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Crayola Friendship Bracelets

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Brand: Crayola / Type: Beads / Jewellery / Age: 6 Years+

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    5 Reviews
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      04.08.2013 11:32
      Very helpful



      Sophie loved the kit


      My Mam can be a nightmare when it comes to presents, she always spoils my children rotten but buys things that are generally going to mean Mammy makes the item whilst the children watch. One such present is this one which she bought my eldest daughter for her birthday, it states on the box 5 plus and she had just turned 6 but I wasn't convinced.

      I have never actually seen this set on sale but my Mam assures me she picked it up in one of the discount style stores, for the purpose of this review I have looked it up online and found you can buy it from Amazon for £5.01 which seems good value to me.


      The set comes in a small box which is great for storage space, the box is bright yellow and green which are Crayolas colours and has the company logo in the corner. On the box is a picture of the contents laid out and then a picture of some bracelets on a wrist and then a picture of completed bracelets on their own, the bracelets are nicely coloured and stand out on the box but I could spot some friendship bracelets on the box I used to make which was why I thought I would end up making them.

      ==Inside the Box==

      When you open the box which is sealed with sellotaped you find that everything is laid out in a plastic white tray, I was pleased with this as it meant it was easy to lay everything out for Sophie to use. Inside the box you get 4 pastel coloured skeins of cotton which are pink, lilac, yellow an blue and then there is a piece of elastic and some blue and yellow thin ribbon for stringing on. The beads for stringing are little glass beads and they come in the same lovely colours as the cottons, the beads have a lovely finish on them which makes them a different shade depending on which way the light hits them and they come in a range of shapes which are stars, hearts and circles. Finally you get a sheet of foam flowers which you have to push out to use, the flowers have little slits cut in them so that your child can thread the ribbon through them.

      ==Making Bracelets==

      There is an instruction leaflet enclosed with the set which shows you how to make bracelets with your child, the instructions has a little ruler printed on the inside of it to use to ensure you have the right length of bracelet. There are instructions on how to make 6 different bracelets, each sheet of the booklet has the instructions for one bracelet in 6 different languages and along with step by step written instructions there are also little diagrams to show your child what to do. I think the instructions are very thorough and easy to follow but like I say I used to make friendship bracelets so already had some knowledge.

      Some of the bracelets are really easy such as threading the foam flowers on a piece of ribbon or for something extra threading beads inbetween the flowers and Sophie has been able to make the bracelets like this herself. Of course there is simply threading the different beads onto the ribbons and elastic to make pretty and simple bracelets which Sophie loves to make.

      You use the threads to make bracelets by knotting, you can knot one colour for the entire length of the bracelet or you can change colours throughout, you can add beads onto the threads to make it a bit different too. I loved making bracelets like this when I was a child and had a massive amount of different coloured cottons however Sophie doesn't like making the bracelets like this as she cannot manage to knot the threads and she gets in a tangle with the threads instead.


      Sophie was really happy with this set even though she couldn't manage to make all the bracelets in the booklet, we have since bought her a loom to make bracelets and as there is no knotting involved she is able to make them herself now which she loves. The set was really great quality and there wasn't a single part of it that appeared cheap even thought the price of the set is great value. I would give this 5 stars as even though Sophie didn't make all the bracelets she would have done if she could have tied knots and she still really enjoyed the set.


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      05.05.2012 19:32
      Very helpful



      Some ncie beads but instructions are quite fiddly

      When my 5 year old daughter had her birthday party last year people asked what she would like as gifts. I stupidly said the same thing to everyone - "craft kits". The result was we ended up with around 30 different girlie craft kits and are still only really scratching the surface of them now nearly a year on! With all the after school activities, relaxing weekends and time visiting friends and family it is very difficult to find an hour or so of dedicated time to sit down, without her 2 year old sister, and do a good craft kit with my eldest.

      One we tried recently was the Crayloa Friendship Bracelet kit. I believe it retails under £5 and to be honest it shows in the quality of the kit. It contains 1 long length of elastic cord, several very long skeins of coloured thread and 2 strips of ribbon. The box also contains 2 packs of sweet, pastel coloured beads and an instruction booklet. This was my biggest bug bear - for a kit aimed at 5+ the instruction booklet was pretty useless. It was simple and step by step but the methods used to make some of the different types of bracelet were very fiddly for much small fingers, and my daughter (and !) quickly got frustrated.

      The booklets suggests all manner of ways of creating the pretty bracelets - winding thread around other threads, knotting the ribbon and all kind of knots that presumably only sailors know how to do!

      In the end we ended up just using the beads, along with some of the beads in our own stockpile, along with thee elastic to make some simple bead bracelets. I am sure this is not how the kit was meant to be used, but it was just too fiddly for us.

      In summary, a nice inexpensive kit if you need to stock up on beads and elastic, but unless your child is a bit older they may not actually find the friendship bracelet making part of the kit that simple to do.


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      18.04.2011 19:38
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A nice little kit

      My daughter loves any kind of toy she can make things with - she's a natural crafter, and likes to be creative . Recently we purchased the Crayola Friendship Bracelet set, as we thought it would be quite nice for her to make something that she could wear, and to make bracelets to give to her friends at school.

      I paid £4.79 for this on amazon.co.uk. The box contains instructions, 80 beads in a mix of designs and colours, and plenty of ribbon and thread for braiding . These were all laid out nicely in the box in a plastic tray, which I felt was quite handy for keeping materials separate when in use, although I did feel the packaging was a little large for the relatively small amount of beads included.

      The instructions, while simple enough for me to understand, were a little wordy for my daughter, who doesn't have much patience for reading . Luckily it was easy enough for me to relay the information vocally, and there were simple diagrams illustrating the various designs that could be made.

      The ribbons and beads were all pastel coloured - light blues, pinks, and yellows. Whilst this was fine for my daughter, I did find that this made this most definitely a girls product rather than something that could be easily enjoyed by both sexes. I do think it a shame that there were no darker, more masculine colours, as my daughter does have male friends she would have liked to have given bracelets to, not one of whom would deign to wear a pink creation decorated with hearts, flowers, and stars.

      The ribbon is good quality - I have had similar kits in the past where it has frayed easily at the ends, but this isn't an issue with this pack. The beads however do have some sharp edges, and I do think the quality could have been improved there .

      My daughter enjoyed making these bracelets very much . Unfortunately she found it a little tricky at first, which did result in some wasted ribbon, but once she got the hang of it she at quietly making bracelets for her friends, and managed to make a variety of different styles - some by following the instructions, and some purely her own design . I believe we got about six bracelets out of the kit before running out of beads, but we still have plenty of ribbon left over . I do think the reason we ran out of beads so quickly is simply that my daughter was very generous with them on her bracelets - being a little more economical with the beads I think we could have made at least another four or five bracelets .

      Overall, for less than a fiver this is a nice little craft kit to keep my daughters hands busy . I do think the beads are a little sharp around the edges, and that some darker and brighter colours might have livened the kit up a little, but my daughter seemed to like this, and that's what counts!



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        30.08.2008 15:27
        Very helpful



        A graet idea but could be better!

        My daughter was given this lovely looking pack which supplies everything that you need to make a number of friendship bracelets for her 5th birthday. It is made by Crayola who generally produce good quality art kits for small children and this seemed to be another good idea from them!

        The kit contains everything that you need to make six different bracelets. In order to make these there is cotton, ribbons, assorted colours of plastic beads and some pink foam flowers. In fact when you open up the box it really does look like an Aladdin's Cave and my daughter's eyes really lit up when she saw everything that was in there.

        There is a little leaflet which provides all the instructions for the different bracelets. This is a bit disappointing as it's in really small print in six different languages and the wording used is not exactly child friendly. This means that for most children they will need help interpreting these from an adult. There are a couple of diagrams but I do think that these could have been made a lot more child friendly by the use of lots of pictures showing exactly what you need to do. Considering this kit is suggested for the ages of five upwards, a lot of little girls making these will only just be starting to read.

        There are six different bracelets you can make and these are:

        two ribbon knot bracelet
        thread bracelet
        foam flower bracelet
        bead bracelets
        wrap around bracelet
        and threaded knot bracelet.

        It would have been useful if these had been graded by their level of difficulty so we knew which one would be an easier one to try first, so I think Crayola missed a trick here. As it was I just asked my daughter which one she liked the sound of and unsurprisingly she opted for the foam flower bracelet - well the foam flowers were pink!

        I wished that the materials needed were listed at the top of the instructions but they were not but we soon sorted out the ribbon and flowers needed. We then had a go at making the bracelet and believe me it was very fiddly. The pink flowers have two slits in the foam and you are supposed to be able to thread the ribbon through these. Well, with my daughter's little fingers she found it impossible and I found my larger hands to be not much better either! I really felt that we should have been supplied with some sort of threading device and in the end I improvised by threading the ribbon through the largest darning needle I could find and using that! Even then it was quite difficult and even though by the end of it my daughter had a very pretty friendship bracelet neither of us found the process of making it very enjoyable. This was very disappointing because surely the making of these things is what it's all about!

        We have now decided to put the rest of the kit away until my daughter is a bit older and she is more able to make the bracelets by herself. I'm always happy to help her but she is a fiercely independent soul and now that she is five she really wants to have a go without mummy's help!

        I often find with Crayola products that the suggested starting age is a bit too low and I definitely feel that is the case for this friendship bracelet kit. I think age 8 would be a much better age for working on this and even going up as far as about twelve. That way the whole process would be a lot more enjoyable.

        So overall, this is a disappointing kit because although the ideas and the outcomes are lovely, the age range is wrong, the instructions are difficult and there really ought to be something to help you thread the very small bits on. As I said, it's going back in the cupboard and we'll get it out in a few years time when hopefully it will be more successful!


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          28.06.2007 14:25
          Very helpful



          Great little kit and provides hours of fun

          ~~~~~Crayola Friendship Bracelets Aged 5+~~~~~

          My daughter received this for her birthday last week and we have both had great fun in making bracelets for her and all her friends at school.

          ~Company Background~

          The company began back in 1880 when the first headquarters were set up in New York City.
          Crayola is a brand of crayons and other arts & crafts tools and kits manufactured by Binney & Smith, Inc. The Crayola company was one of the first to make its crayons, chalk, markers, and coloured pencils as well as other writing utensils and artistry tools non-toxic. The first box of Binney & Smith crayons, produced in 1903, sold for a nickel and contained eight colours: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, brown, and black.


          The box is a medium size and is yellow in colour and has a handy yellow handle on the top so it can be carried easily. There are examples of the finished bracelets on the front and down the sides, there is a 3 step diagram on one side. On the back of the box there is a large clear picture showing the contents of the kit.


          All of the content come in a vacuumed plastic tray so that once you have opened the individual bags you can place the beads and threads in the compartments so that they don't get mixed you and in a mess.

          *40 pony beads - These beads are about 9mm with a 3mm hole. They are pearly pastel colours blue, yellow, pink and purple.

          *40 heart and star beads - You get 20 stars about 11mm wide with a 3mm hole. They are blue and yellow. 20 heart beads about 11mm wide with 3mm hole and come in purple and pink.

          *Braiding thread- 16 meters 4 meters of each of the colours yellow, pink, blue and purple. Each thread is made of 6 single strands twisted.

          *Elastic - There is about 90cm of white elastic.

          *Ribbon - You get 70cm of blue ribbon and about the same in yellow ribbon

          *10 Foam flower shapes - Which you can thread on to your finished bracelet to make it extra pretty.

          *Instruction sheet - The sheet comes in 6 languages including English luckily! It is quite easy to follow with adult help and gives a guide to make six different bracelets.

          ~ Summary ~

          The friendship bracelet kit costs around £4.00 which I think is an excellent price. This is a fantastic present and gave both myself and my daughter a good few hours of fun.

          The great thing about this kit is there are simple and more complicated designs to make. Some are just threading beads on elastic and twisting /plating the threads where as others are knotted bracelets which take more time and attention.

          Once you have made a bracelet you can either keep it or give it to your friend hence the term friendship bracelets, let your friends wear your piece of art!


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        • Product Details

          Have great fun making fantastic bracelets for you and your best friends! Use the step-by-step instructions to create lots of different bracelet designs using the threads, ribbons and assorted beads. Contents: Assorted beads, Assorted braiding threads and ribbons, EVA foam shapes, Instruction booklet. Create and personalise your very own fab beady bracelets, bonus butterfly mobile and friendship cards.

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