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Flair Clone Wars Classic Shaker Maker

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Brand: Flair / Type: Model making and painting kit

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    1 Review
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      23.01.2011 15:22
      Very helpful
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      see review x

      I purchased this shaker maker from the Argos website, the price at the time of purchase was £9.99 or 2 for £15 so I bought my daughter one of the other ones maybe another review at some point.

      Contents of the box

      Shaker maker base
      Mould halves
      Clear cup lid
      Plaster of Paris moulding powder
      Paint stand
      Instruction manual
      On reading the instruction manual it did seem like it could be pretty hard to make but it was not as complicated as it first seemed. Although I had to read the instructions a second time.

      How to make the shaker maker

      1) Fill the clear cup lid to the fill line; with warm to the touch tap water, it does say you must not use hot water.
      2) Open the plaster of Paris bag and empty the contents into the warm water, and allow the powder to settle to the bottom.
      3) Place matching moulding halves firmly together, ensuring there are no gaps.
      4) Place the joined mould halves inside the rim of the clear cup lid.
      5) Place shaker maker cup base over the joined mould halves in the cup and press down firmly until it snaps into place. Twist the base until it locks into position.
      6) Swirl it gently for 15 seconds then wait 1 minute.
      7) Shake the unit up and down vigorously with the cup shaker cup down, do this approximately 50 times, this should take around 50 seconds.
      8) Place the clear shaker maker cup in the up position, and twist it off to off to remove it from the base.
      9) Gently tap or shake the filled mould for around 50 seconds to eliminate air bubbles.
      10) Leave the shaker maker for 90 minutes to set.
      11) Carefully pull apart the 2 mould halves, avoid doing it fast as this can cause it to break away. Remove any access material from the figurine and place on the drying stand supplied.
      12) Once totally dry your figurine is ready to paint.

      My thoughts in making the shaker maker

      The product does state that this is for children 5 years and over and must be done under adult supervision. But in my opinion the adult needs to do the shaker maker, for one I think it's a little bit too hard for a young child to understand how to do, and also even though I did the shaker maker part myself, I made a right mess, the plaster mould literally went every where. So I would dread to think of how it would have looked if my 9 year old had made it himself loll.

      Once you did read the instructions more carefully it was easy to follow and the instructions did come with diagrams, although I found these pretty useless. The kids enjoyed watching me make a mess of the kitchen though, but were getting impatient at waiting 90 minutes to be able to paint it. I do think they need the instructions to be redone in easy to read text.

      Health warnings

      1) In case of eye contact. Wash out eyes with plenty of water holding the eye open, and then seek medical advice.
      2) If swallowed, wash out mouth, drink some fresh water, do not make yourself vomit, seek medical advice.

      Safety rules

      1) Do not place the materials in your mouth.
      2) Do not inhale dust or powder.
      3) Do not apply to the body.
      4) Wash hands after use of the product.
      5) Clean all equipment after use.
      6) Do not eat drink or smoke in the activity area.
      The product does state that the powder is non-toxic.

      My overall opinion

      The shaker maker does have its faults, its very messy to make, takes quite a while to set up and do it all, and the instructions are pretty hard to understand. But it does also have its good points too.

      The shaker maker does come with 2 star wars characters, Yoda and R2D2. So there is double the mess loll. But my son really enjoyed painting them after and for me to see his happy face was well worth all the mess. The paint pot comes with 6 different colours, so they have a choice of how they want to paint them. You can paint the characters to how they do look or to how you would like them to look. My son had a very messy first attempt and did a totally multi coloured Yoda.

      The figurines do come out pretty well and all the features of the mould are very visible. But maybe lighter colours need to be used on the smaller areas as to not dark out any of the features.

      The figurines are great to keep as an ornament, and I think it's the most treasured ornaments I have, as my son made it. So I would recommend buying this product even if just for that reason, and for the price you cannot really complain.
      The equipment is easy to clean afterwards too, if washed straight away, and also it came off my units really well with a damp cloth, so even though it is messy its easy to clean up afterwards.

      Also on ciao under kineticspade


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