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Chuggington Easel

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Brand: Chuggington

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    1 Review
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      09.10.2012 17:18
      Very helpful





      Ethan as had this since last year, as he got it for a Christmas present. It was an ideal present at the time as he was creative and loved chuggington, although he is still creative he is not into the chuggington cartoon anymore, so I think he as grown out of that. He does still tend to play with this but not as often as he used to, but it does keep him occupied when he gets into the drawing on there.

      **IN THE BOX**

      You will find in the box the easel, the dismantled legs, crayons, felt tips, chalk, board rubbers, and stickers, Attaching the legs to the easel is easy, they tend to clip on to the back of the easel, there are only 3 but keeps the easel sturdy when using it. The stickers are there for the decoration of the easel, to help it look nice, and kiddie like.


      You will notice a pull out tray at the front of the easel this is where you can place the board rubber when not in use, or remaining crayons. Next to that you have a place to put in crayons or felt tips, to keep them tidy when using the easel, ideal for keeping them in one spot and at hand, and not scattered everywhere.

      The chalk board is obviously black and only chalk can be used on it, The drawing board, also probably known as a white board, you can used crayons or felt tips on it, although the felt tips are a better choice as they crayons don't really draw very good on it, but the felt tips don't exactly leaves marks still once cleaned off, even when using a damp cloth.

      To change between crayon board to the chalk board is easy now that my partner shown me out to do it, you simply clip out the board from the easel, turn it around, and clip it back onto the easel, can be a little fiddly at times though. Ethan loves to colour on both sides, using the crayons and chalk provided, although he does like to break up the chalk so it looks like he as more.

      The whole easel is value for money and can be used by boys or girls, although the colours are red and blue for this one, so not really girly, there are plenty out there for girls if you want one. I have to say although they don't clean so very good Ethan does like it, and keeps him occupied for ages, and it saves him drawing on paper and throwing it all around the house or it being ripped up, and cluttering the house and his bedroom up.

      Because you can dismantle the legs it can easily be stored away if your short on space, Ethan keeps his at the bottom of his bed, when dismantled. When he as a nice tidy room he does tend to leave it up.


      You can buy this from Amazon £50, we did buy this from toys r us at £29.99 but that was last Christmas and was in a sale at the time. Although checking out the website it doesn't look like they are selling this anymore.


      This easel does have its positives but unfortunately has its negatives too, it's good because it comes with the crayons, 2 drawing boards, chalk, but it just doesn't clean so well, which is a little disappointing. Ethan does enjoy playing with this, but does tend to play with it often as I thought he would. I do think there are better ones out there, and maybe be best shopping around. Buying this though as saved my paper, as he was always diving into it, then screwing up and chucking it around the house and around his bedroom cluttering up draws, and the floor was just covered in paper. Hope you find this review helpful.


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