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    1 Review
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      14.09.2001 13:03
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      Orbit This opinion is really tall but please read it carefully because I think it is good, I think , I don’t know, but I think. Since the first day my dad brought this receiver, I have been attached unusually to the television. The channels ORBIT has the ides they make, the prices they choose all this is attracting me more and more to this great company. You might not have heard a lot of this company and that is because it is mainly shown in the middle east and part of Europe. It has many great channels, some are in Arabic, others are in English. There is different channels for different generations. Channels Aloula : This is an Arabic station and it shows Egyptian, Syrian, and other movies. Althania : This show interviews of important Arabian politicians. Orbit News: Shows news around the world like the disaster that happened in America. The Fun Channel: It has great cartoons and episodes for small children from ages 2-----16. The Disney Channel: It is made of two channels but both broadcasting the same cartoons or episodes but in different languages one in Arabic and the other in English. It also has great comedy episodes of Boy Meets World, Brotherly Love, Thunder Alley, Torkelsons, Smart Guy, and other great movies. Music Now: This is a great music channel, it broadcasts new songs with their video clips. Hollywood Channel: it broadcasts important interviews with celebrities, and it shows some great shows such as the wheel of fortune and such stuff. America Plus: This is a great channel which broadcasts 24 hours of comedy each day. You can find friends, third rock from the sun, Sabrina the teenage which ... Super Movies: you can find on this channel the greatest movies ever, and don’t worry if you skip a movie you really wanted to watch because they’
      ll show it again and again. ESPN: you all know ESPN and those of you who don’t well it is the best sports channel in the universe. And it is also made of two channel one of them in English and the other in Arabic. CNN: A great channel to show world news. CNBC: Do you have stocks??? Well follow them on CNBC. Star Movies: another channel which shows movies. Star World: A great channel were you can find great action, comedy, and dramatic episodes such as friends, xena, Hercules... National Geographic Channel: This is a scientific channel which teaches everyone about animals, plants and other things. BBC Prime: Shows English movies and episodes. Fox Sports: Another channel which shows great sports such as basketball, football, WWF, and baseball. Fox Kids: A great channel for kids, it has great cartoons such as spider man, X-men, and other stuff. A Great Idea Orbit came up with a great idea, well I really liked it I don’t know about you. They will replace your receiver with a new one for free. Now you might think that this is normal, but it is not because the new receiver has great stuff, it has games, you can browse the internet at a very high speed, you can also watch anything in the language you choose, many channels are going to be added I think cartoon network, movie channel 1 and 2 and many other channels, and finally you can watch any new released movie or event live on PPV and you can choose the time. So what do you think of this great receiver?? What do you think of this company?? I hoped you enjoyed this information, and I hoped you enjoyed my opinion.


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