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Melissa & Doug Scratch Magic Note Cubes

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Brand: Melissa & Doug / Type: Stationery

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    1 Review
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      25.08.2013 10:40
      Very helpful



      Beautiful colours and results whatever you choose to draw!

      Last week I was visiting family and on one evening my cousin organised a big sit-down meal for everyone - kids, parents, (1 non-parent) grandparents etc.

      After the meal was finished, the kids were a bit restless, but we wanted everyone to stay at the table together, so my cousin sent her 8 year old to go and fetch the Rainbow Scratch Cards.

      They are one in a line of Scratch Magic art products by "Melissa & Doug", which are made with rainbow coloured card covered by a black surface, and you scratch this away to make pictures in the rainbow colours underneath. Back in the day, I remember we did similar activities at school, where we coloured paper then covered it in black crayon, which we scraped away - this was always rather messy and the results weren't great. I also remember having foil scratch art cards but never in rainbow colours.

      The Scratch Magic line comes in all sizes of cards, and there are even some ready cut into shapes for making fridge magnets or masks, but the set my cousin had were about the size of post-it notes, and the box contained a massive 125 sheets.

      The idea was that everyone at the table would get a card, make their own design or picture, sign and date it, then they would all be kept in an album. The visit was quite an important and poignant one, and this was a lovely idea which the adults and the kids could all do together. There was a bit of black scraping on the table cloth once we had finished, but it was barely noticeable among the spent party poppers and corks!

      The box included a "wooden stylus" for scraping with, but it wasn't very good, so we used a box of plain old cocktail sticks which worked much better, and also meant that everyone could be drawing at the same time.

      The results are beautiful, with squiggles, letters and doodles standing out against the black in graduating rainbow colours, however if you take your scratch art seriously (after a few shandies, I certainly did!) remember that you are drawing in reverse - your lines are light colours against the dark. I tried to draw a cat, but its face ended up looking like The Exorcist instead of a cute kitty, so I slipped that particular one under the table while no-one was watching.

      The Scratch Magic Note Cubes are available on Amazon - being the non-parent, I don't buy kids' stuff often, so I'm not sure if they would be considered pricey. The box cost £7.95 and postage in UK is £3.30. Personally I do think this is quite expensive, however, if you are going for Scratch Magic products, I think this one is probably the best value, because although the cards are small you get so many, and if you mess any up it's not a big loss to toss them away!

      I've already bought a pack for my nephew, and plan to get more for my friends' kids birthdays - and I just might use some dooyoo miles and get some for myself!

      Thanks for reading.


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