid is stored in the honeycomb cells.
      At this point there is far too much moisture in the nectar, but this problem is eventually solved as the heat intensifies within the hive and the bees all set to work by fanning the nectar with their wings.
      As each honeycomb cell is filled with the rich nectar the bees then cap them off with wax. This is when the nectar starts to ripen into honey, this will also be used for food by the bees themselves.
      The capped frames of ripened honey are in time collected by the Beekeeper, who then uncaps the frames and uses an extractor to remove the luscious honey.
      The Beekeeper drains and filters the honey into a tank and then it is ready to enjoy.

      Honey is gratifying, sweet golden and pure, it is packed with natural energy and Organic honeys are widely eaten to ward off infection and help us to stay healthy.
      Honey is cholesterol and fat free and surprisingly contains less calories than natural sugar.
      Honey is also extremely versatile, it can be used on breakfast cereals, added to Fruit Smoothies or marinades, is wonderful used in baking and glazes meat and vegetables perfectly.
      People are turning to natural honey to sweeten hot drinks too.
      Honey is valued within the beauty world, it promotes shiny hair and healthy skin as well as being so good for our overall well being.

      Rowse gather their organic honey from all over the World, Blossom Honeys are among their best selling product.
      The organic squeezable honey is so good for family use, a small amount can be squeezed out of the bottle without wasting any.

      Rowse Organic set honey is my passion, the lush sweet smell hits you as you lift the lid. You can almost smell all of the hard work that has gone into the jar. The honey gives the appearance of crystallised sugar, when you put your knife into the jar the thick honey needs to be scraped out, especially if it has been stood in a cold place. Often you have a bit of a fight on your hands to spread it on your toast evenly, but its worth persevering with.
      You only need a thin layer on your bread or toast, the sweetness would be overpowering if you ladled it on. The sticky sweet honey tastes heavenly so its seems surprising that it is so good for you.
      Rowse`s honey stores well at room temperature.
      The honeys are entirely natural, are suitable for Coeliacs and are gluten free.
      All of Rowse`s Honey are fine for vegetarians too.
      If you are pregnant then its perfectly safe to eat honey, but its not advisable to give infants under twelve months honey, the reason being that their digestive systems may struggle with it.

      You can obviously tell that I love my Rowse`s Honey, so I will wait to hear what you think.


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