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Hama Beads Activity Box

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2 Reviews
  • good toy
  • great set for thoese who loves arts and crafts
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    2 Reviews
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      07.10.2014 08:35
      Very helpful


      • "interesting toy"


      • "no disadvantages"

      play Hama beads now

      My daughter's birthday is less than a month .She has so a lot of things that it's always difficult to think of anything she really needs. So towards the conclusion of past year, I discovered I looking a bit new and different, once i spotted this. I thought it looked intriguing, and my daughter would like, so that it went straight onto grandmother's wishlist.
      What are Hama beads?
      Hama beads are fusible plastic beads - when heat is applied to them they adhere to one another. You will find three main elements of a Hama beads set - the beads themselves, a pegboard and unique paper over which you can use an iron, to help the beads stick.

      The beads come in three sizes, midi, mini and maxi - but the midi beads, which are about 5mm in diameter, are undoubtedly the most famous and easy to find. Themselves come in every colour below the sun, including glow in the dark, neon, pastel, and everything in between. The peg boards come in a huge array of sizes and shapes.
      The activity box
      Additionally, there is a sheet of paper to work with for ironing the beads.

      The box itself is actually fairly useful as it's a plastic tray inside with compartments for each of the beads that are various, as well as a larger space for the pegboards. Although our Hama collection has enlarged, we make use of this box as well as the tray to keep our bits and pieces in.

      Now on Amazon this set costs GBP9.99, and is supposed to be acceptable for 5-12 year olds.
      Using the product
      Inside the box are brilliant, colourful Hama beads that are very appealing to kids. Children have a really somewhat rubbery feel to them. The pegboards have very small spikes sticking up from them onto which you must put the beads. Sounds simple - but! These beads are very modest, and you need good hand-eye co ordination to place these onto the pegs that are little! I think my daughter - who's five - found it quite frustrating in the beginning but she's persevered and has really got the hang of it. It is actually fairly satisfying when you get going and I must admit that I love doing this task I! It demands quite a lot of attention but not so much you will get a headache. There is also an endless variation of patterns and layouts it is possible to create, although to begin with we followed the patterns implied in the front of the box, which are quite easy to get you started. My daughter liked doing the heart contour the best as I think this was the simplest one to begin with, and although the first few times she did this, she went for totally random layouts, when we've done this since she has tried to create patterns and think of her own designs.

      The array of colours in this box is ideal to develop a range of layouts, but although it seems like you'll find loads included, they do run out quickly - especially as they aren't re-used by you. That means you will find yourself having to buy more - our property!

      Once you've filled in one of the pegboards and are happy with your design, you are able to iron the beads. This did take a bit of exercise. I admit I do your iron on total now although you're supposed to work with it on a medium setting. Put the paper within the plank and rub against the iron over the beads - keep it moving!
      The first couple of times I did this I found it tough to understand when to stop ironing. But really the trick would be to wait till you can see the beads through the paper - and to be to the safe side I often iron these so you can see the beads are totally melded together with no gaps, so the ironed side is almost smooth when you are done.

      You are then left with lots of flowers, hearts and seahorses! I's girl often gives these as gifts to friends and family (blessed them!) and we also provide a few on her wall. However, they are sometimes a bit delicate and we've lost the bizarre petal off a flower, and we have a few hearts with beads missing also.
      Can it be worth buying?
      This set is great for Hama bead beginners, and we have had masses of good use out of it. It's fantastic for when you want to have a bit of quiet time and do a fine relaxing task, and I think section of the reason she appreciates it's that she likes having a large collection of Hama creations to play with at the ending of it.

      It will require quite a lot of attention, but I feel it's best to greatly help develop fine motor skills - and it is also a pleasant creative activity to do together.

      Our recent job has been creating the characters from the Disney movie Immobilized!

      The verdict
      I believe this set is amazing. It is not relatively expensive and comprises lots of beads in a great array of colours. The three pegboards are different enough that you may create lots of different layouts. As a starter set, for a child which has n't yet got into Hama beads, this is the perfect method to analyze the waters and see if they will appreciate them without spending too much cash. And it is the perfect set from which to enlarge your selection if you would like.

      I would certainly recommend this for those that enjoy crafts and also have a great attention span while it may not be for every child! And beware - you could become addicted also!


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      16.03.2014 15:34
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Hama beads activity box

      My four year old daughter was given this Hama beads activity box as a present for her 4th birthday from her Auntie and I'm so glad she did as I had never really seen them before but I now think they are great. Not only are they fun and something my daughter has fun playing with, they are great for teaching about colours, shapes, sequences and patterns. Also, at the end your child has a nice creation that they have made and can be proud of and show off.

      This set is great if you have a child who loves arts and crafts and creating things and I think its perfect for her age as shes getting to a stage now where she loves things like cuddly toys and dolls as presents but its nice to receive something thst is a bit educational and that she csn play with for a long time.

      So, what exactly are Hama beads? Well, they are little plastic cylindrical beads, shaped like a tube so there is a hole all through the middle. They come in different colours and to make the design you simply arrange them together on a plastic peg board, according to the instructions, and then iron over them slightly so they melt and join together, and there you have it, a finished design.

      In this Hama Activity Box Set you get a lot of girl related designs and the overriding colour of the patterns is Pink so it's very suited for girls. There are 2400 beads which sounds quite a lot but believe me, after you have completed quite a few designs you will be surprised at how quickly you use them up. You will also find these beads all over the house as they escape the box quite easily which is very frustrating for this mummy but oh well!!
      The set also comes with 3 Hama pegboards which are basically clear plastic boards with little plastic dots on them on which you put the plastic Hama beads in order to make the designs. The boards are in the shape of a heart, a flower and a seahorse so you can make these designs but you can also create your own designs if you wish, that is the beauty of Hama beads. The set comes with colour instructions on how to make these patterns and they are fairly large and easy to follow so its easy for my little girl to look at and understand. It took her a little while to understand how to follow a pattern/sequence but after playing with these for a while she really understands and it's been great for her learning.

      Once your design is finished you are ready to iron it to fuse it together. The set comes with a piece of paper which is basically like a piece of tracing paper that you put over the beads in order to iron on otherwise you will get hot sticky plastic all over your iron. You only need to iron it for a couple of minutes and I find it works best if you just hold the iron in one place. Once it's cooled which only takes a few minutes you have a lovely flower, heart, seahorse or your own creation to play with!


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