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Panini Hello Kitty Superstar Stickers

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Brand: Panini

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    1 Review
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      09.12.2012 18:41
      Very helpful



      good and bad

      My eldest daughter has started to have a liking for Hello Kitty so I am always on the look out for small Hello KItty presents to be able to give her when she has been very good.

      I found these stickers in Asda and have only seen them on sale there, a packet of the stickers costs 50p which when you think how many packets you will have to buy to fill an album it would actually be pretty expensive. I haven't bought Sophie the sticker album for the simple reason of how much it will cost and I know since she loves stickers she will enjoy having the stickers without the album.

      The stickers come in a packet like is shown above, it has the Hello KItty character in the middle of the packet in white, lilac and pink and then this is surrounded by black which makes it stand out really nicely and look pretty. The packets do stand out pretty well and I had only glanced towards them in the shop but immediately recognised it was a Hello Kitty product.

      For the purpose of this review I looked these stickers up and found out from the Panini site that the whole set comprises of 150 different stickers but there are some special stickers, you get 20 glitter stickers, 20 pvc stickers, 20 felt stickers and 20 perfumed stickers. What I was surprised to see was that these stickers are supposed to be 40p per pack yet Asda sell them for 50p a pack.

      The packs are easy to open as they are just in a paper packet, you need to be careful to tear across the top so you don't chance ripping through the stickers. There are 5 stickers to a pack which is a reduction as these sorts of packs used to have 6 stickers to a pack so yet another way the consumer loses out.

      The stickers are good quality and are pretty think, each sticker has a border around the edge in white and the stickers are nice and brightly coloured, in 2 packs my daughter didn't even get a special sticker which considering there are 70 normal stickers and 80 special stickers I felt was a little poor.

      Sophie was really pleased when I gave her the stickers and she made different pictures around the stickers so they were worth the £1 for the enjoyment she got from them rather than just sticking them in an album. The stickers are pretty hard to get off the backing paper so I had to peal the corners for her so that she could then finish pulling the sticker off herself.

      I don't really understand where the enjoyment is in filling a sticker album full of stickers but Sophie got a great deal of enjoyment from the stickers and I think they are great quality.


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