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ELC Right Handed Toddler Scissors

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Brand: ELC / Type: Craft Supplies

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    1 Review
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      15.10.2012 18:52
      Very helpful



      A pair of toddler scissors that actually cut

      Arts and crafts must be two year old Freddy's favourite activity, even if he is bouncing off the walls I can usually calm him down by setting up some sort of creative activity. We don't have a craft box, we have two sets of four drawer storage units dedicated to craft materials and one of the elements we have just started to use is this pair of Early Learning Centre Right Toddler Scissors. Also available as a left handed set, these scissors are only available from the Early Learning Centre, whether online, in-store or in one of their concessions and have a standard retail price of just £1.50. Ever being the bargain lover, I actually bought these scissors last year during an Arts & Craft event to put away until I thought Freddy was ready to start learning to use them and they cost me a minuscule 75p.

      The scissors are supplied enclosed in plastic on a piece of backing card and are easy enough to remove from the packaging, unlike some scissors that have ironically needed a pair of scissors to access. Billed as being suitable for children over the age of three, the scissors have a rubberised body/shank and the interior of the finger holes is textured to help improve grip. The finger holes are relatively large, especially considering that the scissors are designed for such young children, which means that the child can use two fingers to a hole if they need to. While closed there are no sharp edges, but on opening the scissors there are metal blades, that do actually cut (unlike those silly plastic toddler scissors). The scissors have been designed so that the blades are slightly recessed, which does mean that a child is unlikely to be able to cut themselves. Incredibly light, the scissors are very well balanced, making it easy for a young child to manage. The really important thing to note about these scissors is they do actually cut, they make short work of paper and card and can even be used to cut material and wool. Of course the fact that these scissors actually work means that you will need to keep an eye on older children using them and closely supervise younger children, just in case they cut something they shouldn't such as their hair.

      Although Freddy is somewhat under the minimum recommended age for these scissors, he has been learning to use scissors at pre-school so I thought now would be the ideal time to start using them at home during our craft sessions. It does also need to be noted that Freddy has a significant developmental delay, being at the level of a 10-18 month old, so our experiences maybe a little different to those with an "average" two year old. I first brought these scissors out when we were making a collage, which involved lots of different materials, including paper, holographic card, scraps of material and EVA foam. Before allowing Freddy to get his grubby paws on the scissors, I showed him what they did by cutting a piece of paper and found that they cut a lot better than I had expected. The length of the blades is a little short, but they made short work of the paper and I found it easy to cut out a basic shape, surprisingly the finger-holes are perfectly adequate for me, an adult, to use.

      After watching me cutting the paper, it was time for Freddy to have a turn. The scissors are just the right size and weight for him to hold and open and close easily, but as it to be expected Freddy did struggle to coordinate enough to use them himself. Stubborn little thing that he is, he was not to deterred and soon found his own method of using the scissors, involving using both hands and was soon making his own cuts into paper. The scissors take so little pressure to cut that he is use them in this way and although he is not at all accurate, he loves to cut all the different materials. We've found that the scissors have managed to get through most of our different materials, although when cutting thicker card, material and foam Freddy does need a lot more help. With a few weeks of fairly regular use the scissors are still as sharp as they were when first brought out of the art drawer. Due to the clever design they have also never caused Freddy an injury, there are no sharp points and the blades are cleverly hidden away so they haven't cut his fingers.

      For the price these are an excellent pair of scissors, not least because they actually work. Yes they do require more supervision than those plastic, safety scissors, but they also cause less frustration as they actually cut. I was in two minds as to whether or not I should introduce Freddy to these, not because of his age, but because of his motor difficulties as I know that I could have bought him scissors that were specially designed for children with fine motor and coordination difficulties. In the end I decided that it would be better to try and introduce him to normal scissors as he will most likely be exposed to these far more than adapted versions and I would like him to be able to just pick up a pair of scissors as he needs them rather than having to wait until adapted ones were available. So I am recommending the ELC Right Handed Toddler Scissors as an addition to any young child's art box, only with the added recommendation that they are stored out of reach of the child and that the child is strictly supervised and (where appropriate) helped to use them safely.


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    • Product Details

      Scissors specifically designed for right handed people.Not suitable for children under 36 months due to small parts Age range: From 3 years.

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