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Crayola Colour Wonder Travel Set

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Manufacturer: Crayola / Type: Drawing / Age: 3 Years+

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    1 Review
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      26.03.2010 21:34
      Very helpful



      Mess Free Fun

      Seeing as though I have recently reviewed a larger Crayola Colour Wonder pack, I thought I would also review this travel pack which we also have in our possession (also a Christmas gift last year for my 3 year old daughter). Therefore, the majority of this review will be duplicated from my previous one.

      This Colour Wonder set is a lot smaller than the normal sized A4 packs; the notebook is about A6 size and has 24 pages full of various different pictures, including animals, vegetables, gardening equipment & transport. You only get 3 markers with this travel set. The important thing to note here is that the pens are very special pens...they don't make a mark on anything apart from the colouring book provided (or any other Colour Wonder book you may have).

      The idea is very similar to that of those Magic Painting books that many of you may remember from when you were younger where you just use a wet paintbrush on the pictures and see the amazing colours magically appear. I have always been quite disappointed with such things because the colours are often dull, and the fact that the pages usually start off grey really doesn't help matters.

      Crayola Wonder is much more sophisticated than that, the colours are much brighter, the pages are white and the really great thing is that your child still gets to chose what colour they put where -the colours are not predetermined on the paper as they are in those Magic Painting books. The felt tips, although the tips appear white and will not mark any of your furniture or clothes etc, each have a separate colour, and they look just like normal felt tips. So your child is having a true colouring-in experience, but without the stress of an adult standing over them waiting to pounce if the pen accidently veers off onto clean clothes or freshly scrubbed woodwork, or even into the mouth which my youngest daughter seems to be obsessed with at the moment.

      Like the A4 version, the pages were quite thin, but despite this they were pretty strong and I have not seen one torn yet so that's a good sign. My daughter was keen to get colouring straight away and I have to admit she did find it quite frustrating at first because when you start colouring, the colours do not appear instantly, it usually takes a few seconds for the pens to have an effect, and sometimes even longer (I don't know why this happens, sometimes it is almost instantaneous and other times it takes a few seconds or more).

      So she was a bit flummoxed by this, as being only just 3 at the time it was difficult for her to understand the concept of the magic pens. So she did get bored very quickly and the book & pens were put away. That is until recently.

      Over the last few weeks, the Colour Wonder books have resurfaced and I am amazed by how much she has really enjoyed them, especially after her initial reaction. She enjoyed it so much that I actually purchased another set (Disney Cars).

      Even though it is basically a minature colouring book, it seems to have a more relaxing effect on my daughter than your standard colouring activities. I don't know if this is because it's quite difficult to make a mess with it so she feels like she is doing a really good job, or because the slow-motion of the colours appearing really mesmerises her (it certainly mesmerises me, I have been known to sit with her while she's been doing it, and then finish of her pictures when she has walked away...)

      If she is bored or fed up, I can just say to her to get her Colour Wonder out, which she does, and then she is so content, quiet and busy for what seems like ages, that I am extremely pleased I ended up buying it for her. It's a true winner.

      I can highly recommend this to anyone with children under the age of 5 (or even older because my 2 nieces (age 6 & 8) were quite happily helping my 3 year old with her new one over the weekend). It's good, mess free fun, and really keeps them quiet.

      The good thing about this particular set is that it is travel size. As I said earlier, the book is about A6 size, so it is perfect to fit into your handbag, along with the 3 markers, so if you are in a tight spot somewhere whilst out with your kids, this will be readily available. It is also a great size to have in the car, because it is small enough for a young child to handle while restrained in a car seat. And the fact that there are only 3 markers makes it less likely for them to get frustrated with losing them or trying to find their favourite colour.

      However, my daughter has actually completed this book before we have had chance to go anywhere with it to actually test its travel ability. But, I am intending on buying a couple more of these travel sets to take on holiday with us, I just hope they change the designs soon. Although I don't suppose my daughter will be bothered that she is colouring in the same pictures.

      The problem with it is that it is small so the drawings take less time to complete, and thus the book can be finished quite quickly. But I suppose that is the beauty of it because it is designed to be this small for travelling around with you. And it is purely our fault that we used it up before we got chance to take it anywhere with us. It would be a perfect travel companion for kids.

      The Crayola Colour Wonder Travel Set is available on Amazon for £3.91.


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