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ELC Glue Spreader

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Brand: ELC / Type: Craft Supplies

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    1 Review
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      18.01.2012 01:58
      Very helpful



      ELC glue spreaders - spreading a little happiness

      *-Why we purchased these-*

      We have three gorgeous boys aged from two years to six years. I have always been creative and crafty and it is the one skill that I have continued to pursue even as I've grown older. As a young teenager I would always be carrying around a pencil and paper and as an adult I still carry around pencils and paper, drawing ideas and sketches for new 'makes' and plotting which fabrics can be put together to make gifts. When my husband and I found out we were going to become parents we always said that their creativity is the one thing that we would without a doubt nourish and we did and now as a family of five we tend to use our dining room table more so as a creative base than somewhere to eat our family meals from.

      My eldest son is very advanced for his age, very technical and over thinks everything so tends to not get too messy, my middle son throws caution to the wind and does what he feels is right even if it doesn't make much sense and my two year old is a mix of the eldest two.

      Because of the varied personalities between my boys we were finding that arguments over who gets to glue and who gets to paint were getting more common especially as the eldest two started school.
      As soon as they started Primary one in August last year they wanted glue sticks. My sons believe that glue sticks (or spreaders as the school call them) are the only way forward when gluing so we had to buy some. Actually finding glue sticks on the high street is not an easy task so when we went into our local brand of Mothercare which has an Early Learning Centre at the back of the store we were surprised to find glue sticks! (Yay) The glue sticks where not just boring white skinny plastic sticks either the ELC sticks are chunky, attractive and very well priced.

      *-The Sticks-*

      Normally I grudge paying for things such as arts and craft items from the ELC as I find their prices are a little expensive however I think these were around 50p-£1.00 for a pack of three, which is exceptionally well priced. These came in a pack of three glue spreaders, each was a different colour and the colours we received where Pink, blue and lime green. The sticks are made of a tough plastic and are chunkier than the school ones which made them very easy to hold and grip especially for little hands such as my youngest who is two.

      The sticks have grooved handles which also stops them from slipping about in paint covered hands and the ends are pointed. We also found that not only are these really easy to use for gluing projects but also excellent to use with clays and dough's to mould and shape.
      The ELC advise these haven't to be used if your child is under 36 months but i think as a parent you can use discretion and staying with your child to make sure that they are using them safely is what we done.

      *-The Opinion-*

      The boys were really excited about the glue sticks and couldn't wait to get their craft supplies out and I couldn't wait to have three little boys all being creative and not bickering over glue sticks.
      When they started they did fuss over who was getting which colour and when it came to gluing the glue sticks spread an even consistency over their paper with ease.

      When it came to clear up time because these are made of plastic, running them under some warm water is enough to fully clean them without any damage or bits of glue (or clay) stuck in the grooves.
      They are easy to identify in a box filled with sequins, paint pots, pencils and pens and although the boys still got covered in glue it wasn't the glue sticks faults (more so their sleeves sticking in glue pots)
      The only fault I have with these glue sticks is because they are so chunky they tend to fall out of glue pots and onto the table so you must put down a tablecloth or paper if you're not using an easily wiped type of glue.

      Considering they are from the ELC I feel that they are very affordable and although not a necessity they definitely brighten up a child's craft time and get them ready for the boring glue 'spreaders' that their primary school may offer, as well as doubling up as a clay tool these also teach young crafters how to hold an object such as the glue stick and pencils and pens.

      I'm awarding these little sticks five out of five.


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    • Product Details

      Pack of 3 glue spreaders. Age range: From 3 years.

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