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Boldmere Acrylic Paints

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Manufacturer: Boldmere / Type: Painting - Acrylic

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    1 Review
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      07.09.2010 18:51
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      Need to buy product for arty lovers!

      Some of you may know that I am artist, and have been 'properly' completing art for around 4years, with exhibitions and stalls with me selling my art. My favourite media currently is paints, I just love paints, especially acrylic paints, both in huge tubes, for Pollock style art, and smaller tubes, for more detailed painting needs. Recently, thanks to inspiration from my boyfriend, I started do art more and more, and I needed new acrylic paints, and I was put in the difficult decision between Boldmere Acrylic Colours and a Boots Meal Deal lunch, I chose the Acrylic paints, and was hungry all day! But for £2.99, how could I resist the paints, and I was hoping they wouldn't be too cheap and awful paints.

      The Boldmere Acrylic Colours set is in a smallish box, with a visual image of a tree and a picture of the tubes of paint around the tree, which has been done in acrylic colours, with the main colours being blue, which I think is really striking and interesting. Also the box has a banner of yellow, where the Boldmere symbol is and also important information saying, "14 acrylic colours", "high selection, high quality and 12ml tubes". On the back of the box, there is the colours, which is good incase you are unable to look in the box in the shop, also there are instructions on how to pierce the tubes open. Boldmere claims their Acrylic Colours are "formulated using selected, high quality pigments" and "quick drying, flexible and permanent colours".

      Opening the paint set, the acrylic colours were placed securely in the box, which I think is really good, especially for carrying the paints around, so they moved all over the place. In the box there are 14 colours:
      -Lemon yellow
      -Ochre yellow
      -Vermillion (darker orange)
      -Deep red
      -Cerulean (Light blue)
      -Sap green
      -Viridian (Bluey green)
      -Burnt Sienna (Light Brown)
      -Burnt Umber (Darker brown)
      -Ultramarine (Darker blue)

      The amount if colours is quite broad, but obviously specialist colours would need to be brought separately, but I personally, think there are enough colours for most painting desires, especially with a lot of mixing.
      The paint tubes are so easy to pierce, just pierce the metal using the point on the lid, which is different from most paints as I have experienced some really tough to pierce paints, and ended up covered in paint or giving up! The tubes are very easy to squeeze, and the paint can be easily applied to the surface or the palette, which again is a really advantage. But also with really small, thin paint brushes, they might fit into the tube, which could be the easiest method to get a small amount of paint on your brush.

      The general consistency of the paints is one that I personally find the best, it is quite liquid-y but not too much, so it becomes to water like, although some people may find it hard to use more liquid like acrylic paints, but I find that if you mix a tiny bit of PVA glue with paints, it becomes a bit thicker and more suitable for people who find it easier with thicker paints. But the consistency of the Boldmere acrylic paints are perfect, and so easy to paint with, as they are so smooth to apply, and gives the picture a completely even and covered texture.
      The colours of the acrylic paints are really beautiful and match perfectly to the label on the tube, so there is no incidents of using, for example, an orange thinking it would be darker then it was, which is a problem I have experienced a lot with previous acrylic colours. The colours can be easily mixed together to get a more accurate colour if desired, and I found that the acrylic paints mix so much easier then every other paint I've used, which is a great advantage, and the colours mix so well, the colours almost mix with a couple of mixes, so your not mixing until your arms falls off!
      Boldmere acrylic colours can easily be used on a range of surfaces, such as papers, cards and most canvas's. I personally find that the acrylic paints look very great on wood, and gives a nice texture to the piece, so using these acrylic colours on pretty much any surface is good.

      Boldmere is available is some art stores and crafts stores (I brought my set from The Works) and mine costs £2.99, and the price range is always under £5. Great even thought it's cheap!


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