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Character Options GR8 Art Bindeez Jewellery Pack

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Brand: Character Options / Type: Beads / Jewellery / Age: 4 Years+

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    1 Review
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      23.07.2008 18:59
      Very helpful



      A step up from the iron on beads.

      After visiting Toys r us to spend my daughters copious amounts of birthday money she picked the product I will now review, much to my dismay. We have had previous experience with this product and it has taken me almost twelve months to finally rid myself of the tiny balls that are included in the set, that when coming into contact with anything with a little moisture in it, they dissolve and stick to pretty much anything they come into contact with, hence the reason it's taken me twelve months to get them out of my daughters carpet!

      The product I will now review is "GR8 ART- Bindeez magic beads, jewellery pack"

      It has been noted that I may spend a little too much time describing the packaging that these products come, I have taken this on board but am always worried someone may read my reviews, go out to purchase a product on my recommendation, then come back with the wrong product, there are so many different variations in these sets if I describe the packaging at least it narrows down the chance of buying the wrong product.

      The box is a large and sturdy box with very bright and eye catching colours on it. There is a large picture of a young girl wearing some of the jewellery that she supposedly made, of course you know before buying the product that there have been two middle aged artists employed to make the jewellery, and it has probably taken them three months to complete!

      Across the bottom of the box are three bubbles showing the child/parent how exceptionally easy it is to make these - "make, spray and wear".

      This box also states that this product is unsuitable for children 3 and under due to the chance of swallowing the small balls in this set, they have however changed the balls since the last set we owned, the balls now have bitter anti-swallow coating on them, which makes more sense. When my daughter was 5 years old she owned her first bindeez set, which my then 18 month old son was more than interested in! Upon changing his nappy one day, I was horrified to find a cluster of these balls in the bottom of it, (the nappy nots nis bottom!), I still to this day am not sure whether he had filed a handful of these away for future use, or whether he actually ate them, whichever option it was it did him no harm, thank god!!

      This set is aimed towards the age of 4+, although my daughter is 7 now, and thoroughly enjoys it. The lower end of the age group usually means more parent intervention, at my daughters age all I have to do is fill the water bottle for her!

      Upon opening the box you will find - A jewellery box with a compartmented inner tray for holding all the loose bindeez beads, the jewellery box also has two holes on the front of the box to push the "plugs" into, these are the bases that the bindeez designs stick to on all the jewellery pieces.

      Included are two pink rubber rings, one bracelet, one headband, one hairclip and a pink corded necklace, all of these have holes like the jewellery box where to push the plugs into.

      There are ten packets of coloured bindeez balls, they are varying in quantity, there are colours from reds and pinks, through to purple glitter, and all bags/pouches have the statement that they are bitter anti-swallow coating on them.

      There is a tray with ball sized and shaped indentations, under which there is a ridge for you to slide one of the six double sided picture cards with the designs on them, one side of the cards are "butterfly magic" which contains pictures of....yes you guessed it butterflies! These cards also contain pictures of various flowers with suggested variations in colour.
      The other sides of the cards are "fairy fantasy", these include designs of fairies, stars and shooting stars, some of the designs on both sides can be pretty non-descript, but some like the flowers and the shooting stars are very effective.

      Finally there is the obligatory instruction leaflet on how to use, which in fairness you don't really need as it is self explanatory. There is a small scoop which again you do not need as it is worse than useless and a water spray bottle, which is the activation ingredient, which for people who have no prior knowledge of this product is the "melting agent", this is how the balls stick together.

      One thing I will complain about is the fact that there is no bindeez pen included, I have read the box to see if this is an add on set to the main bindeez station that you can buy, but as far as I can decipher this jewellery set is a set in it's own right so in my way of reckoning this should have a pen provided, this piece of equipment makes the picture building aspect much easier for the child. The pen picks up an individual ball then upon push a release button allows you to place the ball exactly where you need it to go. As it is my daughter struggles a little with picture making process, as even with her little fingers she builds up the picture and with one tiny nudge can send all the balls flying, so she has to start again.... Very frustrating.

      As I mentioned before the designing process can be a little difficult, but not impossible. Once you have laid out your design and are ready to attach to your piece of jewellery you simply spray the bindeez design with your water bottle, this starts the melting process. You then have to get a "plug", these are literally little pink circles pf plastic, the same material that the bindeez are made from may I add, you push the open end into whichever piece of jewellery you wish, this should leave the flat side at the top, you then spray this liberally with water and place gently face down onto your design.

      This then has to be left to dry, the specified drying time is 10 minutes but the realistic time is around 25 minutes, it will of course dry quicker if put into a draft or outside on a nice day. The only downside to the drying time is the fact you have to leave the design on the plastic tray meaning the child cannot do anymore designs until that one has been removed. My daughter tends to make three or four designs around the edge, as it saves her waiting!

      Once the design has dried you will notice the design will be still a little bendy, if the balls start falling off your design just spray with water again and this should stick it back together. I will say make sure you absolutely drench the balls with water, the first design we did, didn't even stick together, sending balls flying everywhere!

      As I mentioned before we purchased this from Toy r us, but can be brought from almost everywhere in one form or another, there also countless refill packs available on the market. So you should never run out of bindeez.
      This particular set cost my daughter £14.99, which in comparison to the other sets available is very reasonable.

      For more information on this set and others available in the range visit -
      www.toysrus.co.uk or www.character-online.co.uk

      Do I recommend this set....yes, my daughter has thoroughly enjoyed playing and making her own jewellery. This is much more safe than the previous bead making sets available. The previous set my daughter owned had to be designed in the same way, but then had to be "ironed", melting the beads in that manner, meaning she couldn't perform the whole task herself, these are so much easier.
      On a final note I would recommend your child uses these on a wooden floor, or outside is even better, they are truly a bugger to pick out of carpets, especially if they have already half melted!

      Thanks for reading x


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    • Product Details

      No heat, no glue, no mess. Bindeez - magic beads that join with water. Create a piece of fashionable jewellery and be the envy of all of your friends. Includes enough beads to make stylish rings, headbands and bracelets. Wear them in your hair or on your fingers! Includes 750 beads, 1 head band, 1 necklace, 1 bracelet, 2 rings, 1 hair clip, 1 jewellery box, 18 plugs, 6 templates, 1 tray, 1 blister scoop and instruction booklets.

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