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Crayola Color Explosion Magic Sparkle Wand

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Brand: Crayola / Age: 6 Years+

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    1 Review
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      27.10.2008 18:05
      Very helpful



      A fun crafty set.

      May I start this review by saying how wonderful my younger sister is. After years of having to look after her (she is younger than me, by only six years but she makes out it's much more!), she is now virtually worth her weight in gold....... Babysitting wise!

      Not only will she look after my kids at the drop of a hat, but insists on spoiling them rotten, probably why she is their favourite aunty, though in fairness she is their only "real" aunty! This is how I came upon the product I will now review.
      Me and my sister are more alike than we care to comment on, we both tend to purchase things for the kids that we would have no problem playing with, this being one of those things!

      The product I will now review is "Crayola colour explosion black - magic sparkle wand"

      This particular set (and apparently there are a few you can get in the range), comes in a foil packet, there all the usual bits of information that you would expect to see, brand name, product name, lots of examples of either the pictures or as this set states "colour explosion" scenes, contents and finally the recommended age.

      As I mentioned this is a foil packet so rips open exceptionally easily, within you will find what is described as an 18 page black tablet, this is in fact a pad of black pieces of thin cardboard all perforated at the top of the sheet. There is also a stencil attached to the pad, pictures on this include a dog, a cat, a palm tree there doesn't seem to be a particular pattern or theme to the stencils.
      Also included are three colour explosion broad line markers, which at first sight are black marker pens and finally a tube of magic sparkle, which again is quite deceptive as it just looks like a tube of glitter glue.

      Instructions for use are very easy, you simply tear off a sheet of the pad, place on a clean and dry surface and draw a pattern or design with one of the colour explosion markers, this is where when I did it I panicked a bit.
      I wrote a simple sentence on the black sheet, mummy loves Kaitlin...arrrr, I know sappy! When I wrote I could see that the pen went on clear, but as it remained slightly wet for a few seconds I could see where I had been, but that was it, no colour explosion or anything. I asked my daughter what I had done wrong and she said it took about a minute to change colour, I left the sheet and came back to it a few minutes later and was amazed at the change.
      The words that I had written were now a rainbow of bright and vibrant colours, and as they are against the black of the sheet are very eye catching.

      My daughter had done a picture using the stencils that were included in the pack, these again looked fab, but this time she had edged them with the magic sparkle wand (glue).
      The glue goes on the colour that you expect it to, clear with the microscopic pieces of silver glitter visible, what happens when it dries is again beautiful to look at.
      From what I can gather the black sheet is water sensitive, hence the many warnings on the outer package to keep it dry else the black covering may run, well the glue has a similar sort of effect.
      The glue permeates the black covering without it having to be put on top of an "explosion" part of the picture, this means that when the clear and silver glue dries, the colours underneath become visible creating a mass of colour topped with a gold sheen, it really is lovely.

      There is only one warning on this set and that is that the set is not suitable for the under three's due to there being chocking hazards, I assume that would be the marker tops.

      Price wise this set would cost you around the £5.00 mark, of course depending on where it is purchased from.
      This particular set was purchased from our local Wilkinson's, they have a good selection of crafty items, including a few different Crayola sets.
      Other sets available from there are the colour explosion white sets, which I can only assume is the same version as these.... But white!

      For more information visit - www.crayola.com

      Thanks for reading x


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    • Product Details

      Uncover wild colors on the coated paper and add some pizzaz with the magic sparkle wand.

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