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Disney Brave Stamper Set

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Brand: Disney / Type: Stamping

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    1 Review
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      15.01.2013 12:41
      Very helpful



      A nice stationary set for Brave fans.

      My daughter became a big fan of the latest Disney Pixar film 'Brave' after seeing it at the cinema last year (and then getting it on DVD!). So at Christmas she was thrilled to receive a Brave Stamper Set.

      The Stamper Set is from The Disney Store and is a Disney Store Exclusive (the words 'genuine, original, authentic' are printed on the bottom of the set). The set comes in a beautiful box which is mainly blue in colour and has a plastic handle on the top to carry it around. The handle is sturdy and very useful for taking the set out and about. The box is quite a generous size too (H10.5 x W26 x D13cm).

      Most of the important characters appear on the box - Merida (the princess/main character in the film) is featured 3 times on the box, her triplet brothers feature on top of the box (as cheeky bears) and Angus (her horse) can be found on the back of the box. The words 'Disney Pixar BRAVE' appear on the top and front of the box in pretty sparkly gold writing (just in case you didn't know!). The box is edged by a sparkly gold design and there is a list of contents printed on the bottom of the box. Inside of the box is beautifully decorated too (with pink/blue tartan patterned drawers and a lovely picture of Merida and her brothers on the inside of the lid). It's beautifully designed, with lots of detail and is sure to please any Brave fan.

      The box has a silver clip on the front - when you unclip it, the lid flips up and you are greeted by 6 stampers, an ink pad, sharpener and eraser. The clip is essential for keeping the set together (and safe) and is easy for little fingers to open and close. Each piece of stationary has it's own place. The eraser has 'Brave' written across it, the sharpener has a picture of Merida on it, the ink pad is a gold colour and the lid has a picture of Merida on it. The stampers have pictures on top - these show what pictures they will stamp on to paper (Merida, a pattern, Angus and the triplets as bears). My daughter really enjoys the stamping aspect and loves creating her own pictures and decorating things with the stampers. The gold colour makes the stamps look very pretty and the pictures are clear (you first need to make sure you dab the stampers in the ink pad a few times). Our ink pad still has ink left in it, but when it runs out I plan to refill it.

      The front of the box can be flipped down to reveal one big drawer and two smaller drawers underneath. One of the small drawers contains 12 coloured crayons. Each crayon has a Merida design wrapped around it. The crayons are standard sized, not very chunky but my 5 year old has been fine using them (heavy handed/younger children may end up snapping a few!). The crayons colour well and there's a good selection of colours. The second small drawer contains 3 separate stencils which feature outlines of Merida, Angus, the triplets (as bears) and the word 'Brave'. The stencils allow you to draw around them and create your own pictures. The stencils are a nice idea and my daughter enjoys attempting to stencil, however the stencils are made from a thin cardboard material (rather than a solid plastic material) which can be a little problematic. I can stencil fine around them but it's a little bit fiddly for little fingers. However as I've already mentioned, my daughter enjoys it!

      The big drawer contains 6 felt tip pens (black, purple, blue, yellow, red and green) and a 30 page pad (with a picture of Merida and the triplets on the front). The felt tips are the perfect size for little hands, the nibs are quite chunky and they write/draw well. The pad is handy for using the stampers, pens, crayons, stencils on. My daughter has filled her pad and keeps it inside the box. She uses her set with standard paper and pads now.

      The only thing I found odd about the set is that it has a sharpener and eraser, but no pencils!

      The box is made from a thick cardboard material. It doesn't sound like it would be very robust but it really is! It's very sturdy and durable. Our box has suffered no wear and tear, despite being used and moved about a lot.

      All compartments of the box have plastic trays in them (to keep the bits in their own place). These trays can be removed at any time (or when the pens/crayons run out) and can therefore transform the box in to something else, such as a jewellery box!

      My daughter really enjoys her Brave Stamper Set and is always getting it out for writing, colouring, drawing and even homework! It's pretty as well as practical.

      The Brave Stamper Set is recommend for children 3+ years and costs £15.00, although it's been on sale for £10.00 for most of the time it's been on the shelves. I don't think £10.00 is an unreasonable price to pay for 6 felt tip pens, a sharpener, eraser, 6 stampers, an ink pad, a pad, 12 crayons and 3 stencils - all enclosed inside a gorgeous 'grown up' box.


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