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ELC Glue Stick - White

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Brand: ELC / Type: Craft Supplies

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    1 Review
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      20.08.2013 16:03
      Very helpful



      ELC glue stick

      My little girl who is three and a half is really into her arts and crafts and I think its such a fun thing to do. She will happily sit at the kitchen table and draw, paint and stick for hours making lots of lovely creations for us to hang on the wall.

      Recently she has got into sticking and I think this is definitely nursery's influence as they do a lot of cutting and sticking there and she really enjoys it so she wants to do it at home. So, with that in mind off I went to our nearest Early Learning Centre to buy some Pritt Stick. Turns out they don't actually sell brand name Pritt Stick but their do sell their own brand Pritt stick which is actually just the same and just called a glue stick. Now, I was expecting to pay a couple of pounds which I really wasn't that worried about as I was expecting it but I was very pleased to see that these glue sticks were only £1 each, what a bargain so I stocked up on a few as it's always handy to have one for each child to stop the arguments and some for their friends to have when they come round too.

      The glue comes in a stick and on the side is written, "Bits and Basics," which I think is clever because this is really a basic toy/creative item every parent should have in the house for their little ones. On the side it says it is suitable for kids aged 3 to 8 although I give these to my boy who is nearly two as he knows what to do with one although can still make a bit of a mess. The glue stick has a lid at the top which goes on quite tightly so I often need to take them off for my little girl as I like to seal them up tightly again when they are done sticking so the glue lasts. I've never had a problem with these sticks drying out or not sticking properly which is nice. At the bottom there is a little twisty wheel which moves the solid glue stick up and down and this moves up and down well and always goes back in order for you to put the lid back on.

      The glue is solid and white. The Early Learning Centre do sell pink glue sticks but I just bought the white as they are more generic and anyway, once you stick over them you can't see the colour of the glue anyway. I find the glue slides onto a piece of paper well and it really does stick and hold well. I have a great tip for finding things to stick and glue. We often buy the CBeebies magazine or the Disney Junior magazines which have lots of fun puzzles, stories, games etc for little ones. In the past when we were finished with them I always just threw them away which seemed a bit of a waste but now what I do is cut out lots of the characters, words, letters etc so my kids have something to stick onto their paper and they can make a nice picture. My kids love it and love sticking with their favourite characters and I feel like I am getting two uses out of the magazine.

      These glue sticks are great because although you can get a little bit messy (my two year old son showed me how this was possible, boys!!) they are a lot cleaner than liquid glue and do not make that much of a mess really.

      I've learnt that kids love to glue things, my daughter will rip bits of paper and stick it back together, she just love it, maybe its because they can see a result when they do it but it really does keep little ones entertained for quite a long while, for which I am very grateful.

      The ELC glue stick - A great way to get their creative juices flowing with a cheap and simple activity.


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  • Product Details

    Perfect for sticking all your collage pieces.Not suitable for children under 36 months due to small parts. Age range: From 3 years.

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