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Bostik Quickstick

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Brand: Bostik / Type: Craft Supplies - Glue

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    2 Reviews
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      22.02.2009 20:27
      Very helpful



      A really great office companion or fantastic for arts and crafts

      Hi everyone and welcome to this review.

      Glue... We can never have enough of it in our home, whether it's making card, sticking up posters or homework we use it for them all. Now for multi uses like that we need a very versatile glue that is quick and easy to use with no mess.

      We had been buying the big pots of PVA glue for many years but after making Christmas cards for charity it really was evident that it was useless for the tasks we were doing. Well... Time to find a replacement! That is where this lovely Bostik Quick Stick comes into the equation.

      They are a very well known company around the world for its DIY adhesives as well as the domestic glues. They of course make the famous 'Blue Tac' that many of us use every day. They also make many products for use in the building trade such as tile adhesive, cement additives and silicones. So they are not little guys when it comes to this sort of product!

      I found my Bostik Quick Stick in Tesco's on special offer in the stationery aisle. It cost only 79p for two sticks! Bargain. They are the smaller type sticks of around 8g of glue in each tube.

      The glue is packed in a very eye catching package, a cardboard backing with the glue on top and covered in shrunken plastic wrapping. The cardboard in the back is dark yellow and blue and states, 'Ideal for sticking paper and card solid'. After seeing how convenient these glue sticks looked compared to the big messy tubs of PVA it was decided to try some. At the back of the packaging there are two tabs that you pull for easy opening! Yay, no messing with plastic wrapping!

      Once the glue was out of the packaging the tubes looked very small and I thought they would not be lasting long. They are around 3 inches in height and quarter an inch in width. An okay size I suppose, very handy for pencil cases as they will not take up much room at all. The glue stick itself is a dark blue colour with a dark blue lid and the yellow turn mechanism at the bottom. Very attractive looking sticks I must say! On the back it states that it's safe to use with children and washes easily. But it is not suitable for children under 36 months because of small parts.

      Using the glue
      The glue is very easy to use, just pop off the lid, turn the yellow mechanism up to the required amount and your glue is ready for use. The glue is white in colour when on the stick but when it's applied to a surface it happily turns clear. The smell is not great, I'm no glue sniffer!! But I did notice a rather strange chemical smell which I was not expecting in glue that was advertised for use with children. Oh well, I suppose it shouldn't cause any harm. I also noticed that the lid was extremely hard to remove, this is most likely to be a safety feature to stop young children pulling it off. But if you have wrist problems I would highly recommend buying a different brand.

      What can this glue stick be used for?
      I have found these glue sticks to have loads of uses. It really is strong and I managed to fix a broken ornament with it! Wow.

      Here are some of the uses I have tried and tested:
      *Sticks paper
      *Sticks card
      *Small pieces of balsa wood
      And anything else that is light and can be usually stuck down by glue! I was surprised with how strong it was, paper really cannot be separated when stuck, I did stick my fingers together at times but a rinse under the tap helped this. I must say that it lives up to the claim of washing easily. I have got it on my clothes so many times and it comes off with a wet wipe, no problem at all. The glue is generally not messy at all, it's very clean to use and the lid stays very clean, unlike that of the PVA.

      The glue is free of any toxic chemicals so it's safe for use with children, even though it smells very strange Bostik says it is also free of any solvents so is very safe to use. Please do not eat this glue though, I am sure it wouldn't do you much good and probably would not taste the best!

      Are there any disadvantages to this glue stick?
      Well there are some things they could have made better, but for the price I cannot complain too much. Below are some improvements I think they could make:

      *Not suitable for sticking slightly heavy items
      *Takes a while to dry (Around 5 minutes to securely stick) I know this sounds short but compared to other sticks I've used it's not.
      *The lid is hard to remove
      *The turn mechanism is slight stiff
      *Small stick of only 8g

      That's about it. But again I cannot complain because of the price and I can simply live perfectly fine with the glue the way it is! Even though I have said the pot is small mine has lasted 3 weeks already, I have used it a few times a week so I would say it is quite long lasting, I have about a quarter left. It must be said that this glue does spread very well and does not leave lumps of glue all over your work! This does mean the glue will last longer.

      Now I have seen a few places selling this glue at around about the same price I paid. I have seen this in Morrison's, Wilkinsons and Pound Stretcher - also known as Instore.

      The company also has a website: www.bostik.com, but I found it very hard to use, I don't have a clue how to use it ha-ha.

      Overall I would say this is a fantastic little glue stick. It sticks everything it claims on the packaging and is quite easy to use; being small and portable makes it great for pencil cases. The price is good and I really recommend it as an office companion.

      Thanks for reading,©nickbrown60


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        23.07.2008 10:47
        Very helpful



        A useful everyday craft glue


        I use a lot of glue at home and at work, and tend to buy it by the box, the thick sticks since these are the ones I think are the easiest for children to hold (the glue sticks, not the box). The things are also available in smaller 8g sticks which are best used by older children who are able to manipulate the glue stick more easily.

        **Product and packaging**

        Right now, with the summer holidays upon us and lots of small people round at our house wanting to make crafty things, i have bought several of the 8g sticks in bulk. There is a method in this madness- the children are all 7 and 8 years old, quite capable, and because I know that the glue will be left with the tops off, it seems best to let a certain number of skinny sticks dry out rather than the thicker ones!
        So, the 8g sticks... these have a blue pull off top and written all over the stick is the Bostik logo. There is a yellow turn up and turn down mechanism at the bottom which makes the actual glue stick move up or down. Younger children are usually quite fascinated by this, and at first twist the glue right to the top, but once the initial attraction has worn off, are usually quite sensible about the whole activity.
        So, a simple twist moves the glue so that it can be used; twist in the opposite direction, and down it goes again; put the top back on, and bingo... glue for another day... if they have heeded your warnings about not leaving the top off.
        The glue itself is obviously a solid glue stick and is white. I have a sniff of it because it doesn't warn me not to, and rather than finding it odourless as i expected, there is a very slight smell. Yes, it does smell a bit as i imagine and expect glue to smell but not that getting high kind of smell when you have to open all the windows...you have to get very close to it to actually smell it.

        *The advantage of this type of glue is mainly, from my point of view, that it is not messy. There have been so many occasions when I have had only the "runny" glue and it has got all over the place...I do like peeling off dry glue but it's not as pleasant when it seems to have magically appeared on the furniture. Bostik, like other glue sticks, is also very accurate. Everyone, from quite young children, is able to put some glue exactly where it is needed, mainly because it is not dripping off glue sticks.
        *It is also solvent free and non toxic, hence no warning about the sniffing of it. This is obviously a great advantage, because it's not going to poison anyone- no nasty fumes or poisonous ingredients, although I wouldn't advise anyone to eat or start licking it, unless there is a sensory issue and then it could be quite a pleasant feeling.
        *It also washes out of clothes so no more gluing and then trying to wash clothes only to find that whilst the majority of the glue has come out there are nasty white marks where it just could noot be moved.
        *Another great advantage is that it sticks things! It can easily stick feathers, paper, sequins, tissue, in fact lots of things that are light and easily stickable. However, it doesn't manage to stick heavier items such as buttons, and things which aren't almost flat will prove a problem, so get the pva for those or endure the distress as the twirled pipe cleaner falls off

        *The glue is usually quite easy to remove from hands and surfaces. I do say "usually" because so far I have had to get it off only hard surfaces...carpets and sofas I can't comment on!
        *Children can't take the top off the glue, (is this a disadvantage). As an advantage, it's a great factor because small children tend to be unable to take the top off so they can't start to use the glue without you knowing!

        * Some children don't like the stickiness of it on their hands
        * Not suitable for gluing heavier resources.
        * If the lid is not put back on the glue dries out.
        * Can be more expensive than other similar products although I find that the more expensive the glue, the better the quality, and this tends not to be the most expensive
        * Young children find it difficult to take the top off so will need help!

        **Price and Availability**

        The 8g stick costs about £1.49 which is a bit more expensive than buying the bigger one per gramme. However, there are offers to be had, and if you need lots, look around to buy in bulk

        Not suitable for children under the age of 3 because of the small parts, such as the cap, although looking at the size of this cap, I can't see it being a great danger, so I would imagine this to be true only for the very small Bostik sticks.

        **HOW LONG DOES IT LAST?**
        That depends on useage and how well you look after it. If you use it infrequently and put the top back on carefully after use, then it lasts ages. If you have 6 weeks holiday with Little Miss and pals or a similar scenario then it won't last long because it's too busy sticking

        Bostik LTD., Leicester LE4 6BW

        Not a child friendly website...more information about the company. However, should you have a fascination or interest in the number of sticky products they make, this is the website for you!


        A good general all round solid glue for everyday sticking. It won't stick heavy things and certainly won't be helping with the diy but for paper crafts it does work. It's non messy, easy to use, non toxic and sticks most things children will want to stick.
        A useful addition to any holiday craft pack.

        Thanks for reading

        Daniela x


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      • Product Details

        Solid glue stick. Ideal for sticking most paper material. Easy and mess-free application.

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