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House of Crafts Creative Candle Making Set

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Brand: House of Crafts / Type: Candle Making / Age: 14+

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    1 Review
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      22.07.2011 16:43
      Very helpful



      Candle set, with all of the basics needed to make your own candles.

      Creative Candle Making set by House of Crafts.

      For anyone who has watched Kirties Home made Homes, and has been her dabble in numerous crafts in order to revive and decorate her delapetated home, using own made or 2nd hand things, you will no doubt have been inspired to go out there yourself and attempt to create something unique, special and your own.

      I was one of those people, so i did a bit of online reasearch, I decided i would try my hand at candle making, and stained glass window making. I thought id start out cheaper, and easier so i plumped for the candles.. just to start me off. I wasn't sure of where to start, so i brought a set to get me going.

      That way, it was certain that i had all of the basic components required instead of faffing and missing things out. I brought this set from Hobby Craft for £16.99, it was on offer down from about £24.99. There was a cheaper one for about £10.99 but you got a lot more for your money with the expensive one.

      *What the set contained *

      3 moulds- to shape the candles. Sperical, tapered and pillar. It was a nice set of moulds, so you could make a range of candle designs. The Pillar and taper as small or as tall as you wished. The moulds were made of Rigid and thick plastic, i could tell they were tough and durable, and would get many uses.

      Coloured Dyes- In 3 colours, Yellow, Red and Blue, and are in individual pots. Small amounts were given, but only tiny amounts were needed to colour the candle wax, and they could be mixed to create any other colour you like. The best way i can describe them is that they were solid powder like flakes they you dropped into the wax when molten.

      Mould Sealer- Basically blu-tac to seal the hole which the wick was threaded through the mould.

      Also included was a little vile of fragrance, which as very potent, but has a beautiful aroma. A pipette was included to add a small amount to the wax.

      2 Bags of wax pellets- I noticed in Hobby Craft, to buy these 2 bags alone would cost around £20 (£10 each) so already the set seemed to be good value for money.

      Wick and Wick Rods- To go through the mould before the wax is poured in. The ros sit across the top of the mould and hold the wick tight.

      Also included were a set of golden motif stickers, which which you could decorate the surface of your candle with.

      Instructions were quite useful, and gave you step by step information, but lacked any information about quantities if wax for each mould etc. or the amount of dye to add for the volume of wax there. For a novice it was a little daunting at first but after a few go's it wasn't too much of an issue, i ended up measuring by sight (which i am terrible at!)

      *Ease of Use*

      I chose to make a bright yellow pillar candle ( i have terrible taste! ), so i set up the mould, and measured about 250g of wax pellets. This was simple enough to carry out. I then put them into an old camping pan and it it into a pan of boiling water. Was has a flash point, do you should never directly heat the wax, it would catch fire. ( use a double boiler, or a pan in a pan). I used a gas camping stove outside to do this, as it saved messing up the kitchem .
      I melted the wax, which took a few minutes, and when liquid i took it off the heat, and just put a few drops of frangrance and a flake of dye and mixed the wax. I poured it into the mould, and that was that. I just had to let it set and poke holes into the surface to let any air bubbles out.

      It was a simple method, and once one or 2 candles have gone your way you can experiment more, by making stripy multicoloured candles.

      *The Good the Bad... and the Ugly*

      The method of the set makes it a staring point for beginners. It's not so difficult and exclusive that it takes years of pracitce or lots of money to achieve something unique and yours. you can customise it just enough to bring out your creative side.

      However, this may not be the idea product for children (obviously) but they can have some creative input. They can choose the shape and colours, and once the candle is set, they can decorate the candle as they like. Great for summer!

      When i brought the set, i did question the pricem but thinking about it, for what you get it's not badm the set claims you can make up to 20 candles.

      One thing i will mention is possibly about the quality of the candle produced, such as fragrance and burning time etc. I had trouble getting the candles out of the mould, and when i did, they seemed marbled and cracky. I did some research and found it is because the type of pellets used are a mix, and so have different boiling points, and so set at different temperatures, so the result isn't smooth. I would bear this in mind if you buy this.

      I give this 3 out of 5 stars.


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