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Mattel Fimbles Magna Doodle

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    2 Reviews
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      21.01.2008 22:44
      Very helpful



      my daughter enjoys this very much

      Im pritty sure that most of you readers are familiar with the concept of magna doodle but for those of you that are not this is a drawing board with iron filings under a plastic screen that once the pen with the magnet in the end has been run across the board attach them selves where you have run the pen to make a picture.

      For what ever reason this christmas we aquired 3 magnadoodles in our house and even though this is not my favourite it is not the worst of the 3 either.

      This magna doodle is based around the bbc tv series the fimbles so if your child likes the fimbles they are sure to love this drawing board.

      It is made by fisher price and as i have always found with there products is made to a very high standard.

      You get 2 stamps and 1 pen with this magna doodle, the stamps are one red and one yellow attached to the left hand side of the board. When put on the magna doodle board one makes a butterfly and the other a flower. The pen allows you to draw what ever you want.

      On the out side of the drawing board you have the fimbles characters which each have buttons on there noses, when you press these they each talk to you.

      This drawing board also plays songs when you draw on it, it requires 2 aa batteries and retails for around £20.

      My children love to draw and i love these type of drawing boards as they cant draw all over my house with this pen.


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        04.05.2006 23:11
        Very helpful



        Great toy and has helped tremedously in treaching how to form letters.

        I bought this for my daughter for Christmas a couple of years ago, when she was a huge fan of the Fimbles.
        Seeing as she has just turned four and will be starting school in September she has now found other things that interest her more and sadly all her fimbley things have taken a back seat :O(

        Although I am glad to say that she still enjoys playing with this just as much as her newer toys.

        My initial reason for buying this product was because as she loved to scribble so much I wanted her to be able to scribble happily and contentedly sometimes when mummy wasn't to be able to be in the room.
        We had occasions where I had top pop elsewhere and come back to find lots and lots of scribbles everywhere that they weren't meant to be.
        For all you future mums and dads to be perhaps you'd better take note
        Do not leave a 2 year old alone (even for a few secs) with crayons because you will soon find out that they can often manage a lot of mess in a short period of time.

        As I said I knew I wanted to get her some kind of drawing board, but hadn't actually heard of this specific one at that point.

        One day whilst out shopping in town, a couple of months before that upcoming Christmas I had just walked into The Entertainer (for people who perhaps don't know is a very popular toyshop)

        'Oh WOW - Cool Look!!' I shouted to my sister who had decided to accompany me on the trip.
        She wondered what the hell I was on about lol.
        And seeing as Chloe and Lee were with me too I had to bite my lip as quickly as possible.
        Just to enlighten you Chloe is and always has been complete murder for shopping trips with mummy especially to toyshops although lee is an absolute angel and has never or will never whinge for anything.

        So anyway as before I pushed the pushchair around the corner (not insight of what I saw) and grabbed the item from the shelf.
        Look I said A Fimbles Magna Doodle we have to buy this.
        The price on the box said £20 of which I didn't really mind paying, as I knew my daughter would absolutely love it and from quickly browsing at the other drawing products they had found it wasn't at all expensive in comparison.

        I gave it to my sister to pay for so I could quickly get out of the shop before Chloe could even notice, and was pleasantly surprised to find that when Kim came out of the shop with a huge carrier bag she also had a tenner change for me.
        Did she undercharge you I asked?
        No she said, it was on sale at Half Price.

        What a complete bargain I thought not only do I get a perfect gift for my daughter but an extra tenner to spend hehehe.

        So what can you tell me about The Fimbles Magna Doodle?

        Created by Fisher price it has been based on the popular BBC television series aimed at preschoolers The Fimbles.
        I'm sure if you have children around the ages of 1 and 2 you are bound to have heard of them.
        From the stock photo you are clearly able to see exactly what this wonderful contraption looks like.
        The main drawing part is encased in a bright orange thick plastic surround with raised images of each Fimble character.
        These include Fimbo - Yellow and green striped fimble
        Florrie - Blue & Purple striped fimble
        Chloe's fav - Baby Pom - Green & Pink striped fimble
        Each of these characters has a little button on the end of their noses which when pressed will each say a different phrase.
        Perhaps after hearing them continuously for about and hour a day if not longer you will come to the conclusion that after a while they can become increasingly annoying.
        Although the wonderful people at Fisher Price must understand about things like this and I would just like to thank them for adding a small OFF button at the back of the board enabling me to turn them off. Cheers :O)
        Now also on this plastic surround you get two coloured stampers. You are able to see there are just above Fimbo's head and are coloured red and yellow
        This can be useful to help create lots of different pictures and patterns. (One is a flower and the other a butterfly).
        I'm not letting you know which one is which though you will only be able to find that out if you decide to buy it :O)
        Hey at least I'm leaving you a couple of surprises.
        Unfortunately if you don't press down on these stampers carefully and just in the right position they will have tendencies to smudge, although try telling that to a two year old and then actually seeing if they can do it properly.
        It's probably just me being fussy because i am sure that your toddler isn't going to mind too much.
        Located right at the bottom in the centre of the picture you can see the pen.
        This is a lovely bright red colour, which is attached to the board with a string.
        Even with this it is extremely flexible and easy to use.
        I expect that they decided to attach it permanently to the board for the main reason of not to get it lost.
        I am sure in our house that if this wasn't the case then it would probably have gotten lost at least a couple of times since she has had it.
        Yes plenty of toys have a habit of doing that.
        At the top of the surround you should just be able to see a thin groove lie with something attached to the end.
        This is actually Rockit the Frog who yes is another one of the characters in the TV series, and he is your Froggy eraser.
        You have to move him backwards and forwards left to right in order to actually wipe out all the artwork, something's you have to do this a number of times to actually get a completely clear effect.
        Also if you have opted to leave the music button on, every time you slide him back and fourth you will get the chance to hear the Fimbles theme tune repeated over and over again.
        The last feature located on the surround is right at the top and is the carry handle.
        This is actually quite a good addition as it does make it a lot easier for my daughter to carry it around from place to place.
        Now for the main part of this product, and the bit you have been waiting for - the drawing area.
        You can see this is the yellowy green area slap bang in the middle.
        The board is made up of lots of tiny magnetic fillings, which lay underneath the smooth film top and with help from the pen (also magnetic) help to create the actual marks.
        It is quite a large area to let your child do numerous amounts of scribbling on or as my son likes to call them - Snakes :O)
        The nib of the pen works extremely well with the board (as it should) although I wouldn't recommend it for very detailed drawings as it can lead to lots of slight smudging, although to be honest how many preschoolers really are able to draw perfectly with fine detail. NONE that I know.

        I have to admit that being somewhat of the arty kind, I have on numerous occasions found myself picking it up and having a good old doodle.
        Although rudely having my time cut short as my daughter has wanted it back lol.

        So what is your overall opinion???

        I have to say that I think this is a wonderful little toy, my daughter absolutely loves it and on many occasions my son has sometimes wanted to play with it too, even though he has a Thomas mega sketcher.
        Since purchasing this item, I have come across many different kinds if drawing boards and all of which have something different to offer although this is an absolute must for avid Fimbles fans.
        It has been subjected to a fair amount of wear and tear being dropped on numerous occasions and I am happy to say has definitely managed to come out the other side with hardly any damage, perhaps a few marks.
        At the time it did state from 3 years and above, although really I think that this may be slightly too old.
        My son and daughter both had chances to play with this whilst still both under 3 years of age and had no troubles with it at all.
        I would recommend it from 18 months with supervision though as knowing what children are like might decide to try and eat the pen, which really is the only feature I can see could be an issue.
        Although seeing as it is joined there isn't really much damage it could do.
        I cant really say what age it should be up to, as my daughter has just turned four and even though now can enjoy painting and colouring properly she does on numerous occasion s still want to come back to this.
        Seeing as it is based around the Fimbles there is a chance that one day soon she might think that this is too babyish for her and seeing as the Fimbles are aimed at preschoolers I don't think we have many years left.
        Obviously it depends on your child though and whether or not by a certain age it will still interest them.
        Just recently I have often found it to be very handy in teaching her how to form letters and shapes, as she can try as many times as she wants to get it right and doesn't have to waste sheets and sheets of paper in order to do this
        I think that this is perfect for anyone who has children and doesn't want them to create a complete mess with paints and colours and very practical for long journeys in the car.

        Anything else to add?

        I would really like to recommend this product to you all, especially if you are able to get hold of it.
        As I have already mentioned I paid £10 for this product a couple of years ago, I haven't actually seen it on sale anywhere else recently but have had a look on eBay and am happy to say that if you were interested there are a couple for sale on there.

        Thanx for taking the time to read.


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