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KSG Sequin Art and Beads Butterfly

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Brand: KSG / Type: Beads / Jewellery / Age: 8 Years+

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    3 Reviews
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      03.01.2014 19:48
      Very helpful



      Sequin art


      I bought this sequin art for my 6 year old son, as he loves doing anything creative. I was not sure whether he would be able to do but he has proved me wrong so far, at first he was not sure how to do until I sat him down and shown him what to do now he can do it on his own, the only problem he has is the pins hurt his little thumbs after a while of playing with it. I also have to say I am not writing about the butterflies as advertised but I am writing about the spaniel one, which is the same thing.

      *{IN THE BOX}*

      You will get in the box:-

      A piece of black velvet material, with white dots on it which forms a picture of the spaniel.
      A number of coloured sequins packed in see through bags.
      2 bags of pins.
      A polystyrene frame board, which your black velvet material fits on.
      A coloured guide to follow.


      Sequin art is another form of being crafty, don't worry if you're not creative as this is something that will show you how to create beautiful pictures using pins and sequins. There is no drawing, no colouring and no painting involved, which creates no mess. I do recommend if your child is younger than eight then supervision will be needed, I would say this sequin art is ideal for 6+ ages as the pins can be dangerous for kids under that age.

      Before you start your picture sort out all the coloured sequins into containers or pots, also place the pins in something that is easy for kids to grab. Once we had done that we went onto pinning the black velvet material to the polystyrene frame board as this will stop the material from moving or creasing up when you're placing the sequins. Then we got the coloured guide to follow at the side of us whilst we did the pinning, so we can determine where and what coloured sequin is needed.

      Once we had done this we started with an area of the picture and worked on it. Placing the required coloured sequin on the pin, then pushing it into the material which is backed with the polystyrene frame. My son did have a few problems at the start into placing the pins not because they are hard to push in, he was putting them in the material at an angle, once he got over that he was fine.

      Once you have completed the design if you have any pins and sequins left over you can use them to decorate the frame, and then hang it up on the wall. Although my son hasn't finished his yet, as he can't do much of it at one time has the pins get the better of him.


      The size of this design is approx. 25cm x34cm which isn't too small and isn't too big for little ones to do. And because it is mostly made up of polystyrene and weighing at 100g it is easy to carry round.


      I bought this one from 24ace at price of £12.99 you can buy this also from places like:-

      Amazon - £12.18
      Ebay - £7.99


      My final thoughts on this item is that it is fantastic for kids to do, it gives you everything you need to make the desired picture, it is easy to do but can be a little hard for kids to start off with. Do I think it is worth the money? Yes I do, and not only do you get the picture to do, you have a frame that comes with it that you can decorate however you like and with whatever you like.

      I do insist on being around when your child does this, because of the sharp pins, although I have not had a problem with my son doing this apart from after a while his fingers do hurt, when pushing down the pins. It is easy to push down the pins through the polystyrene, and even to place the sequins on the pins, so ideal for kids to work on. When my son plays with this he does spend a while doing it and does enjoy it, even I enjoy doing it, but I am a crafty person.


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        06.04.2010 18:49
        Very helpful



        Would recommend buying one!

        Sequin Arts have been around for over 20 years and now have over 50 different designs available. I have completed around 3 so far, but they are very time consuming even though they are very simple to do.

        I bought mine from Downtown for around £12. I'm not sure if they are still sold there as I bought all 3 of mine a while ago thinking that I would finish them very soon, but in actual fact have just finished the last one yesterday. I think that all Sequin Arts are made by KSG Crafts.

        Sequin Art is a basic design on paper, and tells you where to put each colour with numbers and dots on the polystyrene board where you actually put the sequins. You pick the right colour sequin/bead and stick a pin through the hole in the middle and then put it through the right dot on the board.

        Once completed these look great, especially when put into a picture frame and displayed on a wall to show all of your hard work.

        They look alot simpler than what they actually are and can take months just to complete one picture. It can sometimes get quite fiddly with all of the little sequins, beads and pins, but all of the effort is worth it in the end.

        The newer versions of Sequin Art are for people of age 11 and up, unlike the older versions which could be done from the age of 8.

        The box comes with full instructions, the polystyrene board, pins, sequins, beads and a design of where you need to put the pins in the board. You can buy these kits from www.sequinart.co.uk or various other stores.


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        26.04.2009 16:25
        Very helpful



        pin a picture of your own

        Sequin arts have been around for the last 20 years at least to my knowledge and have been something i have enjoyed doing since i was a child, i have quite a large selection of them hanging on the wall in my hall way, recently they have added beads to this which means the pictures can have more definition to them and be enhanced even more.

        The sequin art kits are all made by ksg crafts, there are a lot to choose from and this is just one of about 50 available, i payed £13.99 for mine back in december from toys r us.

        The original sequin art was designed on a black back ground which made the pictures stand out realy well but this new design is on a watery blue coloured back ground which i dont think makes the pictures stand out so much, it does work well for the fish designs and butter flys where it could be interpreted as sea or sky but not so well for other designs.

        You get this as a complete kit and along with it you get the polystyrine backing that you push the pins into, the blue velvet sheet, full instructions, beads, sequins and pins.

        There are 10 of these new kits available with the blue back ground and all are aimed at ages 11 years plus which is slightly older than the origninal sequin art which was suitable from ages 8 upwards, They are a little more difficult due to the addition of the beads but not too complicated.

        You get full instructions with numbers on a pattern to know which sequin colour to put where on the blue back ground to create your picture, it is simple realy all you do is pin them into the place they are supposed to be with the pins provided and watch your picture develop.

        Although this is simple to do it is very time consuming and has took me a few months to complete mine although i have enjoyed doing it, you get a real sence of achievement when it is finished.


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    • Product Details

      Create sparkling pictures from easy to follow instructions using sequins and beads. Contents: Framed polystyrene base, flocked picture, coloured sequins, coloured beads, pins and instructions.

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