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Maped Reflex 3D Vivo Left Handed Scissors

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Brand: Maped / Type: Craft Supplies

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    1 Review
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      21.08.2013 22:35
      Very helpful



      Why did I wait so long to try these? They really have worked miracles.

      We're getting all ready to start school again, and this year my youngest will be starting P1 as well. I've been gathering arts and crafts supplies, along with our books, science kits and other equipment. My youngest has been slow to express a hand preference, and in fact he uses his right hand for some things and his left for others, but he does want to use a pencil or crayon in the left hand, and he does try to use scissors with his left hand. I say try, because he was really having a terrible time of it. He is struggling with some things. I'm not really sure if he was meant to be left handed in the first place. He had a terrible vaccine reaction at age one that resulted him no longer being able to talk, walk or even crawl as the right hand or leg would constantly collapse for some time. He did have breathing problems at birth too, which does influence which hand a child prefers, but he is bright and healthy now. I do believe he was right hand dominant before the reaction though, and as I said, he is not completely left handed now. I have sought expert advice and been told it is something he needs to work out for himself. So, at the moment I am providing him with tools, pencils grips etc... for left and right hands, and letting him find choose which items and which hand to use. I wish I had thought of these scissors sooner though. They have made all the difference in the world.

      Personally, I always thought most scissors could be used with either hand. My son didn't quite master scissors, but I just thought it would come. I never realised how much of an effect the right ( or left) scissors would make. Within five minutes of opening these he was able to cut properly and quite proud of himself.

      These scissors come in several colours. I have the blue ones as shown above, but I know they make blue and yellow or pink as well, and there are several other colours in slightly larger sizes. These were advertised as 4 3/4" or 12 cm, but I measure them as closer to 4 1/2" or 11 cm. My son says these are very comfortable to use. Personally I find them horrible. They are awkward and chew through the paper if I am trying to use them right handed. Now I know how he felt. But I do think the grip is nice enough, if a little small. These are designed as children's scissors, and while an adult could use them, I would really recommend a larger size for anyone over age 7.

      If you use these with your left hand, which I have managed, they really do cut paper or card very well. In fact these are one of the better pairs of children's scissors I have found. The ends are blunted, as all scissors for small children are, but the blades do cut nicely. I'm sure they could nip skin as well though, so some caution should be used. Still I see no point in scissors which are made so completely safe that will not cut anything, and we've had a few safety scissors that couldn't cut butter on a hot day. The description says the blades are reversed for these. I can't really see how this makes a difference, but it does. They are made of brushed stainless steel, so should not rust, and are very easy smooth and easy to work.

      I Paid £1.99 including postage for these from ebay. Amazon is only slightly more at £2.04 at the moment. If you have a left handed child I really can not recommend these highly enough. Had I know what a difference they would make I would have bought them years ago. Even if you do not have a lefty in the house, you can buy the same scissors in a right handed model, and these really are excellent for young children. Right handed scissors are slightly more at £2.99, but I still feel this is quite fair for a set of children's scissors that really work. I only feel guilty that I allowed the poor child to be frustrated so long when such a simple thing would have helped him to master the skill easily.


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