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Flash Bathroom Wipes - Proter and Gambol

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    1 Review
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      25.10.2006 21:46
      Very helpful
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      bathroom cleaning wipes

      I usually clean my bathroom with a spray or cream cleaner, but I do like to have a pack or two of wipes in the house for when I want to clean quickly, as they’re very convenient.

      ~What can they be used on?~

      The back of the pack features pictures of the different surfaces that these wipes can be used on. They are:
      *Sinks *taps *toilets *bidets
      *baths *tiles *showers *bath surrounds

      They cannot be used on marble or stone containing marble.


      These come in a blue pack, similar to baby wipes, with a reseal-able tab. The packaging isn’t too bad – some of the cheaper brands can have quite garish packaging, The front of the packaging simply has a picture of a bathroom with the Flash logo emblazoned across it. The sticky tab reseals well, and so far hasn’t lost it’s stickiness as yet.


      On opening the pack for the first time you will notice the smell of the wipes. It’s quite a chemical smell – with a sort of floral tinge! It’s not too overpowering, and although it’s bearable I wouldn’t say it was pleasant. I was quite disappointed because I use Flash bathroom spray and I love the smell of that, so I was expecting the wipes to be similar. I’m really not keen on the smell of these and I think it is a major reason why I wouldn’t be keen on using them again.

      ~Using them~

      The wipes themselves have a textured surface and are perforated down the middle, so that means that you can split them in two, so the pack either contains 24 large wipes or 48 regular ones. I tend to split them for cleaning smaller areas like taps, and use them still attached together for cleaning the bath.
      The packet states these will remove grime, toothpaste, soap stains and watermarks, and I can vouch that it does all of these things. It brings taps up really nicely, to a sparkling finish, and I also find it quite good on tiles.
      I was quite surprised how little elbow grease you need to use with these, as with my normal cream cleaner it can be quite difficult to remove toothpaste from the sink, but with these it wipes off very easily, so I was quite impressed!
      Because of the smell I always wear gloves when using this, but I think this is probably advisable anyway as they can leave the skin feeling quite dried out.


      These normally cost around £1.79, but I got them on special offer. As I say it contains 24 large wipes or 48 smaller wipes, so they don’t work out too expensive, but it’s still more than I would normally pay. They can be found in most supermarkets – I got mine is Somerfield.

      ~Overall Verdict~

      These are very effective on all bathroom surfaces, but the chemical type smell just puts me off, as well as them being fairly expensive compared to other brands. I think I would buy them again, but only if they were on special offer.


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