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Crayola Beginnings Farmyard Friends Sticker & Colour Book

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3 Reviews

Manufacturer: Crayola / Type: Stickers

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    3 Reviews
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      17.09.2013 13:12
      Very helpful



      cute creative fun

      As you can tell from many of my reviews recently Crayola products have become a large part of my daughter's creative collection. We have crayons and pencil crayons, colouring books, activity books and now this lovely Farmyard Friends Sticker and Colouring book.

      Crayola make lots of good quality products aimed towards children with the intention to get them using their creative abilities and being fun and entertaining. I always find Crayola products to be of a really high standard and so tend to just stick to this brand when buying arty things for my toddler.
      The sticker colouring book

      This is a lovely book which is more than just a colouring book. It has stickers and also partly cooured pictures too making it look far more appeailng than just blank pages of outlines of drawings ready for your child to colour in.

      The front page shows some very friendly and bold cows in a field and some bright butterflies which are really appealing and full of smiles. There is no disguising what this book is as the title is big and bold and the "30 fun stickers and 24 colouring pages" Is showed in bold text.

      The first page inside this book shows a little farmyard picture and has a space at the bottom of it for your child to write their name which is a nice idea. The pictures throughout this book are of a farmyard nature so on one page there is a picture of a pig and piglets wallowing in mud. Only a few of the pictures on this page are coloured in in bright colours, the rest are just outlines so your baby can colour it in themselves. Another example of a picture is a hen with lots of chicks walking around in some straw with eggs laying around. Again only some of the pictures are coloured in.

      At the bottom of each page is some big, bold text telling a story about what the animals on the page are doing for example "Meet the farmer's dog and her puppies". There is nothing complicated about this story it's very basic and it doesn't flow from one page to the next as such but it doesn't need to, it just helps to add to teh picture which your child is colouring in and again makes it different to the other colouring books I have seen.

      The middle page is a big double spread of large bold stickers of various farmyard things such as animals, flowers, tractors etc. These vary in size but are all quite large and so easy for your little ones to get hold of.


      What I like about this book is that it isn't just a colouring book, it has stickers, it has partly coloured pictures and it also has a little bit of a story going through each page too. This makes the book far more interesting and appealing, I know if I was wanting to be colouring in pictures then this book would stand out more to me than an ordinary one.

      The book is slightly smaller than A4 so it is a good managable size for small people to use, your child should be able to reach the entire page without having to lean forward or move the book around. The page quality is also very good and the paper is quite thick too making it a good surface for your crayons to go on.

      Whenever Hope uses this crayoning book she is happy for a good while. Although she doesn't keep her scribbles within the lines she is aware of what she is meant to be colouring in and doesn't try to scribble over the pictures that are already coloured so I think that having partly coloured pages has actually taught her this.

      Hope is able to turn the pages for herself and is beginning to name the pictures on the pages such as 'moo moo' and 'baa baa'. I'm hoping to also teach her colours too whilst she is interacting with this book.

      The stickers have all been used now and stuck on random surfaces in our house! She enjoyed playing with the stickers the most i do believe! They can be put onto pages throughout the book which could also be an educational aspect of this by trying to find the page which would be most relevant to the specific stickers.

      The book is very good quality and the farmyard theme is very nice and age appropriate. I like how it is not gender specific so you can buy this whether you have a girl or a boy and they will both get lots of joy from it.

      The recommended age for this is 12 months plus which I think is about right and you can buy it online at Amazon or in toy shops in their craft departments. I really recommend it as it's different, fun and educational. It definitely keeps Hope entertained for a while that's for sure!


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      17.07.2012 00:02
      Very helpful



      A fun little activity book from Crayola.

      Whilst recently tidying my daughter's bedroom I came across a book which I hadn't seen for a while. The book was a Crayola Beginnings Farmyard Friends Sticker and Colouring Book. I had totally forgotten about it but instantly remembered how much my daughter loved it when she was younger.

      I brought it from The Entertainer for about £2.50 (very reasonable). It's available in many book shops and toy shops. It's currently selling on Amazon for £3.41. The age recommendation is 12+ months, I bought it for my daughter when she was around 2 years old. The Crayola Beginnings range is aimed at children 1-3 years and has products that are said to help to develop toddlers motor skills and self expression.

      The Farmyard Friends Sticker and Colouring Book has an eye-catching cover (with a picture of happy looking cows and butterflies in a field) and a generous 24 pages. There is also a page at the beginning where the child can write their name. The pages are made of good quality paper, not the flimsy type that you often find in childrens colouring books. There are lots of different animals in the book and most of the animals/people/things that you would expect to see at a farmyard. Each has 2 whole pages dedicated to them (except the horses who have the last page) and include a farmer, dogs, cats, hens, cows, sheep, a tractor, rabbits, a scarecrow, pigs and ducks. The pictures are well illustrated - bright and pleasant for little ones to look at. Half of the pictures are pre-coloured but the rest are left un-coloured - this is good as it remained bright and interesting but also allowed my daughter to join in with colouring. It also allowed her to see which colours were already being used and then she could copy the same colours (Eg. Brown cows, yellow chicks). I must admit, it looks like scribbling to me, but she put lots of effort in to it!

      There are a large number of brightly coloured stickers included (30 of them). My daughter needed assistance with getting them off the sticker sheet but really enjoyed putting them on the pages by herself (most of them wonky but oh well!). Each page has grey outlines of pictures - this shows where the stickers should be stuck (Eg. The brightly coloured hat sticker should be stuck on the grey hat outline on top of the farmers head). We worked together to find where the stickers went. It's also worth taking note that the stickers aren't reusable so once they are stuck, there's no moving them.

      Each picture also has a small sentence of writing underneath so effectively doubled up in to a short story too! When my daughter had enough of sticking and colouring, we read through the book together and learnt about the different animals etc. Here's an example from the rabbit page 'Daddy Rabbit and his bunnies love to hop and leap!'.

      The book is suitable for taking out and about too, it's sure to keep little ones entertained and quiet - If you don't want the hassle and mess of pens/pencils/crayons then you can just use the stickers!

      The only downside to this activity book is that the 12+ months age recommendation is a little too low. I expect a 12 month old might be rather disinterested (plus the stickers would probably be too fiddly and the pages would be too easily ripped). I'd say it was better suited for children 18-24+ months.

      Overall this is a lovely little sticker/colouring book that is sure to please all little boys and girls. It's fun and also includes activities which can be used to develop fine motor skills. It encourages hand-eye coordination, concentration and imagination (to name a few) - all things which should be encouraged from a young age. It's great value for money too, especially since it's a sticker book, colouring book and story book in one! I'm happy to recommend.


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        06.11.2010 21:34
        Very helpful



        Colouring and sticking fun with great educational benefits

        Whilst browsing on Amazon for activity books for my toddler, the Farmyard Friends sticker book caught my attention, as the bright cover to the book looked very appealing, and stickers and animals are always popular with little ones. I paid the meagre sum of £1.99 which I thought was good value for a Crayola product. The book is suitable for children as young as 12 months of age.

        ~Colouring with Crayola~

        Children love to be creative; colouring is a popular and very common activity for little ones. It is good to introduce colouring at a young age. Promoting colouring and drawing will improve a child's social, physical, emotional and cognitive development as well as build confidence.

        Crayola produce high quality art and craft materials for children of all ages, they have a wide range of products to choose from, and they are often a brand that I go back to time and time again.

        ~Farmyard Fun~

        This particular book has a really bright glossy cover which will instantly attract little ones to want to explore the contents. There are 24 pages contained within the book so it isn't too chunky, making it perfect for taking on travels. Each page has a scene with different animals that have pre-coloured and un-coloured areas for a child to complete. The book also contains a sheet of 30 stickers that can be used in the pictures; the stickers are to be used over the pictures that are outlined in grey. However, these can be coloured in and the stickers can be used to simply add to the picture anywhere a child wants to stick them, or they can be used to create pictures, or stuck wherever your child desires, more than likely where you don't want them.

        The pages are lovely and thick making it easy for a little hands to turn the page, also they won't tear easily which is always good with little ones that get over ambitious with the crayons. The colouration in the pictures is bright and vivid to entice a child's imagination, at least fifty percent of the picture is pre-coloured to make it easy for little ones to complete and add their artistic flair. The book focuses on a farmyard theme with the pictures featuring animals. On each double page spread there is a wonderful scene that features a farmyard animal, including sheep's, cows, rabbits, and there is a scene with a farmer, a farmyard dog, and another with a tractor being the main feature of the scene. This is a fun book that is also educational as the pictures give scope to talk about different animals and the noises they make. The pictures are also simple and clear with not too much going on, there is a small amount of detailing but nothing too intricate. The pictures are nice and bold making it easy for a little one to learn to colour between the lines. Once your child learns to colour within the lines this teaches them about boundaries which will help your child when the time comes for them to learn to write. The large pictures are also great for pointing out different objects in the picture, for picture word association.

        ~Wow more stickers~

        The selection of stickers are all easy peel off, so this presents no problems for my little boy who loves to take them out and stick them where he thinks they would be best placed. The stickers are of a high quality with a nice glossy finish to them. They can be re-stuck provided they haven't been pressed down too firmly if they are located in the wrong place, as my little boy seems to be ever so slightly indecisive about just where he wants to stick them, he has decorated the pictures with them, and the cover, and he also likes to stick them on my face too! He gets great satisfaction from sticking them in the correct location on the page (albeit slightly wonky) and being praised, as it gives him a great sense of achievement. As well as learning about animals, it is great for improving my sons concentration skills, and for developing his hand-eye coordination, as well as fine motor skills from drawing and manipulating the stickers. Stickers are always popular with little ones, and with 30 to stick they will keep a toddler busy for a while.

        Each scene has a phrase at the bottom of the scene, for example the text on the page of the sheep reads "See the mother sheep and her lambs the cutest things you've ever seen" which just adds to the charm of this book, as sometimes when my son doesn't feel like colouring and sticking we look through the pages and point at the animals, and my son enjoys me reading the text. On the top right hand corner of each page the name of the animal is printed in bold type, which will be great for older children who are learning to read. The text on each page is in large bold black font making it clear and easy to read. This will be a great for early readers, so even when the pictures are all coloured in, it can be kept to read and look at the pictures.

        ~Educational Values~

        As well as being a fun activity, colouring promotes many different skills. Colouring the pictures involves fine motor skills as a child learns how to grasp a crayon or pencil, from this a child will learn to control a crayon which helps develop hand muscles. It also develops hand-eye coordination which in turn improves concentration and focus of your little one. The colours also boost a child's visual sense which allows them to use their imagination. Being creative also encourages self expression. It is amazing how many educational values are promoted from colouring, drawing, and sticking, and it is all great fun! This book will provide hours of entertainment and fun, and it will keep your little one busy for long periods of time as there is so much to do.

        ~Time to get creative~

        Arts and crafts is an activity that takes place every day in our house, so this book gets lots of attention. My little boy will happily sit flicking through the pages looking at all the pictures as there are lots of animals that he is familiar with. He is now at an age where he can point at the animals and imitate the noises they make and say the names of the animals. My son likes to choose the picture he is going to colour and this involves flicking through the book several times studying each one of the pictures until he has found the one he wants to colour. We have used wax crayons, and coloured pencils all which colour on the white parts of the picture with ease and the colours shows up nice and bright. Whilst my son colours we will discuss the animal in the picture and the noise it makes, we will also talk about the colours that we are using, and the colours that are featured in the picture. My son really enjoys colouring in this book as not only does he feel a sense of achievement from this, it is also an activity which builds on his confidence and self esteem too, due to the high amount of praise he gets during colouring.

        Overall I am pleased with the quality of the book and the amount of scenes that it has to complete. This is a fantastic product from Crayola that represents excellent value for money.

        Crayola website: www.crayola.com


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