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Anita's Outline Stickers

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Manufacturer: Anita's / Type: Stickers

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    7 Reviews
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      02.01.2014 12:00
      Very helpful



      A great little extra to your cards and crafts!

      Anita's outline stickers are sticker letters that you can use for any kind of cards and crafts.
      They come on one long sheet which is full of stickers. You can either get them in a page of; letters, numbers, pictures (e.g like butterfly motifs) or phrases such as 'Happy Birthday' or 'Congratulations'.

      Which ever you choose you can get them all in different sizes, there are some teeny tiny ones (but very fiddly!) and also different fonts. You can get the really swirly fancy writing or just plain and bold.

      They come in different colours. Most commonly available are gold and silver but you can also get them in white and bronze

      They have so many uses. You can use them for whatever you see fit really.

      My step - mum uses these regularly for making cards which I believe is what they are most commonly used for.

      I used them for the first time for my wedding.
      As I got married in Cornwall by the beach I decided to use beach pebbles as my name place settings and used these stickers to put everybody's name on one each in silver, swirly font. (It was nicer than it sounds!!)
      They were extremely effective and looked far better than if I had just hand written everybody's name on.

      They stuck really well and didn't even start to peel off.
      They stayed shiny and looked really great quality. Almost everybody at my wedding asked where I got them from and couldn't believe I had made them myself and for such a low cost. All the guests kept their personalised pebbles too!

      The back of the pack recommends using tweezers to apply your stickers, however I found this even more fiddly and managed to just use my fingers. When you get the really little ones they are a little tricky to apply in the right place and to make sure they are straight but it just takes a lot (A LOT!!) of patience!

      These great little stickers will still to any dry smooth surfaces.

      These stickers cost £1 usually. You get so many stickers on one sheet so for £1 this is great value. If you get a letters sheet you usually get at least five of each letter of the alphabet (sometimes more depending on which size you go for).

      I purchased my stickers from The Range, but I have seen them available in loads of places since then. They can normally be found in any shop that sells any craft things.

      These stickers were great for me. If used well they can look really effective and can be really useful!

      I am so glad I used them for my wedding place settings, they worked out so well and I know so many other people who use them regularly for different craft activities.
      I would definitely recommend!

      Thank you for reading!

      xx Mrs K xx


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        14.07.2013 17:45
        Very helpful



        something for every occasion

        Anitas outline stickers are, in my opinion, the best quality peel off stickers out there. They are used mostly for card making but can be used for scrapbooking or for children to make pictures with.

        The most commonly used stickers are the word ones which have greetings on like 'Happy Birthday', 'Thankyou' or 'Merry Christmas'. They are available in a wide range of styles and sizes so you will always find one that goes well with your card.

        The stickers by Anita are a lot stronger than other peel offs and don't break easily. If they are misshapen after peeling off they usually spring back to shape when lifted off the sheet completely. With words small stickers get stuck in the holes of letters like 'a' or 'o'.

        If you want to spell out a name or message you can buy letter or number sheets. Usually they are sold in capitals and small letters seperatly. The problem with letters are that some letters like 'z' and 'x' are always left on the sheet whilst vowels run out too quickly.

        The picture stickers are outlines of images and are good if you need to make a quick card. The picture stickers are very versatile. I have used the to colour in the image, go over with chalk then peel off leaving the image, put stones in the centre of flowers, and glitter glue looks particularly good on Christmas cards. I once stuck a dress shaped outline sticker on patterned paper and then cut around it which was a different way to use them.

        The stickers stick well and have never fallen off a card. If they are placed in the wrong place they can be peeled off and repositioned if your quick but it doesn't work every time.

        They usually come in either gold or silver but occasionaly you can buy bronze, white or other colours.

        The stickers can be bought from most craft shops for £1 to £2.

        They always come in useful and when you start to collect them you'll never stop. They'll all come in handy one day!


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        14.05.2013 17:16
        Very helpful



        Beautiful range of peel off stickers perfect for adding greetings or details to card and projects.

        I love cardmaking and papercraft and have a box of absolute essentials and included in there I always have some Anita's peel off greetings. As well as greetings you can also get a whole host of other peel offs including borders, frames, outline images such as gardening and many many more. They come in a range of colours including gold, siver and colours such as black, red and green. They also have a range of stickers with a glitter finish.

        Anitas's peel offs are widely available from craft shops and online and cost around 99p for a single sheet.

        To use you simply peel up the sticker you wish to use and apply. They can be used on a range of surfaces including paper, card, vellum, acetate and more.

        Another little tip if you have promarkers you can use these to change the colour of the stickers. I have only ever done this with the silver stickers however it MAY also work on other colours. This enables you to colour match the colour of the stickers to that of your project. If you choose to do this then colour the stickers whilst on the sheet and then allow upto a minute to dry before peeling up and applying to your project. For this reason I now only buy the silver peel-offs.

        The other great thing about these stickers is that sometimes not only can you use the peel off sticker but with some of the images it is also possible to be quite creative with the negative stickers left behind. For example the outline of a heart and then the centre of the heart which remains on the sheet.

        The only very slight downside of the Anita's peel off greetings is that it can be a little difficult to line up multiple separate words- I tend to do this by using the edge of a piece of card although some people use a technique with double sided tape. Sometimes you may need a pokey took to remove the centres of letters for example B.

        They are a beautiful range of peel off stickers perfect for adding greetings or details to card and projects. Highly recommend. A crafters essential.

        This review also appears on CIAO under the same username.


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          13.05.2013 22:12
          Very helpful



          Pretty, delicate, outline stickers for paper crafts

          ~What are they?~~

          Anita's Outline Stickers are a range of different craft stickers for card-making and scrapbooking. They are available in dozens of different varieties including words and phrases, letters, numbers, boarders, shapes, and themed items such as birthday cakes, flowers, animals etc. As they are outline stickers, when peeled off the backing sheet they are not a solid shape but a delicate-looking outline which makes them pretty embellishments for arts and crafts. They are most commonly available in metallic gold, sliver or bronze. I have also seen matt red, green and white Christmas themed stickers for sale in the winter.

          ~~ Ease of use ~~

          Most of the stickers are quite easy to peel off the backing sheet although you may find it more difficult if you don't have very long finger nails. I usually bend the sheet of stickers a bit to encourage the corner of the one I'm interested in to reveal itself. Things like individual letters and numbers are quite simple to do however some of the larger designs or phrases such as 'Happy Birthday' are more intricate and can get stretched when being removed. This is not an issue, as you just stick it down on your card or scrapbook bit by bit, carefully patting it down with a finger as you go so it is no longer stretched. I sometimes use tweezers to place my stickers as it is easier to position them so they are straight, especially for the longer phrases and boarders.

          Sometimes little bits of sticker which are inside enclosed letters such as 'd', and 'o' etc. stay attached to the sticker when it has been peeled off, instead of remaining on the backing sheet. So instead of having a perfect outline sticker, some of the letters may look filled in. The only way to get these out is to poke the unwanted bit out with tweezers which is a bit fiddly and annoying. It doesn't happen with all of them though. I think it just depends on how small the sticker is, how intricate the design is and how loopy the font is. So these stickers are probably not that suitable for children due to their slightly fiddly nature.

          ~~ Oops, I've put it on wonky~~

          Unfortunately, there are occasions, despite my best efforts, when I manage to stick things on completely crooked. If sticking on card, as long as you remove the sticker as soon as possible, it is easy enough to get it up and it will retain enough stickiness for a second attempt. If not, then dabbing it on a glue stick does the trick. The longer the sticker is left in its incorrect place, the harder it is to remove it and sometimes I have ended up ripping the card/paper when I have pulled a sticker off, ruining my card in the process. The motto of the story is: make sure you do it properly the first time around. I have never had any occurrences where a sticker has fallen off of its own accord so the adhesive on them is of a good quality and they will not fall off your card when it's in the post.

          ~~ Varieties ~~

          I have quite a few different sheets of outline stickers but I find the the most useful to be my silver 'Happy Birthday' and 'Merry Christmas' ones. The stickers are small, pretty and elegant. I can do calligraphy so in theory I could write this myself, but it takes me so long to do it would be impractical for making lots of Christmas cards, for example. I would also find it very hard to write as small as my preferred size of outline sticker too so these stickers are incredibly useful. I have a sheet of 'Handmade' stickers which I put on the back of cards I have made - it looks better than text printed on a plain white sticker and it cannot smudge like a ink stamp can. I have a few sheets of different silver and gold boarders which are useful as you can cut them to the size you want and use them for all sorts of things. I use these in my scrapbook to underline titles add nice edges to photos. I also have a few sheets of mixed phrases which include a variety of sayings on the one sheet such as 'Congratulations', 'Get well soon' 'A baby boy' etc. These are phrases that are needed less often so instead of having to buy a whole sheet of them which will not be needed, these mixed sheets are a good idea.

          Finally I have a few patterned outline stickers such as presents with ribbons, santa and reindeer, and Christmas puddings. These types of outline sticker are great for beginners to use and also useful when you don't have enough time to come up with you own design completely from scratch. There are loads available with various themes including sports, flowers, weddings, butterflies, cars etc. so there are plenty to choose from. Also, some of the patterned stickers can be stuck on acetate and you can use paints or coloured permanent markers to fill in the gaps in the sticker to make a stained glass effect which looks really nice.

          ~~ Price and Availability ~~

          Anita's Outline Stickers are usually 99p and are sold in a variety of places including Hobbycraft, Colemans and Ebay. They are sometimes on offer in bargain bins, especially they say something less popular like 'Happy Christening' or if there are stickers missing from the sheet they will be discounted. Joblots of different varieties can often be found on ebay for a reasonable price too. I have also seen people selling them at markets.

          In summary, these outline stickers look great and are a must-have item for anyone interested in card-making or scrapbooking.


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            15.10.2012 08:19
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            A must have for any crafter

            Anita's outline stickers

            I tend to make all my cards by hand and I also stock three local shops with my cards, so I need to have the best supplies in order to make my cards stand out on the shelves. I predominately use Anita's outline stickers as I have found them to be the best on the market and they have the greatest range of stickers available. One sheet costs between 50p and £1.50 depending on where you purchase and what type of sticker it is. The main types of stickers Anita does is sayings and they are mostly in silver and gold (like most of them), however for certain occasions such as Christmas the colours vary more to suit more cards so you will be able to find green and red as well. There are also many different pictures that are available at the moment I have a large selection of men's (sports, boats, cars etc.), Christmas (candles, snowmen, Christmas trees) and Women's (fashion, masks, etc.) The stickers are available from most craft stores and from many online retailers. The stickers can be used for other projects such as scrap booking or to transform ordinary stationary such as notebooks.

            The stickers are very easy to peel off and for the smaller stickers you could use craft tweezers to help, I only have small hands so I don't find this a problem. If you decide you do not want to use that particular sticker after removing it from the sheet, then it is no problem as you can simply reapply the sticker to the original sheet and you can use it when you wish to. I think this is very useful as I am always changing my mind and it means that I waste less than I would if this wasn't possible. If you do not place the sticker on correctly then you can easily remove and re-align it and when you are happy with the position apply firm pressure and rub over the stickers to ensure they stay in place.

            There are many ways to use the image outlines, you can stick them directly to the card or to additional card and then attach this to the card to create a more 3D look. There are many ways to add colour to the stickers to make them more appealing. One way in which I do this is extremely easy you can just add the sticker to coloured or patterned paper. Another way would be to colour in using paint, crayons, gel pens, pencils or felt tips. I find that these stickers allow me to create cards which I can be proud of; I am not the most artistic of people so these help me create beautiful pictures without the stress of trying to draw them myself. The stickers make card making more accessible to all levels of crafters.
            These can be purchased in a variety of retailers, such as hobby craft, rucraft, boyes, ebay and many of your local craft stores.

            I would definitely suggest that any crafter should have a good range of these in their craft box, they create professional looking cards in half the time.


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              13.06.2010 21:32
              Very helpful



              Add a lovely personalised and professional touch to homemade cards.

              I took up card making a couple of years ago, when a small craft shop opened up in my village. They held some really useful evening classes where I got lots of inspiration for designing and making different cards, and I was hooked. Sadly the shop closed very suddenly, and I was left looking for inspiration and ideas from elsewhere.

              As much as I enjoy card making, I am the first to admit I am not at all artistic. My drawing skills are pretty much non-existent, and so I tend to use embellishments, toppers, ribbons, or decoupage to decorate a card. My handwriting is not very neat, and so I was looking for an alternative to writing greetings on the front and inside of cards- simple, standard greetings such as "Happy Birthday", "Happy Christmas", or "Happy Anniversary". The first thing I came across were stamps, which could produce good results. However they were very time-consuming, as too often I would get excess ink around the edge of the stamp, which would spoil the card, meaning I'd have to start again.

              I first came across Anita's stickers on my local WHSmiths. They were selling a variety of Christmas themed packs, in both gold and silver. Some of which were simple text, while others were outlined pictures. The text included:

              "Season's Greetings",
              "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year",
              "Let is snow, Let it snow, Let it snow",
              and "Happy Christmas".

              I was very excited to spot these, as they looked exactly what I was after. I usually make all of my Christmas cards- around 50 of them- and I do a variety of designs, so I bought all of these packs of stickers.

              The picture stickers were outlines- once you peel a sticker off the sheet, the centre remains stuck to the sheet, while the outline of the shape peels away. This has a lot of scope for card making and crafts, as you have the option to paint, emboss, or use chalks inside the outline, or perhaps stick it onto a jazzy background, as this background will form the centre of the shape.

              The picture stickers available included:
              Christmas Trees,
              Candles, and

              Again I picked one of everything so I could experiment with some new designs and see what looked best. They were priced at 99p, which was supposedly half price. However having bought Anita's stickers from a variety of online stockists and from other high street stores, I have never seen them sold for over £1.50! Most places sell them for 99p.

              Peeling the stickers off the sheets can be a fiddly business. As you can imagine, the text stickers are intricate shapes and very delicate- pull them away too sharply and they are liable to stretch or break. This part does require a bit of patience. You need to check that if you have any letters containing enclosed areas, such as the centre of an a, e, p, o, q, d, etc, that you remove the centre of the letters. I have found that some of the centres will stay stuck to the sheet, whereas others will stick to the lettering, which makes it look very obvious you have forgotten to remove some of the centres of the lettering! This again is very fiddly and requires patience. You can buy purpose-made tweezers to help you with this, however I have chosen not to as I have long nails and this helps a lot!

              Once you have removed your sticker, it is ready to use and put a finishing touch to your card. I found that some of the longer text stickers were a little difficult to get straight, but as long as I didn't press them down too hard, then I was able to remove them and straighten them up. Once I was happy with the positioning, I can press them down firmly, and the sticker is then stuck firmly. I have no worries about them falling off, unlike many of the embellishments I have tried!

              I was so impressed with these that I have since invested in a huge amount of Anita's Outline Stickers. I have a special folder to keep them all together, and have just counted 27 sheets of them! Yikes! I had better not get bored of card making any time soon! I have acquired a good selection of picture outlines, including:

              A variety of flowers,
              Footabllers, and

              I have bought most of these for specific people's Birthdays to help me create a card that matches the interests of the recipients. I've collected a range of text stickers, including:

              "Thank You",
              "With Sympathy",
              "Happy Mothering Sunday", and
              as well as number stickers which are brilliant for landmark Birthdays, and children's cards.

              I've found the text outlines fantastic for greetings cards, both on the front of them as well as inside. I find they give a much more professional finish than I could ever achieve with my scruffy writing. My latest way of using them it to place them onto white card, and add either a piece of ribbon down one side, or a couple of little gem embellishments on either side. I then mount it onto gold or silver using sticky pads, to match the colour of the sticker, and make it lovely and 3-d. I have done this using a variety of colours of ribbon and embellishments, so I can then easily and quickly match the colour theme of a card with very minimal effort!

              I have also got a large number of alphabet sheets, which are super for making a card extra personal by putting names on the front. These are particularly useful for wedding or childrens Birthday cards. Again, it can be tricky to get the stickers perfectly lined up and spaced out first time, but I've found them easy enough to peel off and reposition, which is very useful indeed.

              I have used many of the picture outline stickers for scrapbooking, or to decorate the inside of a card. Even with my most basic painting skills, I've been pleased with the effects I've been able to create using these stickers and some watercolour paints.

              In summary, I would really recommend Anita's Outline Stickers. They help to create a professional finish, and are super for making a card much more personal. They are available in a huge variety of designs, so it is well worth having a look online to see what is available. They can be bought from a large number of online stockists, as well as from any good craft shop. At 99p a pack, I think they are great value for money, and at that price you can afford to try out a few different designs without breaking the bank. They are particularly time-saving if you are making a big batch of similar cards, for example for Christmas, or Wedding invitations, and they always add a nice finishing touch to a card.


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                13.06.2010 14:22
                Very helpful



                great quality stickers

                I doubt very much that any crafter has never used Anita's outline stickers at some time or another when making handcrafted cards or invitations or indeed in their scrapbooking.

                For those who've never come across peel off stickers (often referred to as outline stickers) let me just give a brief description - they are nifty sheets of stickers, either designs or texts, which you literally just peel away from the backing sheet & transfer to your project. The beauty of them is that you can add a nice greeting, frame, border or design in moments without the use of any glue & with no smell or mess.

                There are loads of different ones on the market as the moment - some good & some quite poor quality but Anita's, in my opinion, are one of the best to buy because the don't bend, break, curl or peel off once applied. They're available from most good craft shops such as Hobbycraft, sometimes on QVC or online at docrafts.co.uk but more often than not you can grab a bargain on eBay.

                The outline sheet I'm using at the moment is pretty standard (although you can larger sheets) & measures approximately 3.75" x 9" & there are about 26 'Happy Birthday' messages. I paid 75p for this & considering it will help me make 26 cards I reckon they are pretty good value. The sheets vary in price from 75p - £1.25 but you can also buy them in multipacks from £1.99 upwards.

                I tend to use mainly black, silver & gold but Anita's do a wide range of colours - from pastels to vivids. They also do glittered, dimensional, decoupage stickers etc.

                There are themed messages - eg
                - celebrations ( birth of a new baby, wedding, congratulations, engagement, anniversaries etc)
                - others (eg sad to hear about your loss, with sympathy, good luck etc)
                - family (to Grandad, Nanna, Mum, Dad, Auntie etc)


                designs - eg
                - flowers, butterflies
                - oriental
                - gardening-related
                - sports & activities
                - baby
                - 'girlie'
                - children
                - teens

                They also have number peel offs if you want to make a card for an 'odd' birthday/ anniversary - so you can make specific cards such as 'Happy Birthday Brother - 71' or Happy 64th Anniversary' lol!

                I'm guessing that most cardmakers have quite a stock of Christmas peel offs by Anita - apparently the average cardmaker makes between 20 -50 cards per year (according to Create & Craft). Many crafters also make extra to sell for themselves or for charity so using these saves a great deal of time.

                I think the texts look good when coloured over before applying (you can buy peel-ff pens but I'm sure that they're actually permanent markers) which means you can colour-coordinate the project. The designs look good (eg a snow scene) if you colour in using glaze paints. So there's really no end to how you can use them.

                I think they look good on acetate sheets as well as card & paper but I've also used them on candles by just lifting off the sheet with tweezers, applying to a large church candle & colouring in the design with Sukuro pens.

                I'd recommend buying Anita's peel off stickers because they are good quality, they're easy to use, they don't snap or curl, I think they're great value & there's loads of choice. If you find cheaper brands it's worth looking closely at the quality - nothing worse than a peeloff which peels off!


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