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Groves & Banks Starter Sewing Kit

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Brand: Groves & Banks / Type: Craft Supplies / Age: 8 Years+

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    2 Reviews
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      25.03.2012 22:42
      Very helpful



      Beginner sewing or for small jobs

      I hardly ever sew, and so dont need anything like a sewing machine. I do however like to fix my clothes if they end up getting a hole or splitting a seam. This small sewing kit was the perfect buy.

      My kit came in a green case with a handle, inside there were a variety of the sewing basics: A pin holder with all colourful pins, a pair of scissors, a pack of needles, 6 different colours of thread, plastic thimble,pin cushion, box of safety pins, tape measure and thread unpicker. The pin cushion is decorated like an apple which is a really nice touch especially for children or those who like their bits and pieces a bit trendy. All the contents are decorated green or in funky colours.

      All of these things bought seperately would be very expensive but the whole pack was only £6.99 from c and h fabrics. It is a lightweight bundle and is very portable. I think you can also buy this in red as the picture suggests.

      Sometimes small sewing kits can be really bad quality but in this the scissors are excellent and have stayed sharp for many years now. There is also a huge amount of thread on the bobbins and that has also lasted me for around 5 years and I still have some black thread left.

      The case is hard wearing so if you take it with you a lot then it will not break. If you are looking to give someone who has no idea about sewing or just needs a small kit of the essentials then this is a great gift. Alternatively if you have children who are interested in having a go then this will not break the bank.


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      11.09.2009 20:46
      Very helpful
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      One just like Mums.

      Sewing is among one of my hobbies, when I was a child my Mum spent hours teaching me all the basics and by the time I reached my teens I was a reasonably accomplished needlewoman and I have whiled away many happy hours with my needle and thread.
      On the other hand my sister is the complete opposite, so when it came to trying to teach her granddaughter how to cope with basic sewing tasks guess who got the job !

      Luckily I am blessed with patience and I knew that one day it would come in very useful and teaching a nine year old to sew a button on is enough to test anyone's patience, but at least we could both have a laugh at the end of the first few lessons, even if the button looked as if it had had couple of stiff drinks !

      I have a basket that is filled with my own sewing kit but I thought that Chloe should have a kit that she could call her own. Given that the sewing lessons were still at the experimental stage I thought that it was probably wiser to find a kit that was cheap, cheerful yet in Chloe's eyes would look the business.
      After trawling through the crafting section of E bay I found this neat little Groves and Banks sewing starter kit and it was in a clearance sale for £3. I placed my bid, which was the only one and the Groves and Banks sewing kit was winging its way to me.

      The sewing kit is especially designed for `starters` that are aged 6 and above. I think that parental discretion may creep in here, Chloe is as sensible as any nine year old can be expected to be but I felt that the kit may prove a bit beyond some six year olds.

      Groves and Banks have used a clear plastic case that is trimmed with red to house this sewing starter kit. The bag has a small wrist handle attached to one end and a plastic zipper that opens and shuts easily.
      The contents of the bag are clearly visible and inside there is a pin cushion, a tape measure, a thimble, a wheel that holds tacking pins, a circular case of sewing needles and some assorted small reels of cotton in basic colours.
      The sewing kit is compact and it holds the necessary equipment for any beginner.

      Chloe and I decided to practice with a plain running stitch to start off with and she was able to get the needle out of the casing without any problems but I had to thread it, tiny shaky fingers and needle threading are not a good combination.
      This was the first time that Chloe had ever held a needle and she coped well and you could see from her attitude that she felt in charge and `grown up`.
      One thing made me giggle and that was when she saw the pincushion, of course that was a new one on her ! But Chloe soon got the hang of it and soon enough she was using the pincushion like a professional !
      The small reels of cotton thread tried her patience as did handling the fine cotton thread when she tried to sew. But I am sure that will get better with practice.

      The tape measure is just a very lightweight plastic one and as yet we have had no need to use it but her basic skills are coming along nicely. When I say basic I do mean very basic.
      I looked at the normal RRP for the Groves and Banks sewing kit and it seems that the kit would normally cost £5.50 ( plus P+P ) from their on-line shop.
      I am not one hundred percent certain that I would have paid more than I paid for the sewing kit ( £3 plus £1 P+P ).

      I feel that Groves and Banks have produced a good starter kit for youngsters, it is pretty much a pre-requisite that an adult is there to supervise seeing as the kit contains sharp objects that could present a danger.
      I see no reason why the lads shouldn't have a shot at sewing either, after all they have to leave home one day.
      The Groves and Banks sewing kit would make a good gift for a child who is keen and if you can acquire a kit E bay from at a good price then it is even better.


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    • Product Details

      This is a great starter sewing kit for children interested in learning to sew and the handy zip bag keeps everything neatly contained and in one place. It contains all the essential basics such as needles, a pin wheel, pin cushion, tape measure, thimble and more. Bag colours may vary.

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