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Marks & Spencer Papier Mache Mega Saurus

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Type: Crafts / Age: 5 Years+

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    1 Review
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      08.11.2007 19:36
      Very helpful



      A make for anyone interested in dinosaurs

      With a Little Miss who is really interested in all things to do with dinosaurs and crafty makes and a 3 for the price of 2 offer at mark and Spencer, this was a “must have”.

      ~~What is it?~~

      Basically a “make”, where children can make and paint their own model of a mega- saurus which is over 40cm long.

      ~~What do I get?~~

      Inside the box, you will find:
      27 punched pieces (to make the dinosaur)
      6 individual pots of acrylic paint- greens greya and a yellow
      2 eyes
      1 plastic sheet to put the dinosaur on as you make it.
      2 cardboard tubes
      1 paintbrush
      6 paper sheets
      1 bag of glue paste powder
      2 instruction leaflets- one showing in a series of pictures how to put the dinosaur together and the other explaining in pictures and words how to do the papier mache bit.

      ~~Making it~~

      Obviously, there was much excitement- here we were going to be making a real dinosaur, and 40 cm does sound big!

      The series of pictures is all quite self explanatory and we were able to get the dinosaur put together quite easily. Note I stress the “we” bit. At the grand old age of 6, it was all a bit hard for a little one to follow, and adult supervision and handing over of the correct piece is probably essential here.

      The other set of instructions takes you through the making process step by step and again, for young children, adult help is required. Children are reminded to wear an apron although if it’s the sleeveless ones then I always find it’s not worth the effort- completely covered is best where children are concerned!

      The glue has to be mixed, and whilst it suggests that it can be kept for a few days, we knew it would take us a few days so mixed it as we went along. The instructions suggest that once the glue is made, then the dinosaur should be pieced together, but we made the dinosaur and then the glue- it’s sometimes difficult to know whether children will want to go onto the next stage. Once the dinosaur is made, then it’s time to get down to the messy bit. Tear the paper and cover in glue; the instructions suggest that it should be applied using the brush but it’s much more fun to have the glue in a big bowl and dip the paper into it. Cover the model in the paper (2 layers) and trim the excess bits of paper. Leave to dry and paint.

      Simple to make as long as you know how to make papier mache things.

      ~~Who is it for~~

      The pack suggests that it for children over the age of 5. I would agree with this because some bits are tricky, and young children will need adult help.

      ~~Price and Availability~~

      Available from marks and Spencer stores or online at www.marksandspencer.com. This cost £5 and with the buy 3 pay for 2 offer, made the kit not very expensive at all.


      We do like crafty things, and because it was a dinosaur make, I guessed it would be popular.

      The box appeals to children before they even get inside, showing as it does the dinosaur they can make.

      I liked the fact that the paint pots were the individual pots rather than those strips of paint you get sometimes with packs which end up with all the colours mixed. It’s worth using extra paintbrushes, because this supplies only one (for the glue). I like to have a paint brush in each pot of colour so that Little Miss doesn’t have to worry too much about getting the brush clean, and so that each colour she applies is the actual colour of the paint in the pot and not some combination of other colours.

      The instructions, with adult help are easy to follow, and the pieces which make up the dinosaur are sturdy, and don’t break easily as they are being clipped together; they look like very thick cardboard. The tubes which hold the dinosaur together are quite tricky to cut because they are quite sturdy, so strong scissors required, unless you just want a really fat dinosaur, in which case, just cover them with paper.

      If you want your dinosaur to be a bit fatter (as we did), then it’s just a case of getting some of your own paper and wallpaper paste and adding a bit more. In fact, I would suggest investing in some extra glue because often when children start to glue they just can’t stop, and there is very little glue in the pack.

      The plastic sheeting proved a bit unnecessary when we were making the dinosaur, but for anyone who wants to keep surfaces very clean, then I think it’s a good idea.

      All in all, this is a good craft pack, and the dinosaur does look like the one on the front of the box. The good thing about it is that the one on the front of the pack isn’t perfectly painted, so children don’t feel they have to get the paint in “the right place”. Just go for the green and grey smudged look.

      A good make at a reasonable price, and one which encompasses things children like to do…glue and paint.

      Thanks for reading.

      Daniela x


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    • Product Details

      Build and paint the Mega Saurus 3D prehistoric monster. Step-by-step instructions for assembly. The kit includes paints and a brush for finishing your prehistoric monster with an authentic colour scheme.

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