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Eberhard Faber Fimo Soft Block Clay - Glitter White

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3 Reviews

Brand: Eberhard Faber / Type: Craft Supplies / Age: 8 Years+

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    3 Reviews
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      21.05.2010 20:19
      Very helpful



      Better used as a mixer/ blender than on its own.

      I've been a big Fimo fan since about the age of ten when my mam first bought me a selection of colours as a Christmas gift. Since then I have used fimo to create cards, xmas decorations, cake toppers, nativity scenes etc. Fimo is easy to use and easy to complete in the oven.

      The Fimo Soft Glitter is one of my favourites styles for several reasons. Initially this is an excellently mixing medium. This fimo does excatly what it says on the tin! Its soft! And that is essentially all you want in a mixing clay. However, to use on its own it can be a bit of a nightmare! It is so soft that the slightest touch can completely wreck your design. In addition to this, the fact that it is so soft means that when you are moulding it, it will quite literally search out and cling to the tiniest speck of dirt or dust on your fingers or board and your dazzling white glitter effect fimo begins to look grubby and dirty. As well as this, you really have to be careful with the cooking time of this one as it can burn very easily, tarnishing that lovely dazzling white once again.

      With this in mind, however, I must add that this particular item makes us the base of my modelling kit and I currently have three blocks of it! To any new user I would highly recommend sticking with the fimo classic but adding the fimo soft as a mixing/ softening medium and to add the glitter effect. The white can of course be used to lighten colours while, again, adding the glitter. However, even when this is mixed with another colour it can still have a tendency to burn. This is not obvious when it is mixed with a darker colour but if mixed with a light colour it can still be seen.

      Anyone who hasn't yet discovered fimo...its great fun and so easy to use! Kids and grown ups alike enjoy it. Very versatile and great for making cards.


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      07.11.2008 12:55
      Very helpful



      A versatile clay.

      I was introduced to polymer clay when I attended a bead making course in West Dean college. It was a weekend course and it open the door to the colourful world of Fimo polymer clay.

      Fimo polymer clay, a useful handicraft that is suitable for children and adults. There are 3 types of fimo polymer clay, classic, transparent and soft. The colours of the flay ranges from intense tone to light and translucent colour. The soft clay glitter version add a touch of class to the artwork. At the moment there are more than 48 colours in the fimo soft polymer clay range.

      It is amazing the numbers of things that can be made from Fimo polymer clay.
      You can use Fimo to redecorate a dull looking vase, pot or bowl.
      Create a jewellery box from an old paper box
      Creat jewellery beads. Make coloured beads to match your clothes.
      Make beautiful hatpins to enhance your hat.
      Create your own christmas decorations.
      Enhanced your home decor
      Make a old candle holder look new and different

      The colour variation in the Fimo range allow you to mix the colours to create your own unique design. Designs like miniature flowers, snowman, leaf and even faces. I am often surprised by the effect of the mixture, the shading effect, gradating effect make that piece of jewellery or craft totally one of its kind.

      The fimo gliiter soft polymer clay is probably one of the most versatile colour in the fimo colour range. White is a neutral colour and when it is combined with stronger colours, it create a totally different effect. For example, when you mix the glitter white with green and a little blue, you will get a colour that is close to jade or emerald. Make them into beads, you are on your way to a lovely new necklace.

      You can also use glitter white clay to make snowflake decoration for christmas and faux gemstone.

      It is easy to use fimo. Make your design and choose the colours. Cut out the amount of clay needed for the design and put the remaining away, nicely wrapped to prevent drying and hardening.
      Knead the clay till soft ( a good exercise for the finger ), roll the clays into long strip and put your design together.
      When the design is completed, place the clay on a backing tray and put them in the oven at 130 deg for 30 minutes to harden the clay.
      Leave the finished clay to cool , varnish the clay.

      (Oh yes, remember to make hole in your beads for stringing if you are making a piece of jewellery.)

      A standard block for Fimo glitter white polymer clay is 56g and its price at £1.55 per block. You can also purchase the mini block which is 14g at £0.60

      You can find many projects using polymer clay in the internet. One of the site that I used is polymerclaypit.co.uk.

      With polymer clay, your creativity is boundless.


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        27.10.2008 14:00
        Very helpful



        a great alternative to clay & playdough

        I'm by no means an arty person but when I get the time I do like to get my craft stuff out & make things - especially this time of year when it's cold & grey....

        I came across Fimo in a magazine & bought some to try from Hobbycraft several years ago & was well impressed.

        It was invented by a dollmaker who couldn't get hold of plastic in the 1930s (due to war effort) - funny how things begin isn't it?...

        My daughters are 22 & 17 years old now but sometimes we still have crafty sessions in the run-up to Christmas.

        This fimo clay is great to use for all sorts of things such as making beads, make into jewellery, Christmas decorations, toppers for handmade cards etc & it's really easy to use.

        If you've enjoyed using clay, playdough or saltdough then I'm sure you'll love this.

        It comes in a neat, well-sealed 56g block measuring about 55 x 55 x 15mm & the colour is clearly marked on the front (there are dozens to choose from).
        My favourite is the glitter white as I use it for Christmas decorations because of the instant 'snow' effect.
        After completion you can always varnish the tree,s snowflakes (or whatever) & they'll last for years!

        The process is simple - just open the pack, knead with your hands until it becomes softer & then shape, roll out or use dough cutters or biscuit cutters) & pop a hole in if you're making hanging decorations.

        Real crafty people make beads & jewellery from it but I'm not that clever or that patient I'm afraid!

        The items made are then baked in the oven at 110C for about 30 minutes (the instructions on how to use are very clear & straightforward).

        As the fimo can be rolled very thinly it goes a long way - a few years ago we managed to make 20 good-sized white glitter snowflakes for our garlands and it only cost £1.56 (& a bit for the use of the gas) & they still look brand new!

        It states on the pack that Fimo is suitable for children over 8 years but personally I think, with supervision, that children of a much younger age would be fine using it.

        Any 'mistakes' can easily be 'forgotten' as you just start again until you are happy with the finished result - easy-peasy - if I can use it, anyone can!

        If there's any leftover you just need to wrap it in clingfilm because it dries up.
        There's no smell , no waste and a little pack can give hours of fun & lots of pleasure.

        If you don't have a Hobbycraft store nearby then try ebay or Amazon?

        Worth a try as it's a great product in my opinion.


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        56g Fimo Soft

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