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Magnetix Clear Light Cubes

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Brand: Magnetix / Type: Crafts / Age: 6 Years+

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    2 Reviews
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      04.01.2008 23:09
      Very helpful



      I have 100 bits to pick up off floor...least they're magnetic...

      Name: Magnetix Category: Toys
      Link provided: http://www.comparestoreprices.co.uk/building-toys/magnetix-50-piece-primary.asp

      Product was already there - Not the right product, but am going to review the one I suggested anyway...

      **** MAGNETIX Magnetic Build Kit 50 Pieces ****

      Another toy Boy got for christmas, granny bought him 2 of these Magnetix kits. On the Box there are many strange 3D shapes made from these little magnetic bits and balls, it also states "Build over 250 designs" and in very little letters " Designs for visual purposes only. May require additional pieces" hmmm...clever...nevermind we got 2 boxes !

      Is actually quite fun to build shapes out of this stuff and everyone has had a play. The magnets are quite strong and hold together well enough, though the balls are magnetic only the sticks have magnets in. You can make some impressive little 3D constructions.

      Recommended age is 6+ on the box also has extra warning of 'choking hazard' not for under 3 years. Common sense really the kit is made up of small (about 1cm diameter) Metal balls and Magnetic sticks about 2cm long. My boy 4 nearly 5 and will play sensible with them. Though he has found other uses for them like sticking all the straight bits on the fridge...and sending marbles flying down his car tracks...though being magnetic the stick bits are easy to pick up off floor and put away but we have lost a few 'marbles' :o)

      50 pieces may sound alot but doesn't seem it when you start building say a big pyramid or something with them, you soon find yourself needing more bits.
      Average price on this set is £9.99 and available in argos / easy to find elsewhere though a quick search will through up many sites where you can purchase various Magnetix sets.
      I'd recommend this as a good Top-up set, or I suppose a good starter set. But if you know your kid likes magnets I'd say get 2 or one of the bigger sets available.

      WEBSITE: www.megabloks.com

      To check out all the range of cool Magnetix sets avalible

      (Magnetix part of the Mega Brands Inc)

      Thanks for reading,

      Manda. :o)

      Can also find me on Ciao under same name, reviews normally found there too but with photos.


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        10.10.2006 13:16
        Very helpful



        If I was you, I would not buy this product.

        Magnetix 285 piece set with Storage Box.
        ---------------------- -------------------- -------------------- --------------------

        My daughter has enjoyed all her cards and presents this morning as today is my daughters 12th Birthday. As a present from me and her father she decided she wanted some magnetix as she has enjoyed playing with the small sets I had purchased for my son from the pound shop. She had decided she wanted them as she needed lots as she loves building and creating things, so we decided to buy her the Magnetix 285 piece set with storage tub as we thought that would be loads and she would have something to keep them tidy in. What a disappointment.

        About Magnetix.
        Magnetix is a construction system, which allows you to build and create to you hearts, desires using the magnet sticks and metal ball bearings system. The set comes with an instruction book, which contains ideas for children to make from magnetix as well as details that the sticks are also available in glow in the dark, translucent, sparking and the regular primary as in this set.

        The Magnet sticks are plastic coated magnetic sticks that are about 2cm in length each and come in four colours red, blue, green and yellow. This set contains 35 of each colour magnetic sticks, 140 in total, 144 metal ball bearings and the storage container. The storage container is blue in colour and plastic with a sealable lid, it measures 12 inches wide, 4.5 inches in height and 6 inches in depth. The set in stored for packing spread out between two large polystyrene trays and the whole set is plastic wrapped.

        My Opinion.
        I bought this set for my daughter for her 12th Birthday as she is very creative and has wanted these for ages. The set cost me £29.99 from argos.co.uk although I wish I had now not bothered to buy it as it was a waste of money in my opinion and in no way worth the price I paid.

        When you are first greeted with the sealed plastic storage case you think that it looks good and is good value, but then you open it. On opening the product, I was shocked when I saw the first layer of these mini sticks and ball bearings in a polystyrene tray, not even plastic to allow them to be repacked tidy. Then my daughter took out the polystyrene tray to discover this tray was actually half the size of the storage container and that the second layer was the same. When they were removed from the polystyrene and my daughter had to pack them away before school she placed them in the storage tub. There are no storage sections in this tub it is just a plastic tub and the magnetix are just to be stored loose in there. When they were all in the tub they did not even fully cover the base of the tub there was that much difference is size comparison.

        The tub they supply in my opinion would hold about 3000 of these magnetix sticks and ball bearings if not more and I do not understand in the slightest why they needed to supply such a large box other than to give you the impression that it was value for money. I have bought packs of 25 of these style of magnetic systems for my son in the past from the pound shop, that were not from the Magnetix range and those had sticks that were about 3cms in length and contained ball bearings. The pound shop variety was of the same quality as these, if not better as the sticks were longer and to be honest I would have saved myself £15, had better, and more by buying 14 packs of the cheaper ones and a plastic tub myself.

        A few quick personal warnings for anyone who does buy these, always make sure none are left lying around on the floor as they will cause you to not only hurt your foot when you stand on them but you will go flying on the metal ball bearings. This product is recommended for ages six years and over but I would say more like nine years and over. Never allow access to these by children 0-3 yrs old due to choking hazards from both the sticks and ball bearings.

        I am very disgusted with the product and can tell you know that although they are good in quality they are a waste of money. Do not be fooled as I was by the size of the container these things are supplied in. I have to say as well you see the children on the TV building huge buildings with these things and when you actually see them you realise you would need about 10,000 of these to build as these children do, if not more.

        I do not recommend anybody waste there money on these, they only get 2/10 from me, and that is only because they are educational.


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      • Product Details

        This 90-piece box of triangles, squares, bars, curves and crystal clear light cubes is filled with ideas: Decorations, giant stars, rockets, whatever extraterrestrial shapes you dream up.

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