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Mega Brands High School Musical Design a Trendy Tote

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Brand: Mega Brands / Type: Crafts / Age: 6 Years+

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    1 Review
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      25.07.2008 18:45
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      A nice set, ideal for the creative girly girl!

      Ok, I'm really, really sorry. I'm afraid it's another one of those "high school musical" reviews.... Here goes.

      I don't know whether I had mentioned it but it was my daughters 7th birthday last week.....oh I have already, (lol!).
      My normally clueless mother in law usually struggles with the present buying for my two kids and also for my three nieces, who incidentally are also HSM fans, I know it's an epidemic!
      After losing the will to live after trying to explain that Kaitlin wanted the new Hannah Montana game for the wii, and even going to buy it for her so she could just wrap it up, I didn't really hold out much hope for the rest of the hoard!

      We were all pleasantly surprised when upon opening her birthday presents, she discovered the product I will now review.

      The product in question is "High school musical - design a trendy tote"

      The packaging is again the obligatory HSM colours, maroon background with the red swaged stage curtains framing it. There is also the "jumping" picture of all the main characters at the side of the picture. Finally there is a picture of the contents of the box and also a picture of the made up "tote", with suggested decorations, as mentioned in a previous review I never hold out much hope of our finished article even resembling the finished product on the packaging, just once it would be nice if they actually let a child in the specified age range, make the bag up for the presentational picture, never mind!

      Upon opening the box we found all the contents for the making and decorating of the bag in one large sealed plastic bag, within this bag the smaller items, ie the glitter, sequins and thread and needle are sealed within smaller individual bags.

      Now for the fun bit, the construction!

      I am well known for my complete and utter lack of "mending" skills, once actually sewing an article of clothing that I was attempting to repair, to the knee of my trousers!
      After reading the assembly instructions for this bag, I came to the conclusion that it would be wiser, if some what slower, to sew the bag myself and just let my daughter do all the fancy and arty farty bits herself.

      The bag is mock denim and came in two pieces, the first piece is the main body of the bag, this being the sides and base, with the second much smaller piece being the top and containing the zip.
      Along the sides of both pieces are small holes "punched" out of the material. All that you have to do is a basic blanket stitch, (as directed in the instructions), there is no real finesse needed, you don't even have to pull the green thread particularly tight, as this distorts the shape of the finished product.
      The choice of thread is green or blue, and is very similar to embroidery thread, ie it is five or six strands of cotton in one thick strand, the needle provided for the task is a large plastic and very blunt needle, they even provide a needle threaded for ease of use..... perfect!
      After the sewing part was completed, which only took me 10 minutes and I was nattering to my mate Lyndsyw on the phone as well, I was duly impressed!, the next task was to attach the corded handles, again this task is very easy, there are two riveted holes on either side of the zip, you simple thread through the two pre-cut multi coloured cord pieces, tie at the "inside" part and that's pretty much it assembly wise.

      The next bit was Kaitlin's domain, included in the pack were two tubes of glitter glue, a tube of standard white glue, a pack of rhinestones, three each of the small and large metal rings to attach the pictures to the bag, a sheet of six pictures of the main cast members and six acetate pouches to hold the afore mentioned pictures, a bag of coloured beads, perfect for threading onto a thread and making into a decorative "charm" to attach to the bag or handle and finally three sewn "plaques", all featuring an aspect of HSM, one of them is the trademark of the "wildcats" which are the basketball team out of the film, I give credit where credit is due, the attention to detail in these merchandise sets are exceptional.

      The decorating part took a mere ½ an hour, and the bag was glued and glittered to within an inch of it's life! The charms were incredibly easy to make and even the sheet of character pictures were perforated for ease of tearing!

      This set was purchased from Toys r us for the sum of £11.99, which for the enjoyment my daughter had with it and even the contents of the set was a real bargain!
      I have not seen these available anywhere else but am sure if you went on good old Ebay, they will have scores of them and probably many other sets also!

      For more information visit - www.toysrus.co.uk

      As you may have gathered I was more than pleasantly surprised with this set, normally when purchasing or in this case receiving merchandise sets like this, you find you have spent more just for the name, this set was very reasonable and alot of fun to boot, and on a practicality side, my daughter has been using it everyday to take her book, bookmark and pens to her holiday club and it seems to be holding together quite nicely, considering it was me who sewed it!

      Thanks for reading x


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    • Product Details

      Decorate and make your own school accessories. Set includes dry erase board, folder, mirror, fuzzy magnets, markers, sticker roll, fabric trim and more.

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