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ELC Robot Apron - Small

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Brand: ELC / Type: Craft Supplies

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    1 Review
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      20.03.2012 08:35
      Very helpful



      A value for money practical painting apron from ELC.

      My twin boys love to paint and love all types of messy play. I love watching them undertake these types of activities and join in with them but one thing I do not love is the mess that goes with these types of activities, especially as we already have a full washing basket most days. So for Christmas as I was stocking up on craft materials and paints I decided to purchase some aprons to help minimise my ever growing laundry pile. I purchased the ELC Robot Apron.

      ***ELC Robot Apron***
      The ELC Robot Apron is blue plastic long sleeve apron with a back fastening to keep a child free from spills and splodges when painting or undertaking messy play activities.

      The apron is made from a reasonably thick blue plastic with long sleeves that have elasticated cuffs. The apron fastens at the back with a piece of Velcro. The apron is a bright blue colour and on the front of the apron are two robots and three brightly coloured splodges of paint.

      ELC state that the apron is suitable for children aged 3 and over.

      The apron comes in two sizes which are "small" and "large". The small apron is 53cm long and 94cm from cuff to cuff. The large apron is 62cm long and 106cm from cuff to cuff. We own two of these aprons in the small size therefore my review will be based on this size of the apron

      The apron is available from ELC and Mothercare stores and online from both of these retailers websites. The RRP for the apron is £5.00 therefore this is slightly more expensive than other painting aprons that other retailers sell such as Asda and Wilkinsons. We do have other painting aprons which have been bought as gifts by family from both Tesco and Wilkinsons and I feel the quality and design of the ELC Robot apron is far superior which explains the higher price tag. I purchased during a sale and paid £3.75 per apron which I feel was excellent value.

      ***Our Experience***
      I bought two of the ELC Robot Aprons for when my boys paint to ensure they were the same and we have no squabbles over who is wearing what which from 18 months old often would happen!

      My boys were 23 months old when I purchased the ELC Robot Apron. The ELC website and labelled on the apron packaging state that these are suitable for children from 3 years old. The ELC website also has a warning to say that "due to small parts these aprons are not suitable for children under 36 months old". After very careful inspection of these aprons I could see nothing "unsafe" about these aprons for toddlers of 18 months who are able to paint and use paintbrushes which is why I purchased them for my boys who were under 3 to use. ELC however put an age guidance of 3 years and upwards on most of their craft materials therefore I feel this is a very generic age guidance which I personally do not choose to follow because my boys are closely supervised with paint and craft materials.

      As these aprons are suitable from age 3 years I do feel that the sizing is based on what would fit an "average" child of 3 years old. I purchased the Robot Apron in the "small" size. My boys are very small for 2 years old so even the small size is very large for them but not so large that they could not wear the apron. An advantage of the apron being large for my boys is that it is long so covers their legs to just below the knee, whereas for most children I feel that it would probably reach to mid thigh level so would cover from most spills and splashes. My friends little boy who is an average sized 4 year old has worn this apron when visiting and playing with the water table and I think the apron was probably slightly small. It covered most of his body and arms but the apron was a little short therefore I would recommend for children over 4 (who are average sized or tall for their age) to purchase the apron in the large size. For children of 3 and younger I feel that the small size would be most suitable.

      The design of the ELC Robot Apron is great for painting and other messy play activities. The material is thick therefore paint is not absorbed into the apron and it can easily be wiped off rather than seeping through like it does with many thinner material aprons that my boys have worn. The sleeves of the apron are also very well designed as the elasticated cuffs around the long sleeves are quite secure and fit reasonably tightly around a child's wrist (but not so they dig in). This means the sleeves of the apron do not get pulled up and therefore clothes underneath get dirty and dragged on wet paint. When playing with water it also minimises the chance of water getting onto the clothes underneath the apron but does not stop water dripping up the sleeves entirely if your child decides to fully submerge their arms into water when wearing the apron.

      The Velcro fastening on the back of the apron is also secure so that when fastened it stays in place and does not fall off. The way the apron is designed means even an older child will need help fastening the back of the apron as the Velcro fastening is at the back of the neck. My only criticism of the design of the apron is that the back of the apron is slightly open and does not fully cover the back of a child. The apron covers the front and the sides of a child but there is about a 5cm strip on the back of a child where their clothes are not covered. If you have one child this is not really an issue but if you have more than one child wielding paintbrushes or other messy materials it is possible for them to splash where the back has not been covered. This has not happened often and there has been only one occasion so far when one of my boys has managed to spill paint on his siblings back.

      The ELC Robot Apron definitely serves the purpose of saving clothes from washing when my boys are playing with creative and messy activities. The aprons have been used regularly since Christmas and have been totally covered in paint on many occasions but have still been easily wiped completely clean and look as new before every use.

      We have various tabards and painting aprons for messy play and creative activities and I would definitely say as a parent the ELC Robot Apron is my personal favourite and I would recommend it to other parents. My boys also seem very keen on wearing this apron when painting so from a child's perspective it also gets a thumbs up.

      This is a very practical painting apron because of its wipe clean plastic exterior. This means spills of paint or other messy liquids do not seep into the apron and onto a Childs clothes. Secondly the cuffs of the apron sleeves are elasticated and fit securely around a child's wrists or arms which prevents the sleeves from rolling up or from paint or water spilling up the sleeves because they hang too loosely.

      The aprons are very easy to wash and can easily be wiped clean even if they do get excessively messy. The Velcro fastening on the back of the neck is very secure meaning the apron stays in place and does not fall off mid painting or mid messy play. At £5 per apron these are not the cheapest aprons on the market but they are a very good quality and design.

      I do feel that the size of the aprons are on the large side. Even the small sized apron is huge on my boys but on a plus size this protects right down the front of their trousers. I would say the only drawback to the design of the Robot Apron is that the back of the apron is open which is fine if you have a child that paints of their own but if they have a sibling or friend next to them also wielding a paintbrush you need to take care of clothes as the apron does not fully cover the back especially if it fits properly (as opposed to be too big for your child).

      A great product nonetheless which has kept my washing pile down!


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    • Product Details

      A colourful robot-print apron to keep you free of splodges and spills.Not suitable for children under 36 months due to small parts. Age range: From 3 years.

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