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DMC Secret Perfume Stranded Cotton

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Brand: DMC / Type: Craft Supplies

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    1 Review
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      20.06.2009 00:34
      Very helpful



      A scented thread for embroidery

      DMC Secret Perfume Thread:

      Despite me wishing otherwise, I am a sucker for gimmicky products! I mean I consider myself to be reasonably intelligent but make something smell pretty, stick glitter on it or put in a pretty packet and I'm there! DMC managed to appeal to the sucker in me by producing their 'Secret Perfume' range of scented embroidery thread. As soon as I saw it I knew I would end up trying them so I didn't resist and got myself a chocolate one to try.

      DMC is one of the leading brands of embroidery threads. Their product range is extensive from basic stranded cotton thread to metallic threads so I suppose scented threads were the only way forward!

      The quality of DMC products is usually excellent so at least I knew that even I was disappointed with the scented aspect of the thread that at least I would still have a decent embroidery thread for my cross-stitching.

      Visit www.dmc.com for more information on their products.

      Secret Perfume threads are normal stranded cotton except for the fact that they are impregnated with a perfume that is released as you stitch. To stitch with they really do act just like stranded cotton which is great as a lot of 'special' thread is a nightmare to stitch with. It states on the packaging that it should last a while and even survive several washes but I have to say that normally by the time I have finished my stitching the scent has more or less worn off.

      There are twelve different scents/colours available which have been divided into three groups which are:

      Tutti-Fruity: Strawberry, Apple, Lemon and Orange,
      Flower Bouquet: Honeysuckle, Lavender, Rose and Lilly and
      Delectables: Toffee, Almond, Vanilla and Chocolate

      Each scent has an appropriate colour like white for Lilly scented thread and purple for the Lavender one. The colours are really lovely and as far as I am aware they are different shades to the other stranded cotton threads.

      The threads are available individually and as mentioned above each scent has it's own colour. You can buy Secret perfume kits as well which contain several coloured threads but only one of these is a secret perfume thread. I have been asked about how the scents would work if you were to use several secret perfume threads in one design but I have to admit that I think these are something you would use alongside normal thread so you would only be using one scent at a time. That being said it might be nice to stitch a design that would use several threads from the same range like a fruit bowl using the strawberry, apple, lemon and orange scents but I would be wary about mixing say, lilly and toffee.

      The RRP for a Secret Perfume thread is £1.49 and they are sold in eight metre skeins like most types of thread for cross-stitch. As with most things it is well worth having a look round for the best price as I have seen them for sale from about 79p up to £1.70. The cross-stitch kits based on the scents of the thread retail for around £2.00 - £3.00 each.

      The first Secret Perfume thread I tried was chocolate and I was really disappointed because it didn't smell at all. I decided though to give the threads a fair try so I got a lavender, almond and lilly one too and thankfully they smelt wonderful. I was surprised that they didn't smell really artificial but the scents are very natural and just like the thing they are supposed to smell of. I particularly like the lilly one.

      As a novelty the Secret Perfume threads are okay but to be honest smelly thread isn't really a lot of point to a scented thread so I they wouldn't be something I would buy often. I don't think they were really popular because they have already been removed from the DMC web-site. Normally when I use a product I either like it or not but with these I am indifferent really.

      You can still get these from most online cross-stitch shops like www.sewandso.co.uk, www.ooly.co.uk and www.stitcher.co.uk.


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    • Product Details

      Embroidery thread that gives off a scent when it come into contact with your skin.

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