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Crayola 18 Washable Kids Paint

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3 Reviews

Manufacturer: Crayola / Type: Paint

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    3 Reviews
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      06.08.2013 10:33
      Very helpful
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      perfect paints for kiddies

      ****Crayola washable paints****
      For Christmas 2012, I decided to buy Hollie a selection of arts and crafts gifts from Amazon to bulk up her main present. Hollie loves to paint and colour. She's got a very good creative streak in her and is always asking if she can get her paints out. I paid around £3 for these and they are still this price on Amazon now.
      The pack contains 18 little pots of washable paints. They come attached together in little plastic pots with lids on a hinge so they are easy to get into and at no fear of losing any lids or pots. You also receive a small paintbrush to use with the pots but we also bought Hollie a set of paintbrushes and this is very thin so it doesn't get used much.

      There is a great selection of colours in the packet and even though there isn't a huge amount of paint in each pot, it still goes a long way. Each pot contains 88.7ml of paint and its nice and thick so there isn't much dripping or slopping around in and around the pots.

      ****Colours in the packet:****
      --Light blue & Dark blue
      --Light green & Dark green
      --Two shades of purple
      --Two shades of pink
      --5 shades of red/brown
      --Yellow & Orange
      --White, Cream & Black

      The paint is a thick poster paint which tends to spread really well on the material you are painting on. I noticed whenever Hollie is painting on paper, each time she dips the brush in, she gets a very good spread on the paper with it. We usually set up the dining table for painting activities and put out a plastic table cloth and a nice selection of brushes and water for cleaning. Hollie is terrible for putting her fingers in the paint and wiping her fingers on her clothes.

      None of her clothes have yet been stained by these paints. She's worn white tops, cotton shirts and acrylic jumpers and none have been ruined by this wonderful paint. The paint pots are just about empty after 8 months of use. We will be buying her another pack this Christmas and will buy bigger bottles of the colours she uses the most as those were first to run out. This pack is perfect for children of all ages. Hollie is 4 and uses these really well and doesn't make too much of a mess when playing with them. They would also be a great idea for older children for art at school and for home projects and creativity.

      ****Our Thoughts****
      These paints are perfect for our needs. We recently moved house and the dining room is carpeted so having washable paint is perfect for us. We have been putting old bedding on the floor around the chair she is sat at just to stop her from getting any on it, but it is very good at cleaning out of clothes even without stain remover so shouldn't be too much of a problem with carpets too.

      Hollie gets a really enjoyable creative session out of these paints. She really concerntrates and tries her hardest not to mix colours but sometimes this is really hard for her to do as she will forget to wash the brush in the water. If you wanted to, you could snap the colour pots up to separate them but we chose not to as they are easier to open when all together and will stand up better.

      I give these paints 5/5 stars for being a brilliant product and for our 4 year old girl, they are perfect for washing out of clothes and she can show off her creativity and imagination whilst using them.

      Thanks for reading my review



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        05.08.2013 12:12
        Very helpful



        Great quality paints

        My eldest daughter loves all crafts and was bought a massive amount of craft things for her birthday recently, we bought her this set of paints as she has bigger tubs of paints but it was becoming a pain pouring paint into tubs all the time and having so many tubs on the table to get all the different colours she wants to use.

        I bought these paint with some of my Amazon credit so thank you Dooyoo, they paints cost me about £3 at the time but that included the postage cost so I thought it was a decent price for a simple item I knew she would play with.

        The paints came backed onto a cardboard sheet, the sheet was bright yellow and showed the Crayola logo and on it is stated that the paints are washable which as a parent I think is extremely important. The paints are fronted with see through plastic so that you can see what is inside the packaging although with the little tubs being a bit cloudy you can't really see the exact colours of the paints.

        The packaging is easy to open simply get your nail under the corner of the plastic and pull it away from the cardboard, this does of course mean that the packaging is only fit for the bin once it is open. The paints are in 3 strips of 6 little pots so your child is not trying to handle little pots but all 18 are not connected as I could see that being a disaster.

        When Sophie wants to use the paints we open the 6 lids in one go of the strip she selects, she will use the colours she wishes from the strip and then she will ask me to open the lids on another strip. We have to use the paints in this way as Emily tries to pinch them and if I opened them all at once it would end in paint being everywhere. Sophie cannot manage to flip the lids open herself as the way she opens them she tilts the pots and again we would end up with a mass of paint all over.

        The paints are lovely colours and as there are 18 different colours there is a great range, the paints are thick enough to cling to the brush and not drip which I think is great as it minimises the mess made with them. The colours of the paints on the paper are great quality, nice and bold and give great coverage. The brush that comes with the paints isn't the best quality and we found the bristles seemed to stick out so Sophie uses ones we already had when she uses these.

        Some of our paint pots have ran out already but that is to be expected really as they are pretty small, Sophie loves the paints and I would just like someone to do a set like this with pots which are a bit bigger now as they are really ideal for use in our house. The paints don't dry out and the pots are great quality, the price I paid was well worth it and I would certainly recommend them, the paint does wash off clothing but some of the colours take a little longer to wash off the skin.


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        14.01.2012 12:21
        Very helpful



        Simple paints with great results.

        ** Crayola 18 Washable Kids Paint **

        Crayola has to be one of the most famous arts and crafts brands for children. Their simple bright products always go down well with the younger generation and I remember using their paints and pens when I was a child.

        This set of kid's poster paints is a pretty simple product to be fair. 18 bright coloured poster paints set in little see through plastic pots. The lids pop on and off and the set comes with a natural hair paint brush.

        ** Price & Availability **

        I bought these for £3.39 from Amazon but you can find them popping up everywhere, especially on the lead up to Christmas. I have seen them for £3 in Asda but in other online shops they cost as much as £5.

        ** Painting In Practice? **

        My niece loves arts and crafts which is why I bought these in the first place. She is 5 years old and loves drawing. When she comes to see me I always have a couple of little presents waiting. Obviously to make her smile when she comes to see her favourite Aunty but also to keep her entertained. We don't have any children our self and so our house is toy free! But things like paints and drawing pads she can take home with her, use up or keep them here without taking up a lot of space.

        She loves being able to mix the colours which these paints are great at. Because they are the thicker poster paints she can mix them together and we sit to see what colours we can create. She isn't a fan of water colours as she says they have ''run out''. Obviously it is because they are water based and therefore a lot lighter.

        The pots are quite hard to open but after a bit of a tug my niece can do it herself. She is quite independent and won't let me do it for her. It also helps to encourage her to close the lids after using each colour so that it doesn't dry out. In fact she actually insists on closing the lids after using each one. She is quite precise on this. This is great because if the lids are kept off then the paint will dry out.

        The paint brush that comes with the set is useful because it is small enough to fit in the tubs, but to be honest is a bit pants. The hairs come out in the paint and leave marks on the paper. But my niece doesn't mind too much. We used it on paper and card and it showed up well, spread easy and didn't take too long to dry. The back of the paints also state that it can be used on wood and papier mache' as well.

        The amount of paint you get in each pot is minimum. A couple of good scoops out with the brush (my niece like big blobs and rainbows (and the pot is pretty empty. But you could always buy some cheap poster paint and fill them up again. If my niece had big pots or squeezy tubes she would literally squeeze it all over the paper and herself so it's good she is limited. Even if she does make a mess the paints are washable so no worries there. My niece does get excited and likes to paint on her hands so I was relieved that with a little soap it came of under running water in a flash.

        Overall, the set of paints are great stocking filler and a creative, simple way of passing the time. The colours are bright and thick which my niece prefers. With 18 colours my niece wasn't too upset when the red and pink had finished. The price is a tiny bit expensive but remembering the quality of the paint makes it easier to justify. I hate spending a pound on some rubbish paints which looks like coloured water.

        My niece managed to paint about 8 pictures for the family on Saturday. A couple are on our fridge and the picture made from the poster paints is enough to put a smile on my face.

        ** IMPORTANT INFO **

        For children 3 years of age and over.


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