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Dovecraft Bone Folder

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2 Reviews

Manufacturer: Dovecraft / Type: Scrapbooking

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    2 Reviews
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      26.02.2011 21:41
      Very helpful



      in my opinion a must-have for papercrafters

      OK so this may not look the most exciting tool right? - wrong! - I would be totally lost without my Dovecraft Bone Folder as I use it almost on a daily basis when I'm making my greetings cards.

      What is it you may well ask?

      Basically it is a lightweight but substantial plastic tool which allows you to do 2 jobs well
      1) to make good deep lines when scoring card, paper, vellum, acetate etc
      2) to ensure that the folded card (or paper etc) lies completely flat and neat ready to be worked on.

      How does it work?

      it works by breaking down the fibres of the medium you are working with.
      By using a scoreboard (which has the measurements provided on it) and using the pointed end you can score your lines to make complicated or simple cards as well as boxes in much less time.
      By using an embossing board you can create lovely simple up to really elaborate cards or scrapbooking pages instead of using a lightbox and ball tool.

      Why do crafters use them?

      Basically to save time but create handmade rather than homemade projects.
      Imagine for instance folding an A4 350 gsm (substantial weight) piece of card ready for a birthday card... more likely than not it will be folded with creases or wrinkles down the spine and may need trimming because the sides are not even? Using a bone tool prevents this happening if you use according to the simple instructions. Firstly use the pointed end to score the line, fold, then use the flat part to flatten and crease the card.

      Using the embossing board with the bone folder allows you to transfer wavy lines or numerous designs straight onto your base card or scrapbooking pages etc. which make your projects look much more professional.

      Imagine you are sewing 2 garments - one of which has seams which haven't been pressed, one which has - you can soon spot the difference can't you?

      Final thoughts

      I love this particular boner because it is comfortable to use, lightweight (0.019kg) yet substantial enough to do the job without bending or breaking. It only cost me £1.50 from eBay but craft shops sell them for as much as £2.50. I've had a few in the past but they are easy to lose because they are normally light in colour but this bright pink one is easy to locate even if hidden amongst all my crafty bits!

      - great little tool to have if you like your papercrafting.
      - no frills but does the job well.
      - good price & with care should last ages.
      - acid and lignin free for those precious scrapbook pages.


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        20.07.2010 15:33
        Very helpful



        Paper/ card craft essential.

        A few months ago I started making and selling handmade wedding invitations. At the time I realised it wasn't as simple as just folding a strong piece of card and expect it to have a smooth finish, crease wise. I needed a tool for this, that wasn't too expensive but could be used to start me off in the right direction.

        I came across some scoring boards which I thought was a bit costly and then I came across this the Dovecraft Bone Folder on Ebay, but it can also be found in craft shops or websites. It costs around £1.99. I don't know what I was expecting from this tool, to me it looked like a piece of random shaped, flat, pink plastic. If anything it reminded me of the old style spatula provided with hair removal cream, Had I knew it could have been used in paper/card crafts I would never of chucked it out.

        Dovecraft Bone Folder is a scoring and creasing tool. Its acid free and known as a dual purpose tool for scoring and folding most types of paper, card, vellum and acetate.

        How to use it?

        If you need to score the card then you press the bone folder's pointed tip firmly down on to the paper or card and then firmly run it down, like drawing a line straight down with a pencil. It leaves an indentation of a line in the card surface. It's best to use a ruler alongside it for support and to stop you wandering off the line. Also try it out on rough card first as I found that even if the scoring is a little off, then the folded sides will not match up when the crease is folded flat.

        After scoring, fold the card to create a slight crease and then run the bone folder's tapered edge firmly along the crease and press it down so it's folded flat.

        It's not limited to scoring and creasing greeting cards but for other paper/ card craft constructions such as boxes, bags, etc. It also not suitable for children under 3 years.

        Conclusion: It takes a while to get use to the tool as I mentioned earlier, if you don't score in the right place and slightly off by a few millimetres here or there then it can make the card folding uneven or constructing boxes difficult. I guess that's where scoring boards come in. Overall it's a good cheap tool for paper/card craft people.


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