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Little Fairy Stamp Pack

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Type: Stamping

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    1 Review
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      10.09.2007 14:00
      Very helpful



      It's fun, it's easy, and above all, it's pink!

      If you know of a little girl who loves pink, faries and art then you will really want to know about the Little Fairy Stamp Pack! This is a wonderful and creative art set which will really appeal to most little girls from about the age of three upwards.

      The Little Fairy Stamp Pack comes in a cardboard case which opens in the middle at the front, a little bit like a wardrobe. The outside of the pack is very pink with lots of stars and three rather comical looking little fairies. When my four year old was first given this for her birthday she was very excited and couldn't wait to open the doors! On the back of the pack it says that you will be able to 'lose yourself in a magic wonderland' and that the pack contains just about everything you need to decorate just about anything with fairy designs! Well, I can tell you, I knew that this was going to be just up my daughter's street!

      In fact, when you open the pack you discover that there are actually seventeen different little fairy stamps and two ink pads - one pink (of course) and the other purple. These all fit neatly around the outside of the pack whilst, in the middle, there is a book with tons of ideas of activities for using the fairy stamps. Everything is protected and kept in place by a plastic cover. There is also a separte plastic lid for the ink pads which prevent them from drying out! This also means that when it is finished with for the day, it is easy to keep everything together!

      The seventeen stamps come in two different sizes and they are all pink! The stamps mainly depict fairies, although some of the smaller ones have stars, hearts, flowers and even a fairy castle. It does mean that the most artistic of children can actually use them to create a real picture, although I have to say that both my daughters tend to be a little more random!

      When using the stamps children do need to have a certain strength in their arms. In order to get a clear picture on the paper, they need to press the stamp quite firmly on the ink pad in order to pick up enough ink, and then press equally firmly on the paper in order to be able to see their picture! My four year old daughter manages this fairly well, but my two year old really does have difficulty, which is why the pack is really not suitable for her (but of course, she always wants to do what her older sister is doing!).

      Overall, it really isn't too messy but things can get smudged if your little girl is not careful. Also they do tend to get a bit of ink on their fingertips, which seems to be inevitable, but this soon washes off with just a bit of soap and water. I would say that if your daughter fancies doing a bit of artwork, but you can't face all the mess, this is an ideal pack to keep on standby!

      The little book is full of lots of wonderful ideas. These include fancy fairy wrapping paper, party plates and napkins, fairy writing paper and fairy balloons. All of these are fairly easy to do and would be great if your little girl wanted a fairy themed party. I have to say that at the moment we are still more at the experimental stage although we have had a go at making some wrapping paper - and it did actually look quite good! The book also has little snippets about other things to do with fairies too - the tooth fairy, Tinkerbell and some little poems. All in all it is very useful, and as a parent, it gives you some ideas about what to encourage your child to make.

      The pack is sold by Top That Kids and has an RRP of £6.99. Oh, and not to leave the boys out, there is also a dinosaur stamp pack as well for the same price!

      To find out more and also to place an order you can visit


      Both my daughter and I would thoroughly recommend this pack and it has already provided quite a few hours of artistic and creative fun!


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    • Product Details

      Stamp Activity Packs series. Packed with simple projects to make, then decorate with stamps of fairies. Perfect for parties and gifts. Also includes pages of facts, poems and info.

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