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    1 Review
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      20.10.2008 00:17
      Very helpful



      I am so glad I found startrite

      When my son had been walking for a few weeks I decided it was time to buy him his first pair of shoes. This in itself is a momentous occasion, a milestone in any little life. Something for mummy, daddy and extended family to brag about "little man got his first pair of shoes today" "ahhh so sweet." I was thining he will be able to really get going on his feet once wearing his shoes, lots of walking outside, splashing in puddles, stamping in mud and more than likely other non desirables!

      So the day came and off we traipsed to Clarkes (yes I know this review is for Startrite, just hang in there a mo). We went into teh shop and had a look around at teh different styles whilst we waited for our number to be called and little man toddles about pulling all teh shoes off the shelf. I had seen a few styles I liked and then came our turn to be measured. His feet measured were a size 3, my little man is just that - little, and so were his feet. "Do you need proper walking shoes?" asked the assistant, "Yes" I replied (thinking this is a rather stupid question, can you not see my little man walking around your shop). "We don't do proper walking shoes for boys with feet that size", you'd think she was talking about minute sized feet, ok they are small but not that small! Great, so we went through the no we don't want pre-walkers, nor canvas shoes, come back in a few weeks (good job I shopped elsewhere then as my son has only just had his second pair of shoes, now a size 4, five months later).

      Ah so to the point of this review, at last I hear you say, I shopped elsewhere - Startrite, to be precise. The service was fab and yes they had shoes in the smaller size too, ok not a wide range of choice, but they had them and my son was going to be able to walk outside - yippee!

      The shoes we had were durable, fitted well, stylish - what more could a boy want? In fact so durable they have lasted him 5 months with no problems at all, a few scuffs as you would expect but nothing a bit of polish hasn't put right. And he has definately put them through their paces, parks, puddles, mud, farms, zoos, playcentres, playgroups and they have lasted well.

      Feet are so important, read the stratrite website for advice on how to look after your child's feet, and therefore fitted shoes are important too. My husband has bad feet, resulting in bad knees, hips, back, posture all because he had poorly fitted shoes as a child.

      Shoes at startrite come in a number of sizes, including half sizes and strating at a size 1 for prewalking shoes and starting at a size 2 and half for girls and a size 3 for boys.

      I personally think that the shoes are expensive and even more so if you are to get fitted ones, but they are also important for foot health.


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