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Doodle Bear Monster Inkee

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2 Reviews

Type: Drawing / Age: 3 Years+

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    2 Reviews
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      07.12.2011 17:24
      Very helpful



      A great Doodle Toy!

      I am a part time child minder and look after my niece and nephew, while their mum goes out to work three days a week and it's good to keep something in the house for them to play with as they are over around at mine so much.

      I was checking out the toys on ebay recently, trying to come up with some kind of idea as to what to get my nephew for his birthday (which just passed there after Halloween) this year he is a big 4 and is getting a bit more boisterous than he was when he was a baby.

      When I came across Inkee the Doodle Monster I had my heart set on buying him, I myself had a lovely Pink Doodle Bear when I was younger and this seems to be a boy version of this toy.

      The whole point of Inkee the Doodle Monster is to draw on him and make your own designs on him, this little toy really encourages children to be creative and draw on Inkee and give him tattoos, just making up their own design as they go along.

      Inkee is a scary green monster with a yellow belly and orange claws, he also has orange horns and great big red eyes and big fangs, though he doesn't look terrifying, I can imagine that a very young or timid child would not like him and may be a little scared by him. Though my nephew, who loves the likes of big scary pirates and the villans in Ben 10, loves him and thinks that he is the coolest monster ever (mostly because he can draw all over him and give him tattoos). Inkee is a medium sized toy and is quite light to carry around, there is lots of room and free space on him to draw and tattoo him loads.

      Inkee comes with two machine washable pens to draw on him with (this is good as two people can draw on him at once which promotes sharing or lets you get your own artistic twist on Inkee as you play together), though you can use your own at home, provided they are also machine washable pens, he also comes with a range of tattoos that a child can put onto his monster and colour in as he wants for example a shark or a skull and loads more.

      You also get stencils to draw on Inkee with, some examples of these are a paw print or a a snake. These are good for kids who don't have a steady hand as they can still make master pieces when they are designing this doll.

      When you draw or design Inkee, the pen doesn't come off onto your clothes or hands that easily, though with kids you can always expect a bit of a mess, the felt tip wasn't overly wet and dried in well into Inkee's covering.

      You can wash Inkee in the washing machine, we always put Inkee in on his own wash as we are afraid that colours will wash out and ruin other clothes so I am not sure if you can wash him along with your clothes or not. Every time Inkee has been put through the wash he has came out spotless, he losses his 'new' feeling though, it isn't that his colours fade or that he looks damaged, it is just that he seems as though his insides have moved about a bit, making him look a little (but barely much) distorted when he has been through the washing machine, this is the case with lots of cuddly toys as well though.

      Inkee is suitable for kids aged 3+
      I bought Inkee online for around £20 which was a fantastic price for him, and just about as much as I was willing to spend on my nephew for his birthday. I haven't seen Inkee in the shops yet, though he may be lurking in the corner somewhere waiting to be found.

      Overall I think that this was a great buy, my nephew really loves his Inkee doll and drawing on him and washing it off is so easy, at the moment, my nephew is really set that his design on him is too good for him to be put in the washing machine, but if he changes his mind, its easy to start again. I would give Inkee 5 out of 5, just because he is great and allows children to be a bit more creative than most toys.

      *also on ciao under lorrainek90


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      25.03.2008 00:35
      Very helpful



      Fun toy

      Doodle Monster Inkee

      Whenever I'm shopping for toys for my little boy I always find it rather difficult choosing toys for him. He has lots of cars, trucks, VTech laptops, Garages, Books, Nintendo Wii, PS3 etc all of the usual little boy's toys you would expect to find in a 5 year olds room. So I'm always on the look out for some fun and unusual toys for him to play with which will also keep him entertained and amused. Like most little boys his age Josh loves Spiderman, Thomas the Tank Engine, Fireman Sam and Monsters. Ever since he watched Monsters Inc he has had a keen interest in anything which looks scary and resembles a scary monster.

      A few weeks ago just before Josh celebrated his 5th birthday I went on a shopping trip onto Glasgow to see if I could pick up some toys and clothes for him. The first shop I went to was Toy's R Us mainly because it's huge and has lots of toys to choose form. Whilst I was browsing through the aisles something bright bold and scary looking caught my eye, so I decided to have a closer look at it. The toy in question was a Doodle Monster Inkee, basically the toy isn't really a toy it is a teddy bear which resembles a monster. It sounds like a really boring soft toy but it isn't really, Josh has a Scooby Doodle Doo which is fairly similar to the Monster Inkee and works in a similar manner so I knew he would love it.

      ~~What Is Doodle Monster Inkee~~

      Basically the Doodle Monster Inkee is a stuffed toy which is made from polyester. The Doodle Monster is a medium size and stands 12" tall and is about 8" wide, because of its size I think that the Doodle Monster looks quite chubby. The Doodle Monster is bright green and has a rather scary expression on its face and has a bright yellow belly and orange claw on his hands and feet.

      As you have probably figured by now the Doodle Monster can be drawn on, the name has given that away. Supplied with the Doodle Monster there are two pens One Blue and One Red, and the pens can be hooked into the back of the Doodle Monsters arms whenever your child has finished playing with them. The pens supplied are washable and non toxic so if your child happens to draw on themselves then they will wash off easily. After your child has drawn on the Doodle Monster all you have to is put it into the washing machine on a 40 degree wash and it will come out clean, ready to be drawn on again.

      ~~Drawing On The Doodle Monster~~

      Your child can draw ion the Doodle Monster using any type of felt tipped pens as long as they are the washable type. If the Doodle monster is drawn on using say a permanent marker then it will not wash off when it's put in the washing machine. Your child can draw or write on the Doodle Monster, although the fabric on the Doodle Monster makes the ink from the felt tipped pens look really blurred when you are writing onto the Monster.

      As well as being able to draw and write onto the Doodle Monster your child can also tattoo it. There are 17 tattoos supplied with the Doodle Monster and they are very easy to apply all you have to do is rub them and they attach themselves to the fabric on the Doodle Monster. The tattoos are washable too so they disappear when you wash the Monster in the washing machine. The tattoos aren't coloured they are just black outlines but once your child has tattooed the Doodle Monster they can colour the tattoos in making them look more colourful. There are a few different tattoo designs to choose from such as a skull and cross bone, a snake, a shark and an armband. Out of the 17 tattoos there are only 5 of them which are solid black shapes and can't be coloured in.

      There are also two plastic stencil sheets supplied with the Doodle Monster which you child can also use on the doodle Monster. Some of the stencils included on the sheet are a star, paw print, scorpion and a lizard so there are a few fun designs for your child to choose from. Josh has a few other stencils which were included in some of his Christmas toys which he uses on the Monster Doodle.

      ~~My Opinion~~

      The Monster Doodle is a great toy for Josh because he loves monsters and drawing, so the Monster Doodle combines the two things he likes most. The only problem is that I have to watch him like a hawk when he is using the pens because he has a nasty habit of drawing on the walls and the settee. Josh likes putting tattoos onto the Doodle Monster, he has drawn stars on the Doodle Monsters foot and written his name on it because I have stars tattooed on my foot with Josh written in the middle of them. I hope he isn't drawing my tattoos onto the monster because he thinks I look like one lol.

      It's a great fun toy for him to play with even although the ink from the felt tipped pens is soaked into the fabric and looks blurred. The Doodle Monster only cost £10 from Toy's R Us and there were 2 plastic sheets which have various stencils, 17 tattoos and 2 washable felt tipped pens. I think that there should have been more than two felt tipped pens included with the Doodle Monster but as I only paid £10 for it I can't really complain. There are lots of other washable felt tipped pens in the craft box so josh can colour his Doodle Monster in different colours.

      Thanks for reading
      :o) Lisa xx

      © Butterfly-Wings

      ~~~~Review written by me and also posted on Ciao~~~~


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    • Product Details

      A stuffed animal that combines the activity of drawing with a soft, fun monster. It comes with 2 coloured, washable markers and a Creepy Doodle helpful hints poster.

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