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Fridgeframes The Pixel Magnetic Photo Frame

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Fridgeframes / Magnetic photograph frame

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    1 Review
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      22.01.2010 15:41
      Very helpful



      Photos are for sharing not storing in your camera.

      Used up all your pressie ideas at Christmas? Here's one for those new year birthdays: The Pixel Magnetic Photo Frame

      *Photo displaying*
      In this age of digital photography we are in danger of loosing our appreciation of the traditional glossy photo print. How often do you leave your photos unloved on your computer where previously you might have framed them or at least pinned them to a display board? Well this little gift will spur you on:

      *Photo frames*
      Traditional frames can be expensive and only reserved for the very best pics or the most treasured of people. What the magnetic frame provides is a quick and easy way to show off pictures without the hassle of knocking over accidents or nails in the wall (or through the electric cable bringing down half the plasterboard with it!).With this ease of use you are more likely to change the pics often and have super arty displays of the events or people in your life who may make you smile.

      *The Pixel Frame*
      Rather oddly named, the Pixel is designed as a fridge magnet frame.
      It holds 3 photos each measuring 6'x4'(x1) and 2.5'x3.5'(x2).
      Its vital statistics are: Width:160mm; Height: 210mm; Weight: 57g

      All you need to do is choose your print; insert it into the pocket behind the frame and snap it onto your fridge (or other metallic flat surface).
      Now you have a great point of interest or even an ice breaker in your kitchen. I found these incredibly useful when my children were small - an instant distraction from the "will you play with me?" whilst trying to make dinnner and a chance to develop speaking and interactive skills using an interesting event or person as a starting point.

      (And you thought it was just a boring old fridge magnet!)

      *Any other great claims?*
      Plastic magnetic photo frames are more practical and safer than traditional glass display frames. These have wipe-able covers to protect your photographs from sticky fingers and are seemingly impossible to break. Many of this type are particularly unattractive but the pixels have tried hard to use curving lines to make an attractive product.

      One downside is that you obviously have to have the correct size photos for the display you are creating. Nowadays, though this isn't so hard as you can ask any 6 year old to organize that for you on the computer!

      *Where can I get hold of one?*
      Amazon of course! They are listed as £4.99 there. For the same price you can choose from a range of styles on the imaginatively named: https://www.fridgeframes.co.uk. (Bet you didn't know there was such a place!) Sadly no-one has had the foresight to show you how to use a fridge magnet frame on youtube but there is this very handy video about what to do in the event of needing to recycle any old fridge magnets: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DyOxIrmxPhg so I guess you could always make yourself a matching set.

      *Birthdays sorted!*
      I have a number of Aunts and relations who often ask for photos of my offspring (never of me...sob!). I always feel a bit odd sending pics of MY children for THEM to admire. If I send them a little display in a nice format like this I feel as if they are getting a gift as well. I am also saying I don't mind them changing them every now and then. Probably find Grandma has replaced her grandchildren with Robbie Williams pics within the week!
      Thanks for reading.

      Also pub on ciao

      PS Louse Greenfarb holds the world record for the biggest collection of fridge magnets at a whopping 35,000. She lives in Las Vegas but I don't know if she has one of these or not!


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