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Galt First Sewing

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4 Reviews

Manufacturer: Galt / Type: Sewing / Age: 5 Years+

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    4 Reviews
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      27.06.2013 02:00
      Very helpful



      There great for kids to learn the first sewing skills with

      =Galt First Sewing=

      I purchased this set last summer from a market stall and paid £1 per box, I brought 2 boxes so that when my daughter had one of her friends over for the night, we had something they could do.

      =Recommended Age=
      The age is recommended for 5 plus, but as my daughter and her friend don't really do sewing this kit was great for them to do, and they both had identitial items.

      =Five Projects=
      The set contains five projects, there are mini size.

      =Foam Based=
      All the foam used is bright colours, from purple, pinks, yellows, and there are embellishments to sew on to some of the projects such as butterflies, hearts and flowers.

      =Separate bag=
      Each project is in a separate bag and has al the necessary components,, so there no mix up of parts, or root around and try and guess what goes with what and also you can split them up so they don't all get used at once.
      This has lengths of cords instead of cotton to sew with and comes with plastic needles, as well as stick on gems to finish off the products.

      =Time Wise=
      On average it took the kids about 10 to 20 minutes per item to make.

      There is a guide sheet for the parts, which is more pictures, this is basic, but the kids could look at it themselves and work things out, although once you see the projects you know what goes where.

      =Now to the Projects=

      1. Notebook Holder
      This is a small notebook holder, but included in the set comes two mini pencils which add an extra dimension to the project.

      2. A Photo frame
      What I would say with this, is have a picture ready it makes the job easier,

      3. A Neck purse
      The kids loved this, even though I thought it would be the less favourable one as it is aimed more for the younger market.

      4. Small Bag
      Looks fun and funky when finished.

      5. A small heart shaped bag
      This like the others was bright and cheerful.

      =Sewing Skills=
      The children don't need any skills for these, and it gives them the independance, that they created something themselves.

      This can be purchased from Amazon, and there are similar kits around by other brands of similar items,

      =My Verdict=
      This was a great set, not just the cost, but everything was all organised, and ready to get set and go, it gave the kids fun ideas, and we spread them out over a couple of days over the holidays.


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      01.06.2011 09:12
      Very helpful



      A brilliant first sewing kit

      My seven year old daughter has recently been introduced to sewing at school and is absolutely loving it. So much so that she is constantly wanting to practice at home which has caused a slight difficulty actually finding things for her to sew! Because of this when I was in Hobbycraft recently and spotted the Galt First Sewing kit, I thought that it would be perfect so I bought it for a half term project. The recommended age is five years and above, but as she is almost eight she is really able to enjoy and work on the separate projects independently. (This is very important when you are nearly eight!)

      The set comprises of five absolutely delightful mini projects. These are a small bag, a notebook holder, a photo frame, a neck purse and a small heart shaped bag. They are all made out of foam and there are sparkly gems with which to embellish them all. Each project comes in it's own separate plastic bag with all the necessary pre-cut foam that is needed for each one. Each one also has a length of cord (instead of cotton), plastic needles and stick on gems. There is also a small notepad and two pencils in order to complete the notepad holder. Because each kit does come with everything it needs, it would be possible to separate them out and give as small gifts or as something a bit different to put in party bags. Not that I would ever be able to persuade my daughter to part with any of them, as they are all so attractive, she wants to make them all and I don't blame her!

      All the foam is in lovely bright colours - purples, pinks, yellows, greens and so on, and a lot of the projects have sew on embellishments such as butterflies, hearts and flowers. Not only is Rachel able to practice her sewing skills but she is making some really attractive items that she can either keep or use themselves, or, as they look so good, give as gifts to family and friends.

      Each of the five projects is very easy to make. There are some pictorial instructions which are a bit sparse but sufficient to be able to follow. Rachel has been able to open each of the projects and, with a quick glance at the guides, has just been able to work out what to do and get on with making all of the items. Also, each project is pretty quick to complete - probably taking between ten and twenty five minutes - which is really good for children with short attention spans as they will be able to complete each item in just one session.

      I really can't rate this kit highly enough and considering how much it contains, in both contents and enjoyment, it is really reasonably priced. In fact, at the moment it can be bought on Amazon for only £6.50 (May 2011). It has provided a great deal of enjoyment in our house and my daughter has been able to create some lovely keepsakes of which she is very proud as well as practising her sewing skills which is what she wanted to do all along! We definitely recommend this lovely kit.


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        25.03.2010 20:11
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A good value kit.

        Whenever I have had my sewing or my knitting out and our little visitors have come they have always been fascinated with what I am doing.
        They want a go and that is perfectly natural and childlike but when you have to try to explain that the sewing needles are sharp and dangerous and the thin cottons should not be put into their mouths it all becomes a battle of wills and often ends up in tears.

        I have hunted high and low for a decent child's sewing kit and do you think I could find one?
        In desperation I looked on-line and managed to find the Galt first Sewing Kit for just under £5.
        If the sewing kit was abandoned after five minutes flat then I had not wasted too much money.

        I was quite chuffed when it arrived, it looks good in the box.
        On the box it states that the sewing kit is for children aged five and above. On the front of the lilac cardboard box they have a picture of the contents and Galt have managed to make them look pretty and interesting.

        The sewing kit contains the pieces to make a notepad cover and a pencil case, a picture frame and a neck purse, so for a fiver you seem to be getting quite a lot.
        In the kit there are also two bodkins and cord to sew with.

        The cut out pieces that you get to sew together are a type of foam and it does feel a bit flimsy. The cord is string and the bodkins are blunt.
        I was really pleased with the colour scheme that Galt had used for the sewing projects, the purse, frame, pencil case and cover are a combination of lilac, pink, green and yellow. The contemporary colours are appealing to the young.

        The little square photo frame is great and we had great fun sewing that together. I wouldn't have let them use the kit without being supervised, the needles may be blunt but they could still do some damage.
        I was chief needle threader and once the two pieces of the photo frame were placed together they could see where the stitching was supposed to go.
        Sewing the frame together took a lot of concentration and the little brows were furrowed!
        We had some knots to untangle and there were a few tears but in the end we got there.
        I had to beg them to go easy on the foam pieces when they sewed them together because I was semi-afraid that they would tear.

        All four projects come with little cut out hearts and flowers that you can sew on and in all honesty when the decorations were sewn on they looked good.
        The sewing kit had to be a joint effort, there was no way that I could have just handed it over and let them get on with it.
        There was a bit of a disagreement between brother and sister when one wanted to undo the sewing on one of the projects and start all over again!
        I had to intervene because the kits are not that robust.

        The Galt sewing kit does have good points, it is inexpensive and colourful and if the children stick with it they end up with four finished projects.
        But when it comes down to sorting out who gets what that is a very different matter.

        The kit is challenging and it tests the child in many different ways, they have to aim the needle precisely which can be tricky and frustrating at first but it does come in the end. If the end product looks reasonable then there is a sense of achievement which boosts their self esteem.
        I think that I enjoyed the kit as much as they did.


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          06.01.2010 22:29
          Very helpful



          Im happy with it, my daughter is happy with it = bargain

          I saw this advertised on Amazon before christmas for a mere £4 and thought it would make a great stocking filler for my four year old.
          Her nan is always sewing and my daughter loves watching over her shoulder.

          I bought it on instinct and had no idea what to expect but must say that I was pleasantly suprised.

          When it arrived, the sturdy, colourful box felt so light that it seemed empty but in fact it was full of little treasures!
          On opening the box it contained an illustrated instruction leaflet and five seperate bags of pieces. Each bag making one of the following :
          A notepad cover
          A pencil case
          A photo frame
          A bag
          A neck purse.
          There is also a sheet of sticky gems to decorate your sewing masterpieces!

          Each bag comes complete with already cut out pieces of a thin foam type material, 2 large red plastic needles and enough measured cord to sew the item. It is an excellent idea as everything is cut, measured and ready to go! The cut out foam shapes are also already punctured with holes where the sewing needs doing and there are shaped pieces to sew on to decorate your pieces with hearts, flowers or butterflies.

          Although it is aged 5+ my four year old was eager to get sewing and since christmas we have made a couple of the pieces already. With a little guidance my daughter has enjoyed doing these alone. The needles are safe plastic-made and have a large hole to thread the cord. The cord is thick and fits snugly into the already punctured holes. If I had a little quibble with this item it is only that the cord is slightly too thick at its quite hard to fit through the large eye of the needle but with a little patience it is managable.

          The neck purse which we made first had easy to follow illustrated instructions and my daughter has been walking around with it over her shoulder with little nic-nacs inside telling everybody that she made it herself.
          If this piece is anything to go by, Id say that each piece will keep your little ones occupied for half an hour from start to finish and with a little guidance and patience your little ones will be producing masterpieces of their own to show off.

          In my opinion this does exactly what it says on the box - First Sewing - An ideal start to get your little ones sewing.
          At under £1 a piece when made, it was an absoloute bargain and I will certainly be looking out for more in the Galt range.

          What an absloute refreshing change from the usual stuff this christmas - No batteries required, no second child required, no dice to loose and a real sense of achievement for your little ones.


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