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Galt Young Art Liquid Paints

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Brand: Galt / Type: Painting / Age: 3 Years+

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    1 Review
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      19.08.2013 20:33
      Very helpful



      good for childrens paintings

      The Galt Liquid Paints are my first choice for children's paintings.

      The box includes 6 250ml bottles of paints. I like this size paints as I don't use them regularly so they last a long time.

      The colours included are red, blue, green, yellow, black and white. I like the colours as they are bold and although not all colours are included, you can mix them to make any colour. It is good to have black and white as it allows you to make different shades. The only problem is that certain colours run out before others. I currently have two of these paint sets as the first one still has black and green, the colours I rarely use.

      The paint is a good consistency so it doesn't splash everywhere when painting, nor is it hard to spread. A little bit of paint spreads a long way and leaves a bold painting of colour. The only issue i've had with the paint is that for some reason my white paint has gone really watery and is more the consistency of milk rather than paint. This has never happened with any others though so it must just be a one off.

      The paints mix together easily which allows you to make any colour you choose. I find some colours are really hard to make but thats because I put too much of one colour and not enough of the other.

      With an even layer of paint, the paint dries really quickly. This is great as I get impatient waiting for paint as I always want to finish what I'm making but the wet paint slows me down.

      The paint works brilliant on paper and card but is not so good on shiny surfaces.

      I have had the first box of paints for years (I can't even remember buying them), and they still haven't dried up. I think this is good lasting for the paints.

      The paint is washable which is very useful. I have got paint on my clothes many times and these paints have always come out in the wash.

      Overall I think these are the best choice for childrens paints.


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