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Berol Colourbroad Pen Assorted Colours

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Brand: Berol / Type: Painting

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    1 Review
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      08.08.2013 09:13
      Very helpful



      Get rid of the rubbish and stick with these.

      Berol Colour broad pens in assorted colours.

      My five year old son has always taken his drawing and colouring seriously. From an early age he preferred to sit and draw than play with his cars. His imagination runs away with him and in his recent school report it said he excelled in his art and creativity. We have gone through many pencil and pen products as that is what he is doing most days. He needed a felt tip that would last and would aid him in his perfect pictures. There is something nostalgic about Berol pens I remember them from my years at primary school. I decided it was worth paying a bit more for a better quality pen that would hopefully last my son longer than the cheap felt tips we had previously had.

      I chose the 12 assorted colour broad pens. Berol pens come in a range of tip sizes. Looking at these in the shop I felt they would be right for my son as he still liked to colour areas in block colour something that you can't really do with a fine nib. The broad fibre tips claim to be ideal for drawing and colouring. The 12 pens come a lovely range of colours you get a dark blue, light blue, dark green, light green, yellow, purple, pink, red, orange, black, grey and brown. Even the dark colours still look bright and not murky like many cheap felt pens you get. All the colours look vibrant on paper. The 12 pens come in a plastic wallet which I remember well from school. Unfortunately my youngest son got hold of it and it became tatty. My son likes to keep his favourite pens in his camo pencil case so he was happy to get rid of the wallet anyway.

      My son instantly loved his new pens and said they were grown up pens as ones he has got before were usually in sets that contained cartoon character packaging! As you would expect he instantly got his paper out and began drawing with a huge smile on his face. To hold they felt so much nicer compared to his cheap pens and when using them they seemed to be a lot more robust. They cover the paper nice and evenly leaving a nice smooth finish without any pen strokes. They do get a lot of heavy usage from my son but they seem to handle it well. He has had these pens for eight months now and they are still going as well as they did when they were first bought. The pens claim that the lids can be left off for 14 days before they dry out now my son is pretty good at putting lids back on so we haven't tried this fully out. However my youngest has left the lid off over night and it has been perfectly fine. The nibs of the pens look very good you can tell they have had some use but still look excellent. I would highly recommend the broad pens for younger children as they give a better fuller covering which young children tend to like. I am considering a medium tip for my son as he does like fine detail from time to time in his colouring projects and these aren't brilliant at small detail.

      The broad Berol pens are widely available I think I paid £4.99 for the set I got my son they range around this mark if maybe a little more. I think they retail at £6.99. Amazon currently have some for sale including postage at £4 which I would say for such great quality pens that are sure to last is excellent value for money.


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