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Disney Princess 51 Piece Deluxe Colouring Case

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Brand: Disney / Deluxe case filled with pens and pencils.

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    1 Review
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      03.11.2012 11:07
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      A great set of stationery

      Princess colouring

      ==How we got it==

      My daughter turned 5 in June so we allowed her to have her very first birthday party where she was able to invite some school friends this of course in turn meant that she was bought more birthday presents some good and some bad.

      One of the presents my daughter was bought was this princess colouring set, I don't know where it was bought due to it being a present and haven't actually seen the set on sale anywhere. I have looked the set up on Amazon and you can buy it for £5 but the delivery is £2.99, you can buy very similar items in the likes of Home Bargains for about £5 so I think Amazon is a bit dear with this one.


      The set came in a large cardboard box as the case was open inside the box so that you could see what was contained inside, the box for easy to open and once opened we discarded it and fastened the case to save space.

      The set comes presented in a plastic case which has Wishes and dreams written on one side with pictures of Belle and Cinderella and then on the other side there are pictures of Snow White and the main character of Tangled whose name I don't know. The pictures on the case are exactly like the characters from the film so you can tell this is a genuine Disney product, the case itself is in pink and there is a press stud to hold it closed and then a handle on top of it for carrying it around. Think the case is great quality and no damage has come to it so far and considering my daughters are both pretty heavy handed this is a surprise.

      ==Inside the Case==

      Inside the case there is a wide range of stationery all of which has it's own little place to sit in the case which is great as it means the items are not left loose inside. In the case you get,

      A 15cm pink ruler which is wider than a standard ruler and has pictures on it of 5 different princess heads and again the message Wishes and Dreams, the ruler is of great quality.

      There are 12 felt tip pens in the set, you get a wide range of colours dark blue, purple, punk, orange, yellow, pale blue, pale pink, brown, dark green, red and pale green. Each felt tip pen is only about 3 inches long and has pictures of the princesses around the barrel with a coloured push on lid which is easy for my daughter to get on and off and makes it easy to see what colour the pen is. The nibs of the felt pens are quite thick so they are not very good for detailed colouring in.

      There are 12 small pencil crayons included each one of which has the words wishes and dreams scrolled on it in silver with the outline of a princess also in silver, the silver is a little poor quality and there are parts missing where the pencils have been held and the silver has come away. The pencils are yellow, orange, pink, red, brown, pale blue, pale green, dark green, purple, dark brown, dark blue and black which I think provides a great range of colours and my daughter is happy with the colour selection without havin to get extra pencils out of her box, the only issue we have found with the pencils is that they seem to wear down pretty quickly and with them only being a couple of inches tall you don't get a lot of use out of them before they are too small to use.

      On the opposite side of the case you find a palette of paints which are watercolour paints, my daughter doesn't really like the paints as they are not bright and bold enough for her as she prefers poster paints. You also get a full sized pink paint brush to use with them and there is a plastic covering which goes over he paints so when you have used them you can cover them up to prevent paint transfer which I think is a good idea.

      Next you have a drawing pencil which has Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Belle on it, the pencil sharpens well and doesn't wear down too easily. There is a little purple pencil sharpener which the outline of a castle drawn on it and a pink rubber too, the pencil sharpener is really good as it has a cover on it meaning you don't have to be next to a bin to use it although it doesn't hold onto many sharpenings. My daughter loves that the pencil sharpener has a cover as it means I allow her to sharpen her pencils herself and then she can go to the bin and empty it herself.

      The final part of the set is 12 crayons and 12 oil pastels, I used oil pastels once at school and that is all so all I really know is they seem to be like crayons but give a different texture to the finished picture. The crayons and pastels come in the same colours, red, yellow, pink, blue, orange, pale green, pink, dark green, purple, dark blue, brown and black. The crayons and pastels have paper wrapped around them to prevent little fingers getting covered in the item but also so it can be pealed back as the item wears down, the paper have pictures on them of the princesses although the crayon ones are just pink and the pastel ones are just purple so there is no detail. These are really good quality and we haven't had a single one of them snap and they don't wear down very quickly either.


      My daughter loves this set and so do I for most of it, the set can be carried around with us so if she goes away with my parents in the caravan it is a great set to take or if we just go visiting it allows her to take something easy to transport and keeps her amused. My daughter loves that her set is princesses as for all she doesn't seem to really like the films as she says the baddies are scary she does like the merchandise. The only issue I have with the set is that the pens are not washable and my daughter has a habit of getting pen everywhere so she is not allowed to use the pens unless she is sat at a table with a pinny on but she is happy with that and understands why.

      This set is great and provides a complete set so nothing else is actually needed and the case helps to keep it all tidy and even once the items in the case are finished with you would be able to add other items into the case. Well recommended.


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