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Great Gizmos Mould & Paint Glitter Fairy Fridge Magnets

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Brand: Great Gizmos / Type: Painting / Age: 5 Years+

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    2 Reviews
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      16.01.2013 19:39
      Very helpful



      Great gift for any young girl

      My 5 year old daughter loves making, she also loves fairies and has a thing about rearranging the magnets on our fridge. What could be better for her than a Mould & Paint Glitter Fairy Fridge Magnet kit?

      We had asked various relatives to get art/craft type things for her this Christmas and she absolutely adored this set.

      -- Contents of the box --
      A clear plastic mould sheet with 6 different fairy designs to make
      2 bags of plaster - we found each was enough to make 4 fairies
      5 small pots of paint and a small brush
      Magnets and safety pins
      A set of surprisingly well written instructions.

      The box rates this as being suitable for 5 and over but does point out that adult supervision is recommended. It's all very straight forward, mix the plaster (1 bag needs about 50 - 70ml of water) and once it forms a smooth paste it's ready to go into the moulds. If your making badges instead of magnets then this is the time to add a safety pin to the back. We did the magnets so after filling the moulds we left it for 30 mins to harden.

      Firmly set it was time to remove the plaster from the mould. The fairies are quite thick so are reasonably stong but a folded tea towel on the table helps cushion any fall as you push them out of the mould. Clear off any rough edges and you're ready to paint.

      This is where it can get frustrating for younger children. The designs are quite detailed so less coordinated little fingers can end up creating fairies that look like they have been sat too close to an exploding paint factory. After the first bodged effort I got my daughter to paint the larger blocks of colour and then I finished off the rest. She was very happy with this solution as she got to do her arty activity and still end up with a nice finished product.

      Final job was to add the magnets once the paint had dried (pretty quick as they are water based and the plaster sucks the moisture out of it). I found the sticky backing on the magnet was almost useless for attaching to plaster so I mixed up a bit of epoxy resin and used that. I think the problem is that the plaster isn't perfectly flat and with the slightly powdery texture it's hard to get a decent bond without using a stronger adhesive.

      They now have pride of place on our fridge and look really good. We didn't use the glitter packs in the end as the paint had already dried before we had chance but I'll probably give them a thin coat of watered down pva and then let her loose with the glitter.

      It was fun spending time with my daughter making these and the finished product turned out really well so I would recommend this to anyone looking to do some craft activities with their child.


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      09.07.2006 17:10
      Very helpful



      Great crafty pack

      Mould and Paint Glitter Fairy

      This is another one of those gifts when, once given, little miss just HAD to make!

      **What is in the box?**

      Inside the box, there are the obligatory instructions, written in several languages, as well as a blister pack of 6 designs, plaster powder, glitter, magnets, paint (5 colours),pins, and paint brush.

      The idea is that there are sufficient materials to make six fairy moulds, which can be made into either fridge magnets or badges.

      **How to make them**

      The instructions are quite complex so children will need an adult to read them, but as long as they are supervised, there is no reason why they can’t follow the instructions, and actually make the fairies themselves.

      It really is quite simple. The plaster has to be mixed, and we added the water very slowly so that Little Miss could watch the consistency, and make her own decision as to when it was ready to pour into the moulds

      Once it was the right consistency, she added the mixture carefully to the moulds, and we let it harden slightly, then placed the magnets into the moulds. She decided to make all magnets, so we were spared the hassle of the pins, and we have a fridge covered in magnets!

      Although I suggests that 20-30 minutes is sufficient for the quick drying plaster to dry, we left it overnight and then it was just a case of painting the magnets. Once the paint was dry, out came the glitter, ad we now have glitter fairies, which are slowly shedding their glitter onto the kithen floor.

      **Who is it for?”

      The kit suggests that it is for children from the age of 5 years, which I would agree is a suitable age because of the complexity f painting the pieces, as they are quite small.

      It also states that because of the small parts, it is not suitable or children under the age of three- sensible because the pins and the magnets could be easily swallowed.

      **Price and Availability**

      This was a gift but I have sent them for sale in Debenhams for #8.

      The kit can also be bought from the website, www.4m-ind.com, although the price is not shown on the website.

      **What I thought**

      A really simple kit, which Little Miss thoroughly enjoyed making, and because the magnets are useful, she does feel a sense of pride n the fact that she made them herself.

      Although the instructions require an adult to read them, the actual making of he fairies is extremely easy, and requires an adult only to remind he child not to do silly things such as inhale the powder, and to help them to take the tops off the paint.

      The paint is better than most paints found in kits. It is a strip of paints, and each colour is in its own little pot, so there I no chance of the colours running into each other, which tends to really frustrate children. As long as the pint brush is rinsed thoroughly, the colours stay true. The instructions have a section with painting tips, which we referred to mainly because it had ideas for mixing colours, which is a good idea if children want a colour not in the pot… it tells them how to mix the colour, eg sky blue= blue and white, brown= red and yellow and a little black. It’s worth putting out a little mixing tray so that chidren can experiment with colours, because they will almost certainly want more than the colours on offer.

      The kit contained more than enough to make the fairies and when they were dry, they were very easy to remove from the blister tray, although once removed, the moulds were rendered useless, so 6 fairies is the maximum. I suppose it wouldn’t make marketing sense to make them reusable.

      The fairies are simple to make, and she thoroughly enjoys the fact that we can now use he masterpieces to hold things up on the fridge, although I think they may e a tad too big for badges.

      All in all, this is a good craft activity, and whilst it seems expensive for a few moulds and a bit of paint, the actual idea has been well thought out, the packaging and the actual products inside the kit are good quality and it is fun to do. It would make a nice gift for a child’s birthday…crafty and useful!

      Thanks for reading.

      Daniela xx


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    • Product Details

      You can mold, paint and decorate 6 beautiful fairies. Each fairy has her own name and you can decorate them any way you like. Comes with blister mould of 6 assorted designs, easy-to-dry plaster powder, glitter, magnets, paint strip of 5 colours, pins, paint brush & detailed instructions.

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