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Flair Rainbow Art

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Manufacturer: Flair / Type: Drawing / Age: 3 Years+

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    1 Review
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      07.01.2011 12:27
      Very helpful



      Love love love this. A great gift this has proved to be

      Its mine all mine. Nope well I'm sharing it with my son. This was a birthday present last month for my son and having seen it advertised somewhere was quite pleased to be able to try it out as it looked like good fun.
      Looking at the prices they are on Amazon from £12.39 or Tesco direct sell them at £12.97.

      What you get in the box is a red tray with two shallow sides each side holding a thin white sponge,
      6 paints
      6 brushes
      A bottle of magic liquid & pot

      Now where to start telling you about it as I find it all so exciting.

      The red tray which holds the sponges also holds the paints which are water colours and come in a round solid block, they are contained in plastic holders which can be removed from the tray by pulling up a plastic tab, you can move each one individually therefore putting them into which ever colour order you want to. The colours are Red, Orange, yellow, green blue and purple. My son finds it too hard to change the paints order around as they are firmly secured in the tray, you can leave them not totally pushed in though so a child is able to move them themselves as I've discovered.
      The blocks are quite thick and will last rather a long time. Will update this review if they do ever run low or run out.

      The two sponges need to be moistened but not dripping with water. Get lots of paper ready and you are then ready to paint rainbows or so many other things. So glad I have a huge roll of ikea paper as is proving rather handy with all this painting.

      There are 6 different sized brushes which are actually sponges not a brush at all. They are white sponges on the ends of plastic handles. The sizes are in length so you can get one two, three or all six colours on it at once. All you do is push the selected sponge onto the moistened sponge which is in the tray, then you rub it over the paints. Rub it a couple times on initial first go to get the dampness onto paint block then rub it once for a light colour or rub it several time to make the paint more brighter on the paper.
      My sons first attempt looked like a yucky swamp as he was rubbing the sponge sideways and mixing the colours up, you need to go back and forth with it not sideways on the paint blocks. Make sure whilst on the paper too they aren't rubbing it about madly.
      Really I find I need to supervise my son a little bit to help him apply the paint so it is on all of the selected sponge.
      When you have your paper and sponge at the ready go ahead and make amazing designs, you simply put the sponge on the paper and swing it round to make a rainbow, my son can easily do this and is totally enjoying making other pictures too. The fact that you have different sized sponge brushes allows so many alternative ways to paint. If you use the smallest brush you can apply one colour to it and paint.
      I also discovered if you hold the brush upright it will paint a multi coloured line, I have been doing this and designed a peacock as the multi colours look fantastic.

      Now being water colours I find that they dry on the paper very fast. No drips come off the sponge and the paint can't be flicked about either, great this is all good news to me after having many messy painting sessions previously.
      You can however get them to wet their fingers and apply the paint with it that way if required but kind of would defeat the rainbow colours idea, and lose the no mess factor of the product.

      Now rather bizarrely the adverts don't seem to show this or mention it in the contents so not sure if I have a different version but my box had a little super glue sized bottle of magic fluid and pot with lid to put some drops into. Check contents on box you buy to see if this is included.

      What is the magic liquid I hear you ask! well already we have an amazing paint set that has given us hours of fun and heaps of rainbow coloured pictures what else could possibly make it better?
      Well this liquid needs a few drops putting into the pot and use a clean sponge and moisten the sponge with some of the clear liquid and paint over some parts of your paintings or do dabs and the colours you previously painted change colour....

      I love this set as does my son even though we are fighting with each other over the paints lol.

      My one and only quibble is that you wash the sponges out afterwards to remove all paint and you may also wish to do this whilst painting if changing order of paints. Now I've found the redish pink colour does not seem to want to budge off the sponges, It fades but doesn't completely go, all the rest did but for some reason this colour hasn't. Not big deal really but thought I'd mention it.

      When you are all finished you only have the job and clean all paint and tray sponges out, wring them dry and put it all away ready for the next use.

      I have put this link from you tube so you can see some of the different ways of painting,

      Would I recommend this? Yes 100%
      Would I buy it for other people? Yes sure would, think I know some adults that too would like this.
      I hope someone else buys this and comments on they also enjoyed it so I don't feel like I'm being a big kid.


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