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Crayola Minikids Mess Free Magic Painting Set

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4 Reviews

Brand: Crayola / Age: 3 Year+ / Type: Painting

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    4 Reviews
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      04.01.2011 23:46
      Very helpful



      perfect little present to wow a little one in your life.

      My mother in law has this thing that children need to be doing lots of different activities, so when we were recently with her over christmas she produced one of these crayola painting kits to entertain the kidlets while the males of the house were having a lie in. We were going for quiet activity that would engage both my 2 and 4 year old boys, as we were, shall we say also a little bit delicate round the edges as it was New Years Day.

      The colour magic range from crayola is something i have never noticed in the shop, but the mother in law has produced a marker kit from the range before, so i was familiar with the range and the principle.

      This particular kit comes with a 24 page colouring notebook. Each page has a nicely perforated edge to remove their art work carefully when they are finished. The paper is really thick, and the back of it has a reference to the color magic technology.

      The idea is that the child can create a colourful picture as if by magic, with as much excitement as doing a painting but without the associated mess that you do get.

      The paint is 6 pots of white waxy type substance. To me it looked like vaseline. Although each pot looked the same, there was a bit on the outer pot to tell you it was green or blue or orange or purple. The set came with 2 little sponges that you could dip into the paint pot and then rub across the paper. A few seconds after applying the wax, the picture would magically develop so the kids could see what they had done.

      The clever bit about this technology is that the colour choice genuinely comes from the wax you are using. It is not like the magic painting books with water where the colour is determined by the paper. So there is a lot of room for manouvere and creativity with the child doing the picture.

      I also really liked this set as it was so easy for both of my kids to use the sponge and paint, and some of the pictures had extra things to help entertain the kids. One was a set of plant pots that showed you the different plants growing as you coloured it in. Another was seed packets that showed you a picture of the vegetable as it developed. A maze had some worms appear to guide you through.

      As there excitement grew, they did get a bit carried away and start putting a bit too much of the wax onto the sponges and the pictures started to all come out a bit of a murky brown, so we had to put a stop to it and take it off them and do a bit of cleaning up.

      Although it is a no mess activity and i have not found any of the stuff to stain, it does advise it may. I found both kids had really greasy hands as if they had got vaseline on. It was quite hard to wash the wax off their little hands even with soap, although we got there in the end. My mother in law tackled the sponges, and she said they were an absolute pig to clean and she had to use a lot of washing up liquid to get it off.

      We had done half the pictures, and used up about three quarters of the paint, so in my opinion you would have to supervise quite well to have enough paint provided to do all the pictures.

      I was reading the pack though, and the colour magic products like the markers also use the same technology, so we could use them in this new colouring book if we do run out.

      It is a fantastic range of products, and i am likely to buy it as a present for kids birthdays throughout the year this year as i think it is such a fantastic idea and no-one could possibly moan at this as a present due to the lack of mess. Any kid big or small would have fun with it. There was something endearing about the way my 2 year old kept standing back, holding his hands up and going 'wow, It's magic.'


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        04.06.2009 01:16



        Wonderful product - definately recommend it

        These are a god send, car journey, plane trips, restaurants, and trips to the friends that have white carpets (they obviously dont have kids), you can take these along for little ones to create art work and there is not a scrap of evidence anywhere.

        I have purchased numerous sets of these, the paints come in a tray and are like vasoline to the touch, there is a sponge applicator however, my daughter prefers digging her fingers in and a book which has a good range of pictures for her to test her art skills on. When used together, and the gel is applied to the page the colours magically appear.

        An additonal advantage that i have found with this is that my 3 yr old gets frustrated with normal paints because she cant keep within the lines like her older friends. As the colour only shows 'within' the lines on the pags she can smear the paint wherever and it looks like perfect artwork everytime.

        you can also get these sets with pens and they work exactly the same way which means that you can interchange the books around or they can use both the pens and paints together which certainly makes for a happy child!


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        11.05.2009 15:09
        Very helpful



        Good novelty fun

        If you have read my other reviews you will know that in July last year I got a new car. Not brand new but new for me. I look after my cars and try to keep them clean. A hardship with two young children, but none the less I still try! :)

        One problem I had to face when the car had only been in my possession for 3 weeks was a trip to Cornwall. There were a few aspects I needed to think about ...

        * What needed to be taken along (plus I was pregnant and near ready to pop so baby stuff just to be safe!)

        * What snacks

        * What toys to keep my 5 year old busy

        We have a portable DVD player which attaches to the rear of the front headrest so that kept his attention for most of the journey, but I couldn't have him watching television for all that time. He wanted to bring crayons and stuff like that which made me nervous. My worst fear was he'd accidently drop a crayon or pen and it would mark my lovely new auto. I know it wouldn't be the end of the world but I would have been very upset.

        My little man and I went to a local toy store to have a look at what we could agree on. We managed to find a colouring book which claimed no mess!

        I was overjoyed, but would it live up to the claims???

        The Crayola Mini kids Mess Free Magic Painting Set cost me £4.99. The set includes a book of pictures, a tablet that looks almost like one you would have for paints and a couple sponges.

        When we stopped for Lunch half-way through our journey to Cornwall I opened the pack and gave all the bits to my son. He (and I) thought it was brilliant. Each colour started off white. They were marked so that you know which colour is which and once you have rubbed the sponge along it you can then wipe it on the paper. The colour seems to show up on the picture like magic! I must sound really simple being so impressed by it! :) Oh well!

        My son decided to take things a bit further and rub it along his white shirt. I nearly had a heart attack as he was supposed to wear that shirt later for a family gathering! Thankfully the mess free bit is true. Well, thankfully for him, otherwise he would have been spending the evening sitting on the step.

        I am not sure what the white paste in the pots is made of to make the colours but it is rather greasy. My son isn't very messy and kept it on the sponge but I can imagine some children ending up with greasy fingers.

        Crayola make a few other types of packs such as the ones with the white markers that suddenly create colour when put to paper but there aren't a big number of them so unfortunately once you've done them that's it.

        I'll probably go out and get another pack soon as the baby is getting into things and would probably find these really fun. Obviously I'll have to watch that he doesn't try to eat the sponge but should be a clean activity for him.

        It's amazing the amount of fun stuff kids get these days!

        (c) oioiyou 2009


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          09.01.2009 14:38
          Very helpful



          A really good activity for keeping little ones busy

          When a whole pile of toys is ignored for an entire hour on Christmas day in favour of this painting set you have clearly got a winning product on your hands!

          Thsi crayola magic painting set promises to be mess free - and remarkably it actually lives up to that promise whilst proving to be lots of fun.

          My two and a half year old got one of these for Christmas, but I have since bought another set as it has proved so popular.

          The age guidlines say 3+ but I can't see anything that would be unsafe for children below this age, although you might want to watch that they don't eat the invisible "paint".

          The set consists of a pad with 20 pages in. You use the clear coloured paint with the sponge that is provided ideally (fingers work too) to dab onto the page to reveal hidden characters and objects and to colour in. It is not like some of the other crayola kits which allow you to draw your own characters - it is essentially a colouring in exercise as you can see from the front picture of the pack; sometimes there may be instructions like "find the hidden food".

          The pages are easily detachable and the little pots are just the right size for little fingers. There are 6 colours.

          The paint will only work on the parts of the paper that are supposed to be coloured in. It doesn't show up on the table or clothes, though there is a warning about removing it quickly from leather or other porous surfaces. The colour of the "paint" which appears to be some sort of wax is identified byt the colour of the surround on the pot - a concept my 2 year old appeared to easily understand.

          I've had "mess free" products before so I was a little sceptical about this set, however both my 2 year old and my 5 year old absolutely loved it.

          It would be nice if the pad had a few more pages than 20 for the price, but it is an ideal present, and probably it is worth £3.95 or so for a quiet half hour or so on a rainy day.

          One thing I did notice is that after a day or two the colours "bleed" into each other - but I can't be the only mum who files the majority of their child's creations in the B-I-N (recycling of course) - though I do scan some of their better creations.

          If you are like me and always mean to do messy play and paint and can't face it, or end up doing art and regretting it whilst you clean up the damage for hours then give this set a go!


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        • Product Details

          Mess Free Magic Painting Set from Crayola Mini Kids is a magically way of painting. Watch as the colourless paint changes to fantastic colours on the special paper. Plus the best part is the paint is designed to only appear on the special paper and not on your skin, walls, carpets or clothing!

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