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Chad Valley Magnetic Drawing Board

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Manufacturer: Chad Valley / Type: Drawing / Age: 3 Years+

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    2 Reviews
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      22.09.2012 19:41
      Very helpful



      good value toy for a 3 year old righy handed/ambidextrous child who doesn't have one already!

      Although my daughter's 3rd birthday was last month we are still doing the rounds collecting her birthday presents! Some of my family live in Bristol and we live in London so when some of the family came down this weekend one of the presents she received was this drawing board from Chad Valley.

      It is a thin blue and orange board which comes attached with a slim blue pen and 3 stamps in the shape of a hexagon, circle and square which sit in slots along the left hand side. A small niggle we have experienced already is that the circle "stamp" often gets stuck in and the handle to grasp it is small and stubby so it needs a good slap on the other side to extract it!

      It is the usual "magic" magnetic drawing board with a slider eraser at the bottom of the screen to start all over again. My daughter has one of these already, but this is slightly smaller than the one she already owns and as a newly 3 year old she can hold this quite comfortably in her arm and carry it about!

      The "pen" is a lot slimmer and to me a bit more flimsy compared to the one she already has also. My other complaint is that the pen is on the right hand side of the board and my daughter is a lefty like her dad so she struggles to use it properly and keeps switching hands :( for now she alternates anyway even though the string isn't awfully long but I don't think she will get much use out of this :(

      In terms of quality I would say this is the lower end of the scale as the drawing quality does look more faintly grey more than anything. I had a cheeky look online and have seen this is selling in argos for £4.99 so for that price it is relatively good value and my daughter has just as much fun with this one as the one she already owns!

      Nevertheless it is a good quality toy, but definitely more apt to a child of age 3 who is quite small. I think older children may be bored of this type of toy and it will be of no use to a lefty!


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      07.01.2010 11:01
      Very helpful



      All in review -------- Make your own mind up

      It was coming to up Christmas and I didn't know what to get my 2 year old daughter. I mean what do you get a child that has got everything? Except buy it twice of course. So after sitting thinking about it for a little while I thought about what my daughter liked to do the most and that's drawing. Wither it is on the walls, carpets, or on herself, yeah that's right you heard me correctly she is a nightmare for it lately and no matter how much I tell her off it doesn't seem to matter to her.

      She is only 2 years of age and is feeling "creative" so I thought rather than shout at her being naughty I would try and turn it into something positive. I had remembered that my older daughter when she was the same age loved to draw and although she didn't dared to even think about drawing anyway where apart from paper I had bought her a doodled magnetic pad so thought that I would buy the same for my youngest cheeky little monkey. So off I went looking through my trusted ARGOS catalogue for this magic writer board but instead I ended up finding a better one for not a lot extra more money. And this is the one of which I am going to review.


      This 2 in 1 magic writer is made by a cheaper brand that makes and sells a number of different children's toys known as Chad Valley. They have designed the product in fun coloured plastic material as you can see it is mainly blue, with a few green bits where the compartments are eg where the pen sits in place and the handle. Closely followed by orange where the magnetic stampers are held which them themselves are yellow. To be honest with you although this is unisex I look at it and just think that it would suit a boy more than a girl. Maybe this is just because I buy everything in pink for my girls.

      The drawing board comes with three magnetic stamps, two pens, one magnetic pen and an eraser. See the thing about the drawing board is it has many hidden surprises shall we say.

      Firstly I could resist a quick scribble before I gave it to my daughter. I was surprise to see that when I drew on the board with the magnetic pen it has multi colours on the board. I was expecting the usual black/grey like all the others but this one had colours of red, green, blue, and yellow. No boring at all and my daughter love the fact that it had colours as she thought that she had actually coloured it in bless her.

      There are 3 magnetic stampers that consists of a star, car, and a heart. It is easy for your child to use these as they have a thin plastic handle to let them pick it up press down and lift back up to see what a pretty picture they have drew. My daughter was really amazed by this and could resist shouting out "Look Mum a star!" It was so cute and made me very proud of her hearing her shout out and knowing what the pictures were.

      To remove these pictures all you do is slide along the orange bit of plastic at the bottom of the board and hey presto the drawing has disappeared and you can start again.

      Now here is what I first thought when I see two coloured pens: I thought that it was a magnetic drawing board well duh but my two year at her best took the lids of the pens (red and blue) and drew all over the board. Don't panic like I did, it wipes off. Just use a clean cloth with a little soapy bubbles and it is gone. The only fault that I had with this is that my daughter had drew on the plastic and unfortunately this didn't come off but my daughter still had fun which was the main thing, and lets face it, it is only on the outside, it doesn't stop her from drawing of the actual wipe/ magnetic board.

      ****Where Can I Buy It From?****

      As I have already said I bought my daughters from ARGOS. Just a little bit more information about the product that you will probably already know is that that there are different ways that you can order the product. You can phone the store to either reserve and pick up or get them to deliver it but it is an 0845 number that will cost you a pretty penny or you can visit:


      which lets you reserve to pick up and tells you what store has got what items that you are wanting in stock or you can also use the website to get them do deliver which I feel is better as this save you money on a telephone call. But please note that there is a delivery charge of £5.80 so bare that in mind if you do wish you get it delivered.


      I would of paid £9.99 for this if I had bought it just buy itself which I think it far too pricey for what it is to this amount for it. Luckily you can buy it and another (selected) item from ARGOS for 2 for £15 so that works out at £7.50 which I think is reasonable enough.

      ****Addition Information****

      Magnets Warning!!!!

      Warning!! This toy contains magnets or magnetic components. Magnets sticking together or becoming attached to a metallic object inside the human body cause serious or fatal injury. Seek immediate medical help if magnets are swallowed or inhaled.

      If you bought this product and for what every reason you are not happy with it. I had enclosed the direct page below with all the relevant information that you will need take the product back. You can find this at:


      A fellow reviewer informed me that lots of cash back sites pay out on Argos orders so you could get it even cheaper! So if you are a member of any of these sites then you will find this bit of information useful and for those that don't maybe think about joining one to save some pennies.

      ****My Overall Opinion****

      I would recommend this for creative little fingers like my daughter. It does say that it is suitable from ages 3 and above but my daughter is 2 and she had great fun with it. As long at they are watched while using this toy then I don't see anything wrong with them having it early. After considering everything that I have discussed as above I would rate this product an 8 out of 10 I...(hehe) I mean my daughter enjoyed playing with it so much and to see her little face light up with how well she had drew her pictures was worth buying. She has so much fun with it and even told her nursery teacher about it so I am thinking that it was a great present to get her.

      I would just like to take the time to thank you for reading my review. I hope that it was of some use to you. Thank you for your time.


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