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Galt Toys Fantastic Foil Art Play Set

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Manufacturer: Galt / Type: Painting / Age: 5 Years+

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    1 Review
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      23.06.2013 21:31
      Very helpful



      A great fun set


      Recently it was my eldest daughters 6th birthday and as usual a few family members had asked me to sort out presents for them to give, accidentally I told two people to buy the same set so Sophie ended up with 2 sets of this, good job she enjoys playing with it. I bought the set from Amazon with a RRP of £10.99 they are selling it slightly cheaper at £9.97 with free delivery, Sophie's Godfather picked the set up in The Entertainer but i'm not sure what he paid for it.

      The Set

      The set comes packaged in a bright yellow cardboard box with a purple edging so it jumps straight out at you and would certainly get a child's attention in a shop. The maker is Galt and their logo is in the top corner and then the title of the product across the top of the box. The front of the box has a open see through part which shows the brightly coloured foils inside which look really pretty and then there is a picture done in the foils on the front to show your child what they can do. The box in my opinion is done really well it is nice and bright but not overpowering and shows what you want to see without being too cluttered.

      In the set you get 12 pictures to create,

      A rocket shooting up into space,
      A Lion,
      A hot air balloon,
      A sunrise,
      A Pony,
      A Toucan,
      A Chinese Dragon,
      A pot of gold,
      A Butterfly,
      A Peacock,
      A Turtle with Seahorse,
      A sheet of 40 stickers to create,

      The foils come in 8 different colours red, orange, multi-coloured, purple, silver, gold, green and blue each piece is about 3 inches square and you get 40 sheets in total. You also get a set of instructions which are brightly coloured with diagrams and are really easy to follow so far that my 6 year old actually first opened the set herself and even though her reading is limited she was able to work out the basic idea of how it works without adult help.

      The box is a bit of a pain as everything is attached to a piece of cardboard when you first open it so once you have taken all the pieces off they end up just loose in a pretty big box which is open on the front so the foils slip in and out of the box. Each piece of the set is in a plastic bag and these are sellotaped with really string tape that even I as an adult struggled to pull off.


      The set is very easy to play with, you select your picture and each picture has loads of small shapes of backing to pull away. You have to pull away one piece of the backing at a time and it reveals a sticky surface for foiling, you place the foil over the sticky area and then rub with the pad of your finger and gently pull away. The foil is then transferred onto the picture as easy as that.

      My daughter tried to complete her first picture by rubbing the foils with her knuckles however I wouldn't recommend this as she ended up grazing the skin off her knuckles and even with one of them bleeding to which she was pretty upset. I showed Sophie how to do the foiling again and this time she completed with the pads of her fingers and this worked fine even though she didn't apply too much pressure.

      The foils transfer over to the pictures really easily but do leave a small gap all the way around each shape, if you miss a bit of foiling you can go back over it if you are quick enough that the piece hasn't lost it's stickiness. I would advice only removing one piece of the picture at a time as the stickiness is lost pretty quickly.


      This set is really great and Sophie loves it, she is amazed with each piece of foil that she puts on the pictures and loves twisting the picture from side to side to see the holographic foils glistening. She was a bit disappointed that there was no yellow in the foils as one of the pictures has a sun on it and she was insistent it couldn't be any other colour but yellow, she even asked me if she could mix 2 foils to make yellow.

      The set is for ages 5 plus and I think this is probably about the correct age although my daughter who is nearly 3 has helped her sister to rub some of the foils to make her pictures and she love helping out with it.
      You get plenty of foils with the set but I have been teaching Sophie how to use each piece of foil from one side to the other to get the maximum amount of coverage from each one meaning there is more foil to create great effects.

      You can make fantastic effects with the foils although my daughter only being 6 she cannot get to grips with this. The set is loads of fun and really great value, Sophie has enjoyed giving her foiled pictures to family members and they will be getting more as she hasn't started her second set yet. I would say that the only drawback of this set is the box to keep it in and this could be solved by a piece of transparent plastic being attached inside the box to cover the holes, the box also is a bit of a waste as each picture is only A5 in size so the box is more than double to size it needs to be.


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